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Stamp Card 26 Stamp Card 25 Stamp Card 24 Stamp Card 23 Stamp Card 22 Stamp Card 21 Stamp Card 20 Stamp Card 19 Stamp Card 18 Stamp Card 17 Stamp Card 16 Stamp Card 15 Stamp Card 14 Stamp Card 13 Stamp Card 12 Stamp Card 11 Stamp Card 10 Stamp Card 09 Stamp Card 08 Stamp Card 07 Stamp Card 06 Die Cutting Gallery Die Cutting Card 26 Die Cutting Card 25 Die Cutting Card 24 Die Cutting Card 23 Die Cutting Card 22 Die Cutting Card 21 Die Cutting Card 20 Die Cutting Card 19 Die Cutting Card 18 Die Cutting Card 17 Die Cutting Card 16 Die Cutting Card 15 Die Cutting Card 14 Die Cutting Card 13 Die Cutting Card 12 Die Cutting Card 11 Die Cutting Card 10 Die Cutting Card 09 Die Cutting Card 08 Die Cutting Card 07 Die Cutting Card 06 Die Cutting Card 05 Die Cutting Card 04 Die Cutting Card 03 Die Cutting Card 02 Die Cutting Card 01 Die Cutting Card 59 Die Cutting Card 58 Die Cutting Card 57 Die Cutting Card 56 Die Cutting Card 55 Die Cutting Card 54 Die Cutting Card 53 Die Cutting Card 52 Die Cutting Card 51 Die Cutting Card 50 Die Cutting Card 49 Die Cutting Card 48 Die Cutting Card 47 Die Cutting Card 46 Die Cutting Card 45 Die Cutting Card 44 Die Cutting Card 43 Die Cutting Card 42 Die Cutting Card 41 Die Cutting Card 40 Die Cutting Card 39 Die Cutting Card 38 Die Cutting Card 37 Die Cutting Card 36 Die Cutting Card 35 Die Cutting Card 34 Die Cutting Card 33 Die Cutting Card 32 Die Cutting Card 31 Die Cutting Card 30 Die Cutting Card 29 Die Cutting Card 28 Die Cutting Card 27 Groovi Gallery Groovi Card 023 Groovi Card 022 Groovi Card 021 Groovi Card 020 Groovi Card 019 Groovi Card 018 Groovi Card 017 Groovi Card 016 Groovi Card 015 Groovi Card 014 Groovi Card 013 Groovi Card 012 Groovi Card 011 Groovi Card 010 Groovi Card 009 Groovi Card 008 Groovi Card 007 Groovi Card 006 Groovi Card 005 Groovi Card 004 Groovi Card 003 Groovi Card 002 Groovi Card 001 Sale Crochet Doll Clothes Patterns P-106 Crochet Collector Costume Volume 95 P-105 Crochet Collector Costume Volume 94 P-104 Crochet Collector Costume Volume 93 P-103 Crochet Collector Costume Volume 92 P-102 Crochet Collector Costume Volume 91 Heritage Press PMA169094D Heritage Press A4 Decoupage Pack City Gent Lucky Dip Lucky Dip (When its Gone its Gone) 4 packs Baby Embellishment Die Cut Stickers 10 Assorted Peel Offs (colour design may vary) Glass Pendants x2 6 Packs of Cards Crystal Dome Stickers Corner, Letters & Tags Mini Scrapbook 12x12 Kit - General 3DWS-XMAS 25 Sheets of Assorted Non Die Cut 3D Decoupage Sheets - Christmas 3DWS-GEN - 25 Sheet of Assorted Non Die Cut 3D Decoupage Sheets - General Parchment Craft Patterns M47 Asian Whiteworking M70 Colourful Black Silhouettes 204 Favorite Silhouettes 4 202 Favorite Silhouettes 2 205 Favorite Silhouettes 5 Miscellaneous Papercrafts CLA0120V Die-Cut Stickers Glitter CLA0208V Die-Cut Stickers Glitter CLA0201V Die-Cut Stickers Glitter TRA3606V Sparking Stickers Boy TRA3605V Sparking Stickers Girl WFA0518V Embossed Glitter Sticker Baby Pink WFA0517V Embossed Glitter Stickers Baby Blue CLA0205V Die-Cut Stickers Glitter Yarn Shine DK Shine DK SH142 100g Earthy Shine DK SH141 100g Volcano Shine DK SH140 100g Blossoms Shine DK SH139 100g Meadow Shine DK SH138 100g Glacier Shine DK SH1717 100g Nightlife Shine DK SH1718 100g Poppies Shine DK SH1719 100g Festive Shine DK SH1594 100g Lava Top This! Yarn Top This Snowman TTY15SM Top This Penguin TTY15PE Top This Star TTY15ST Top This Elf TTY15EF Top This Santa TTY15SA Top This Snowflake TTY15SF Peekaboo DK Peekaboo DK 50g SH0102 Jolly Jelly Peekaboo DK 50g SH0100 Bouncy Bear Peekaboo DK 50g SH0103 Popping Pink Peekaboo DK 50g SH0105 Hotch Potch Peekaboo DK 50g SH0104 Dinky Dots Supreme Sparkle DK Supreme Sparkle DK SH1918 Orchid Shine Supreme Sparkle DK SH1921 Azure Shine Supreme Sparkle DK SH1916 Crocus Shine Supreme Sparkle DK SH1914 Carbon Shine Supreme Sparkle DK SH1913 Navy Shine Supreme Sparkle DK SH1910 White Shine Opium Opium SH1639 Jade Opium SH1641 Ruby 100g Opium SH1637 Khaki 100g Opium SH1640 Cornflower 100g Opium SH195 Crysanthemum Opium SH196 Colbalt Opium SH277 Pewter Opium SH244 Peacock Opium SH260 Purple Opium SH278 Leaf Opium SH235 Navy Opium SH243 Sorbet Opium SH242 Pink Opium SH241 Stone Opium SH199 Lipstick Opium SH191 Black Opium SH198 Lilac Authentic Cotton Chunky Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2174 Raspberry Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2173 Oregano Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2175 Bark Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2170 Blue Denim Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2171 Indigo Authentic Cotton Mix Chunky 100g SH2176 Sloe Boxing Day Sale Cling Mounted Stamps HMCP009 First Aid Stamp CL-02150 Deck the Halls CL-04660 Vintage Christmas Ornaments HCPC3517 Busy Bee PreCut Set HCPC3520 Botanical Oval PreCut Set WL1 Watercolour Lily Stamp 40-012 Irises CRP240 Cling PenPattern Snowman LS Large Snowflake BFL Baubles Flourish S-D Dinkie Snowman WR1 Watercolour Rose Stamp WI1 Watercolour Iris Stamp WD1 Watercolour Daisy Stamp YEP Yorkshire Evening Post Stamp Set TMD Truly Madly Deeply Rubber Stamp WT1 Watercolour Tulip Stamp FC1 Funky Circles Tree Stamp CL-02160 Charming Christmas Set IC0048M Art Deco Ladies stamp Set IC0206 Nutcracker Sweet Set 3 IC0127 Glad Tidings Set IC0126 Christmas Emporium Set Unmounted Stamps CI077 Three Wise Gentlemen Stamp CI347 Butterfly Trio Panel Stamp CI325 Vintage Vehicle Stamp CI335 A Ladys Boudoir Stamp JB-09940 Warmest Wishes Set JB-08765 Old Fashioned Christmas Set JB-09935 Rejoice Set CI195 Cherish the Moment Stamp CI054 Wedding Stamp CI255 Time Flies Stamp CI284 Lifes a Beach Stamp Clear Stamps SSC1109 Dandelion Wish SW-04700 Dainty Doilies Lacey Circles Nestabilities Clear Stamp Set Beaded Ovals Nestabilities Clear Stamp Set CR-02196 Pinwheel Daisies Beaded Circles Nestabilities Clear Stamp Set 30-002 Robust Lowercase Alphabet 30-064 Good Catch 30-048 Illumination 30-037 Joyous 30-025 Sentiments 30-024 Enjoy 30-063 Mimi & Miles 30-007 Giving & Receiving 30-060 Candy Cane Wishes 30-255 Most Wonderful Clear Stamp Set 30-258 Prancers Paper Pads and Collections 4500944 Twas The Night Before Christmas 6 x 6 Pad JLPP0001 12 Days of Christmas 8x8" Paper Pad SYFCHPIPC Frosty Christmas Holly 8x8" Premium Inserts Paper Collection Cricut Cartridges 2001983 Cricut Cartridge - Simple Cards 2001291 Cricut Cartridge - Bridal Shower 2001280 Cricut Cartridge - Victorian Romance 2001864 Cricut Cartridge - Seasonal 2001324 Cricut Cartridge - Word of Mouth 2001073 Cricut Cartridge - Princess Party 2001094 Cricut Cartridge - Flower Shoppe 2000934 Cricut Cartridge - Florals Embellished 2001373 Cricut Cartridge - Tablescapes- Spring & Summer Cheery Lynn B462 Luck (Set of 2) B461 Good (Set of 2) B444 Invited (Set of 2) FRM139 Homeward Bound B409D Family (Set of 2) DL147 Lace Peace Frame B380 Wife (Set of 2) FRM114 Lattice 1 DL247D Christmas Star Tree B358 Chain Mesh Border (Steampunk Series) B352 Forever (Set of 2) B287 Grandpa B286 Grandma FRM145 Honeycomb Frame FRM140 Fionas Magic Window FRM120 Japanese Lace Pattern DL220 Scottish Thistle Doily DL188 Lace Circle DL127 Celtic Fire Oval Frame B235 You B232 Mothers B181 Build a Flower One DL176 geometric snowflake B183 holly leaves B530 Heart and Arrow B533 Mayan Butterfly & Angel Wing (Set of 2) B534D Majestic Butterfly & Angel Wing (Set of 2) B475 Merry Christmas Hanger B176 Flourish Band DL222 Lace Christmas Stocking DL325 Royal Scandinavian A2 Card Facer DL324 Lords and Common A2 Card Facer B786 Summer Fun B784D Just For You Oval B780 You’re the Best Oval B773 3D Marigold Flower (Stackable) B772 3D Swan B768 Thinking of you Sentiment Square B632D Reindeer Fun B579 Baptism B578 Graduation Set B563 Thomas the Turtle B552D Hippy Mobile B246 Fathers DL234D French Pastry Tiny Doily B253D Thinking of FRM128D Victoria Garden Doily Frame DL217D Pixie Guardian DL108D Kiwi Doily DL109 Celtic Fire FRM133 French Lattice Large Frame DL167 Snowflake 3 B505 Nephew (Set of 2) B501 Uncle (Set of 2) B500 Aunt (Set of 2) B483 Build a Christmas Tree Memory Box MB98995 Poinsettia Bloom Trio MB98955 Neena Ornament Outline MB98953D Elliana Detail Plate MB98952D Ornament Border Background MB98948D Ornament Border Outline MB98992 Solid Arch Background MB98972D Star Garlands MB98891D Tulip Trio MB98881 Urban Uppercase Alphabet MB98869 Rhone Butterfly Wings MB98863 Effera Butterfly Wings MB98861 Varsity Numbers Background MB98853D Tulip Border PS947D Jasper Ornament Background PS945D Woodland Fawn PS944D Jasper Ornament Outline PS938 Brittany Ornament PS932 Clarissa Ornament Background PS923D Santas Magic Sleigh MB98671D Addison Ornament Background MB98643 Merry Christmas Tidings MB98596D Cheshire Branch Background PS1288 Festive Turkey PS1236 Stick Pine Trees PS1240 Stitched Pine Trees PS801D Wired Bird Cage MB99128 Cross Stitched Love MB99099D Blooming Lotus Outline MB99097D Blooming Lotus Background MB99091 Sorona Butterfly MB30040D Tag Youre It Rectangles MB30039 Truly Gifted MB30034D Gilded Birds MB30032D Forest Neighbours MB30025D Tag Youre It Squares MB30023D Delicate Nest MB30019D Tag Youre It Circles MB30017D Contempo Birds MB30014D Finnegan Fronds MB30011D Shaker Circle Frames MB30006D Glorious Hearts MB30004D Meadowbird Branch MB30003D Shaker Rectangle Frames MB30001D Birdhouse Village MB99533 Country Church PS1550 Crystal Snowflake Corner Frame PS1294 Cheery Cardinals MB99491 Sketch Deer Background MB99552 Westchester Ornament MB99260 Stitched Chesterfield Ornament MB99489 Pine Branch Oval Frame MB99490 Poinsettia Band craft die MB99538 Country Hills Oval Frame craft die MB98261 Kaleidoscope Butterfly Die MB98260 Moonlight Butterfly Die MB99469 Bright Balloon Stripes MB99421 Plush Classic Rose Craft Die PS1421 Confetti Floral Border PS1392 Heart Streamer MB99356 Curved Get Well Soon MB99450 Tickle Flower Landscape MB99419 Plush Perfect Gardenia Craft Die MB99441 Chrysanthemum Border Craft Die MB99435 English Rose Collage craft die MB99431 Plush Anemone Craft Die MB99427 Plush Camelia Craft Die PS1052 Luxe poinsettia Background PS1077D Cookie Cutter Die PS1082 Grand Luxe Poinsettia Background PS1004 Samirah Butterfly PS1036 Winterflake Border PS1044 Grand Luxe Poinsettia Outline PS1034 Mod Snowflake Background PS1049 Luxe Poinsettia Outline PS1337 Let it Snow Channel PS1333 Snowflake Oval Frame PS1332 Merry and Bright Channel MB30074 Silverdale Bows MB30073 Studio Hexagon Layers MB30068 Polkadot Bows MB30067 Studio Octagon Layers MB98841 Grand Thank You Die MB98835D Hanging Cloud Border Die MB98830D Aubrey Bloom Set MB98827D Paper Cut Tulips MB98825D Tulip Tops die MB98784D Zinnia Bouquet Background Die MB98761 Open Branch Tree MB98758D Bird Mobile Die MB98744D Delightful Peony Background Die PS1305 Stitched Snowflake Cutouts MB30056D Stitched Bows MB99267 Stitched Merry Christmas Square Frame MB99176 Alpine Snowflake MB30064 We Wish You MB30063 Distressed Holiday Collage MB30062 Make Merry MB30058 Pinpoint Circle Layers MB30057D Over The Moon And Stars MB99170 Contour Typewriters Keys MB99147 Pennington Rose Blossoms MB99142 Pennington Rose Border MB30052D Postage Rectangle Layers MB30045D Birds of a Feather MB30042D Stitched Country Borders PS1226 Button Oval Contour PS1225 Stick Tree Tops PS1224 Stick Trees PS1220 Puddle Jumpers PS1212 Day at the Dog Park PS1205 Lucky Horseshoes PS1191D Fritillaria Bouquet PS1122D Woodland Heart Frame PS1188 Garden Bouquet PS833D Small Madison Window Shutter PS832D Grand Madison Window Shutter PS827 Picket Fence PS822D Ivy Tendrils PS805D Tilda Buckle PS804D Tilda Swirl PS800D Carousel Bird Cage MB98396D Beaded Snowflake MB98391 Flowering Winterberry MB98379DA Colette Ornament Colouring Postcards 1/3 OFF Creative Expressions Festive Collection CED3087 Festive Collection - Starry Happy New Year CED3125 Festive Collection - Holly Lattice Frame CED3124 Festive Collection - Art Deco Snowflake CED3120 Festive Collection - Scalloped Snowflake Frame CED3121 Festive Collection - Looped Snowflake Frame CED3115 Festive Collection - 3D Fireplace CED3117 Festive Collection - Gingerbread Roof CED3116 Festive Collection - Gingerbread House CED3114 Festive Collection - Gingerbread Man CED3111 Festive Collection - Stitched Snowflake Striplet CED3110 Festive Collection - Snowflake Flourish & Corner CED3099 Festive Collection - From Our House To Yours CED3098 Festive Collection - Merry & Bright CED3097 Festive Collection - Winter Wonderland CED3094 Festive Collection - Radiating Star CED3093 Festive Collection - Poinsettia Star CED3088 Festive Collection - Christmas Angel CED3003 Festive Collection Joy CED3084 Festive Collection Starry Night Sky CED3078 Festive Collection Snowflake Filigree Frame CED3077 Festive Collection Bold Snowflake Frame CED3076 Festive Collection Bold Snowflake Flurry CED3074 Festive Collection Ornate Holly Framed Peace CED3072 Festive Collection Holly Octagonal Frame CED3070 Festive Collection Triple Merry Christmas CED3069 Festive Collection Lavish Joy CED3063 Festive Collection Snowflake Gemini CED3060 Festive Collection Bright Star Adornment CED3053 Festive Collection Berry Sprig CED3052 Festive Collection Christmas Rose CED3050 Festive Collection Poinsettia Filigree Frame CED3048 Festive Collection Poinsettia Corner, Border and Tag CED3024 Festive Collection Frosty Mini Background CED3042 Festive Collection Deer Family Fantastic Sale 2017 Eclips Cartridge 656170 Eclips Cartridge - Seasonal Die-namics Die-namics - Large Leafy Flourish Die-namics - Dainty Doily Die-namics - Leafy Flourish Creative Expressions One Third Off CED1106 Californian Collection Napa Valley CED6104 The Portuguese Collection - Porto CEDPC1015 Paper Cuts Collection - Towering Teacups CEDPC1014 Paper Cuts Collection - Celebration Cake CEDPC1013 Paper Cuts Collection - Mix It Up CEDPC1009 Paper Cuts Collection - Winter Posy CEDPC1008 Paper Cuts Collection - Autumn Posy CEDPC1007 Paper Cuts Collection - Summer Posy CEDPC1006 Paper Cuts Collection - Spring Posy CEDPC1005 Paper Cuts Collection - Wildflower Frame CED10015 Indian Ocean Collection - Maldives CED9206 Belgian Collection - Antwerp Cuttlebug All In One Embossing Plates Thank You All In One Embossing Plates Beautiful All In One Embossing Plates True Love All In One Embossing Plates Cupcake Celebration All In One Embossing Plates Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Dies MFD018 Star Wreath Cutting Die MFD017 Star Two MFD042 NS Incire Star Cutting Die MFD039 Round Leaves MFD037 Stars Border and Corner Combi MFD021 NS Diamond Cutting Die MFD019 NS Border 1 Cutting Die MFD016 Star One MFD014 Rectangle MFD013 Ovals MFD012 Squares MFD011 NS Circle Cutting Die MFD009 NS Eastern Oval Cutting Die Tools CA0001 AVEC Styropor Cutter Spellbinders IN-004 InSpire Destination Die MB2-005 Squares Two MB2-002 Circles Two MD2-012 Frames Two MD2-004 Flowers One MD2-001 Frames One Creative Expressions Half Price CED2202 Austrian Collection Corner, Border & Tags CED4422 Gemini - Cassiopeia CED1601 Striplet Embroidered CED6411 Configurations - Romantic Edger CED6410 Configurations - Blossom Edger CED9202 Belgian Collection - Tags CED4414 Mini Gemini Collection - Indus CED3023 Festive Collection Deboss Snowflake Crafts-Too CTDI7098 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7097 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7096 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7095 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7094 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7093 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7092 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7090 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7089 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7088 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7087 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7086 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7081 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7080 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7079 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7078 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7077 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7076 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7075 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7074 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7073 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7072 Cutting and Embossing Stencils CTDI7068 Xmas Frame CTDI7067 Xmas Flourish CTDI7066 Merry Christmas Angels CTDI7064 Deer Frame CTDI7063 Flourish Tree CTDI7062 Xmas Tree CTDI7061 Snow Frame CTDI7060 Flourish Deer CTDI7059 Christmas Foliage CTDI7058 Xmas Bell CTDI7057 Stocking Surprise CTDI7055 Snowflake Border CTDI7056 Snowman Edge CTDI7054 Xmas Tree Border CTDI7053 Fir Border CTDI7052 Bauble Border CTDI7051 Holly Border CTDI7050 Holly Frame CTDI7049 Holly CTDI7048 Xmas Flower CTDI7047 Woodland Cottage CTDI7046 Delivery Time CTDI7045 Prancer CTDI7044 High Five CTDI7043 Snow Time CTDI7042 Snow Crystal CTDI7041 Snow Storm CTDI7040 Snow Surprise CTDI7039 Frosted CTDI7038 Fresh Snow CTDI7037 Corner Leaves CTDI7036 Wave CTDI7035 Flourishing Corner CTDI7034 Flourishing CTDI7033 Forsythia Die CTDI7032 Flora Die CTDI7031 Dainty Flourish Die CTDI7030 Graceful Flourish Die CTDI7029 Swirly Leaf Die CTDI7028 Scroll Die CTDI7027 Foliage Die CTDI7026 Trailing Corner Die CTDI7025 Vine Corner Die CTDI7024 Daisy Delights Die CTDI7023 Fanciful Flowers CTDI7022 Trailing Leaves Die CTDI7021 Flourishing Die CTDI7020 Art Deco Die CTDI7019 Swirling Die CTDI7018 Hearts Delight Die CTDI7017 Flower Garland Die CTDI7015 Bow Border Die CTDI7013 Tulip Garden Die CTDI7012 Butterfly Garden Die CTDI7011 Starry Night Die CTDI7009 Flower & Flourish Die CTDI7008 Flower & Swirl Die CTDI7006 Rose Die CTDI7005 Border plus Flower Die CTDI7003 Double Scroll Die CTDI7002 Elegant Flourish Die Other CHR-SALE4 B164 & CTFD3025 MFD-SALE3 MFD017 & CTFD3026 MFD-SALE2 MFD035 & CTFD3024 MFD-SALE1 MFD034 & CTFD3022 6003/2005 Open Up Christmas Star Marianne Design COL1304 Marianne Collectable Elizabeth Craft Designs ECDD776 Oval Dots Frame Edges ECDD775 Heart Pivot Card ECDD756 Ribbon Tree Crafters Companion Dies Diamond Press DP1187 Diamond Press Word Dies - Dream Big DP1136 Diamond Press Mini Stamp and Die - Love Diesire Classiques DS-C-HCOR Classiques Heart Corner Edgeables DS-EDG-GLASS Edgeables Glass Slipper Create a Card DS-CADO-LOVO Create a Card - Love Oval Overlay DS-CADX-WREA Create a Card - Christmas Wreath DS-CADX-FALL Create a Card - Softly Falling Wild Rose SD033 Poinsettia Corner Cupcake Templates TP-CUP-1PRES Single Cupcake Presentation Box TP-CUP-1TAKE Single Cupcake Takeaway Box TP-CUP-4PRE Four Cupcake Presentation Box CD-CUP Cupcakes Template CD ROM Abbeygale Designed with Love Kits 3956007 Abbeygale Kit Washbag - Squared 3956009 Abbeygale Kit Washbag - Scotties 3956004 Abbeygale Kit Phone Case - Squared Peel Off Stickers 100 Assorted Peel Off Stickers Fiskar Fuse FISK0254 Mini Expansion Pack - Ornaments FISK0255 Mini Expansion Pack - Keeping Tabs FISK0244 Mini Design Set - Ornaments FISK0101 Medium Expansion Pack - Circle 2 FISK0091Medium Expansion Pack - Scalloped Oval FISK0090 Medium Expansion Pack - Oval WS Tempting Templates WSD Top Hat WSD Tag Sheet Vouchers £10 Gift Voucher £5 Gift Voucher Coming Soon Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams YCPP10019 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Paper Pack YCEMB10009 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Embossing Folder YCD10146 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Bauble Ornament YCD10145 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Christmas Lantern YCD10144 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Christmas Penguin YCD10143 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Poinsettia Wreath YCD10142 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Christmas Borders YCD10141 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Christmas Borders YCD10140 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams Cutting Dies - Christmas Animal Frame SB10277 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams 3D Pushout - Snowman SB10276 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams 3D Pushout - Christmas Animals SB10275 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams 3D Pushout - Christmas Birds SB10274-HJ16101 Yvonne Creations Christmas Dreams 3D Pushout - Christmas Bears Marianne August VK9569 Decoupage - Snowmen Circles & Squares VK9568 Decoupage - Snowmen Ovals LR0551 Creatable - Nature Star LR0550 Creatable - Tinys Larix LR0549 Creatable - Tinys Holly LR0548 Creatable - Tinys Red Robin LR0547 Creatable - Anjas Leaf set LR0546 Creatable - Anjas Beautiful Flower set LR0545 Creatable - Sunflower EWK1263 Decoupage - Els Forest Dream 2 EWK1262 Decoupage - Els Forest Dream 1 CR1446 Craftable - Twine Oval CR1445 Craftable - Geomatric Deer CR1444 Craftable - Basic set: Hexagon COL1458 Collectable - Arrow Sentiments Card Deco Essentials CDECD0006 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Happy Anniversary CDECD0005 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Best Wishes CDECD0004 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Happy Birthday CDECD0003 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Merry Christmas CDECD0002 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Good Luck CDECD0001 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Get Well Soon More Crafts Childrens Crafts Stretch Band Bracelet Loops CT32050 Dot Multi Bracelet Loom Bands CTBL001 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Asstd M3003/S Embroidery Thread Organiser Small CTBL014 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Grey CTBL013 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Light Blue CTBL012 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Brown CTBL011 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Orange CTBL010 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - White CTBL009 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Turquoise CTBL008 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Pink CTBL007 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Green CTBL006 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Yellow CTBL005 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Purple CTBL004 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Royal Blue CTBL003 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Red CTBL002 Stretch Band Bracelet Loops - Black CT32020 Glitter Bracelet Loom Band CT32030 Glow In Dark Bracelet Loom Band ANT9311001 Embellishment Organiser CT32283 Strong Hook CT32280 S Clips 50pcs CT32201 Loom Band Set Silk Clay Knitting and Sewing CF128 First Sewing Kit CF127 First Knitting Kit CF200 My First Cross Stitch Kit CF201 Learn to Sew Kit CF202 Learn to Knit Kit Easter 51024 12 Silky Matt Plastic Eggs 97436 Easter Kit 97422 Easter Kit Easter Bunny Glitter Stickers 13134 Egg Painter CPTGDY0115 Easter Goody Bag Cross Stitch GCS05 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Puppy GCS01 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Fox GCS03 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Lion GCS06 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Butterfly GCS04 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Kitten GCS02 Felt Cross Stitch Kit - Owl Felt & Kits Felt Friends Kit - Eliot the Elephant Felt Friends Kit - Celina the Cow Felt Friends Kit - Cesar the Cat Felt Friends Kit - Sophy the Sheep Felt Friends Kit - Frodo the Frog Felt Friends Kit - Bob the Bear AF07/02 Glitter White Felt With Snowflakes Magnets CT23207 Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape CT23204 1/2" Square Magnets CT2032-252 A6 Magnet 10 Sheets CT23209 5x8" Magnet 2 Sheets CT23212 Two A4 Magnetic Sheets Wooden Pegs, Sticks & Beads CPT6681108 Natural Lollipop Sticks CPT6681109 Extra Large Natural Craft Sticks CPT6681113 Dolly Pegs Natural CPT6681110 Extra Large Coloured Craft Sticks CPT6681111 Natural Matchsplints CPT6681112 Coloured Matchsplints CW326 Assorted Fancy Beads CW340 Craft Buttons - Natural Chenille Stems CF096 Chenille Stems White CF099 Chenille Stems Black CF107 Chenille Stems Red 12mm x 30cm CB609 Chenille Stems Brown 6mm x 30cm CF113 Chenille Stems Brown 12mm x 30cm CF112 Chenille Stems Beige 12mm x 30cm CF108 Chenille Stems Green 12mm x 30cm CF098 Chenille Stems Green 6mm x 30cm CF097 Chenille Stems Red 6mm x 30cm CF119 Glitter Chenille Stems Multi CF115 Glitter Chenille Stems Silver CF117 Glitter Chenille Stems Red CF118 Glitter Chenille Stems Green CF116 Glitter Chenille Stems Gold CPT6601104 Chenille Stems Striped Assorted 20pk CPT6601106 Chenille Stems 300mm Vivid 20pk CPT6601102 Glitter Chenille Stems Assorted Colours 15pk CPT6601107 Chenille Stems 300mm Vivid 60pk CF144 Chenille Stems Lime CF145 Chenille Stems Hot Pink CF142 Chenille Stems Orange CF143 Chenille Stems Purple CPT6601109 Chenille Stems 300mm Neon 60pk CPT6601105 Chenille Striped Stems Assorted 50pk CPT6601108 Chenille Stems 300mm Neon 20pk Sequins Sequin Trios 12053-5314 Peridot Sequin 12053-5313 Yellow Sequins 12053-5312 Fuschia Sequins 12053-5311 Violet Sequins 12053-5310 Rose Sequins 12053-5309 Jeans Blue Sequins 12053-5308 Mint Sequins 12053-5307 Blue Sequins 12053-5306 Red Sequins 12053-5305 Black Sequins 12053-5304 Brown Sequins 12053-5303 Gold Sequins 12053-5302 White Sequins 12053-5301 Silver Sequins Stars, Squares and Shaped Sequins Gold 20mm Holo Sparkles 01.010.02 Silver 20mm Holo Sparkles 01.010.01 Multi Assorted Sparkles 01.013.07 Gold 10mm Hologram Stars 01.011.02 Silver 10mm Hologram Stars 01.011.01 Gold 10mm Stars 01.014.02 Silver 10mm Stars 01.014.01 Assorted 10mm Stars 01.014.07 Gold 5mm Stars 01.015.02 Assorted 5mm Stars 01.015.07 Multi Square Sequins 01.407.07 Black Square Sequins 01.407.06 White Square Sequins 01.407.19 Gold Square Sequins 01.407.02 Silver Square Sequins 01.407.01 Transparent Square Sequins 01.407.16 10mm Cup Sequins Gold 10mm Hologram Sequins 01.411.02 Silver 10mm Hologram Sequins 01.411.01 Silver 10mm Cup Sequins 01.410.01 Gold 10mm Cup Sequins 01.410.02 Red 10mm Cup Sequins 01.410.03 Black 10mm Cup Sequins 01.410.06 410.07 Multi 10mm Cup Sequins Transparent 10mm Cup Sequins 01.410.16 8mm Cup Sequins Red 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.03 Green 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.04 Royal Blue 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.05 Black 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.06 Multi 8mm Hologram Sequins 01.409.07 Pink 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.08 Transparent 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.16 Lilac 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.24 White 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.19 Gold 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.02 Silver 8mm Cup Sequins 01.408.01 5mm Cup Sequins Royal Blue 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.05 405.07 Multi 5mm Cup Sequins Lilac 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.24 Gold Cup Sequins 01.405.02 Bronze 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.34 Black 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.06 405.01 Silver 5mm Cup Sequins Pink 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.08 Transparent 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.16 White 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.19 Green 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.04 Red 5mm Cup Sequins 01.405.03 Jewellery Stretch Band Bracelet Loops Tiger Tail CB925 Tiger Tail 12009-1012 Black Tiger Tail 12009-1011 White Tiger Tail 12009-1010 Rose Tiger Tail 12009-1008 Light Blue Tiger Tail 12009-1006 Brown Tiger Tail 12009-1004 Purple Tiger Tail 12009-1003 Gold Tiger Tail 12009-1001 Platinum Tiger Tail Leather Cord 12236-3601 Real Leather Cord 3mm x 2m 12236-3602 Real Leather Cord 3mm x 2m 12236-3603 Real Leather Cord 2mm x 2m 12236-3604 Real Leather Cord 2mm x 2m Cord CB077 1mm Brown Bead Thonging CB076 1mm Black Bead Thonging CB417 Lilac Waxed Cord With Clasp CB416 Brown Waxed Cord With Clasp CB411 White Waxed Cord With Clasp CB410 Black Waxed Cord With Clasp CB280X Cord With Metal Clips CB081 51cm Brown Suede Cord with Clasps CB080 51cm Black Suede Cord with Clasps 12026-2612 Black Elastic Cord 12026-2603 White Elastic Cord 12013-5014 Yellow Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5013 Black Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5011 Sea Blue Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5010 Aqua Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5009 Fuchsia Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5007 Purple Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5006 White Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5003 Olive Green Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5002 Pink Imitation Leather Cord 12013-5001 Rose Imitation Leather Cord 12005-0010 Lilac Cord 12005-0009 Brown Cord 12005-0008 Lime Green Cord 12005-0007 Pink Cord 12005-0005 Red Cord 12005-0002 White Cord 12005-0001 Black Cord 12013-5005 Blue Imitation Leather Cord Beading Boards 10303-0292 Beading Board 10303-0291 Beading Board 10303-0290 Beading Board Threads, Wires & Elastic CB265 Elasticated Cord 0.5mm Clear 12237-3701 Crystaline Stretch Cord Clear 12237-3702 Crystaline Stretch Cord Black 170S Bead Threading Set 171 White Beading Thread CB075 White Beading Thread CB423 Findings Fancy Chain w Clasp Gold CB422 Findings Fancy Chain w Clasp Silver CB418 Findings Fine Chain w Clasp Silver CB419 Findings Fine Chain With Clasp Gold CB404 Ice Blue Ribbon with Clasp CB402 Pink Ribbon with Clasp CB401 White Ribbon with Clasp CB400 Black Ribbon with Clasp CB270B Elasticated Cord 1mm Brown CB269X Elasticated Cord 1mm Purple CB268X Elasticated Cord 1mm Pink CB267X Elasticated Cord 1mm Black CB266X Elasticated Cord 1mm Crystal CB265B Elasticated Cord 0.5mm Black CB079 Monofilament CB074 Beading Thread Black 12063-6310 Clear Nylon Thread 10308-2003 Memory Wire Necklace Coil 10308-2002 Memory Wire Bracelet Coils 10308-2001 Memory Wire Ring Coils Findings Findings Sets 12187-8703 Jewellery Findings Set 6 Pieces 12187-8702 Jewellery Findings Set 11 Pieces 12187-8701 Jewellery Findings Set 16 Pieces Hair Clips 12211-1105 90mm Silver Hair Clips 12211-1103 80mm Platinum Barrette Hair Clips 12211-1102 60mm Platinum Barrette Hair Clips 339 80mm Barrettes 338 50mm Barrettes Miscellaneous Findings 11808-0803 String & Hanger Assorted Colours 11808-0801 String & Hanger Black TDF47 Filigree Connector GP TDF46 Filigree Connector SP TDF45 Fancy 1-5 Connector GP TDF44 Fancy 1-5 Connector SP- TDF43 Fancy 1-3 Connector SP TDF33 Necklace Tags SP CB096 Key Fob Heart CB069 Bees Wax CB053A Key Rings Gilt CB053 Key Rings Chrome 2962 Small Ring And Sieve Gilt 2961 Small Ring And Sieve Silver 2641 3-Hole Spacer Bar 2621 3 To 1 Connector 2671 6.5mm Tags Pendant Mounts 2511 13mm Clamps TDF82 Pendant Mounts GP TDF81 Pendant Mounts SP TDF80 Small Tri Mounts SP TDF40 Pendants Mounts SP TDF25 Med Tri Mounts GP TDF24 Fancy Tri Mounts GP TDF09 Med Tri Mounts SP TDF08 Fancy Tri Mounts SP Bead Caps 2821 Filigree Caps Silver 4mm Silver Bead Caps TDF39 Filigree Caps GP TDF38 Filigree Caps SP TDF36 Med Filigree Caps SP TDF35 Small Filigree Caps GP TDF34 Small Filigree Caps SP 2836 Filigree Caps Black 28344 Filigree Caps Antique 2832 Filigree Caps Gilt 2831 Filigree Caps Silver 28244 Filigree Caps Antique 2826 Filigree Caps Black 2822 Filigree Caps Gilt 28144 Filigree Caps Antique 2816 Filigree Caps Black 2812 Filigree Caps Gilt 2811 Filigree Caps Silver Earwires, Hooks & Posts 2531 Ear Post Flat Silver TDF52 Earposts & Scroll SP TDF51 R/Spring Earwire GP TDF50 R/Spring Earwire SP TDF49 O/Spring Earwire GP TDF48 O/Spring Earwire SP TDF18 Kidney Earwires GP TDF17 Earwires GP 27944 Ear Post & Scroll Antique 2796 Ear Post & Scroll Black 279/02 Ear Post & Scroll Gilt 2791 Ear Post & Scroll Silver 25744 Ear Wire Kidney Antique 2576 Ear Wire Kidney Black 2572 Ear Wire Kidney Gilt 2571 Ear Wire Kidney Silver 25644 Ear Wires With Hook Antique 2566 Ear Wires With Hook Black 2562 Ear Wires With Hook Gilt 2561 Ear Wires With Hook Silver 25344 Ear Post & Scroll Antique 2536 Ear Post & Scroll Black 2532 Ear Post Flat Gilt 2522 Ear Clip Flat Gilt 2521 Ear Clip Flat Silver 11808-1422 Gold Fish Hook Ear Wire 11808-1421 Platinum Fish Hook Ear Wire TDF02 Kidney Earwires Silver TDF01 Earwires Silver Brooch Pins CB048 Brooch Back Self-Adhesive 2972 Kilt Pin With Bead Loops Gilt 2971 Kilt Pin With Bead Loops Silver 2712 Brooch Backs Gilt 2711 Brooch Backs Silver 2592 Brooch Backs Gilt 2591 Brooch Backs Silver 11808-1171 38mm Platinum Brooch Pin With Foam 11808-1142 38mm Gold Brooch Pin 11808-1141 38mm Platinum Brooch Pin 11808-1132 32mm Gold Brooch Pin 11808-1131 32mm Platinum Brooch Pin 11808-1122 25mm Gold Brooch Pin 11808-1121 25mm Platinum Brooch Pin 11808-1112 19mm Gold Brooch Pin 11808-1111 19mm Platinum Brooch Pin Spacers TDF66 Patterned Spacer SP TDF78 Twist Pattern Bead Silver 3131 8mm Beads Silver TDF67 6mm Filigree Beads TDF79 Twist Pattern Beads TDF77 Twist Pattern Beads TDF74 Fluted Beads 4mm GP TDF73 Fluted Beads 4mm SP TDF72 Small Fluted Bicones GP TDF71 Small Fluted Bicones SP TDF70 8mm Filigree Beads GP TDF69 8mm Filigree Beads SP TDF68 Filigree Beads 6mm GP TDF65 Large Brass Spacer SP TDF64 Brass Spacer SP TDF62 Brass Beads 4mm SP TDF61 Brass Beads 3mm GP TDF60 Brass Beads 3mm SP TDF27 Spacer Beads GP TDF26 Tube Spacers GP TDF11 Spacer Beads SP 3062 Round Filigree Beads Gilt 3061 Round Filigree Beads Silver 3052 Oval Filigree Beads Gilt 3051 Oval Filigree Beads Silver 3042 Brass Tube Spacer Gilt 3041 Brass Tube Spacer Silver 3022 Brass Tube Spacer Gilt 3021 Brass Tube Spacer Silver 3011 Brass Rice Spacer Silver 2992 Brass Tube Spacer Gilt 2991 Brass Tube Spacer Silver 2982 Brass Square Spacer Gilt 2981 Brass Square Spacer Silver TDF10 Tube spacers silver TDF63 4mm Gold Plated Beads Jump Rings & Split Rings 249-06 Jump Rings Black 249-44 Jump Rings Antique TDF30 7mm Jump Rings GP TDF29 5mm Jump Rings GP TDF23 Split Rings GP TDF14 7mm Jump Rings SP TDF13 5mm Jump Rings SP 263-44 Jump Rings Antique 263-02 Jump Rings Gold 263-01 Jump Rings Silver 11808-1532 6mm Gold Split Ring 11808-1531 6mm Platinum Split Ring 11808-1522 Gold Jump Rings 20pc 11808-1521 Platinum Jump Rings 20pc 249-01 5mm Split Rings Silver 263-06 Jump Rings Gold 250-01 7mm Split Rings Silver Crimps & Cord Ends 2686 Crimp Beads 2mm Black 2461 Silver Cord Ends TDF42 Ball Ends Gold Plated TDF41 Ball Ends SP TDF22 Pattern Crimps GP TDF21 Plain Crimps GP TDF06 Pattern Crimps 2mm SP CB219X Leather Crimps: Gilt CB218X Leather Crimps: Silver CB058 Ball Ends Silver 27344 Ball Ends Antique 2736 Ball Ends Black 2732 Ball Ends Gilt 2726 Crimp Beads 3mm Black 2722 Crimp Beads 3mm Gilt 2721 Crimp Beads 3mm Silver 26844 Crimp Beads 2mm Antique 2682 Crimp Beads 2mm Gold 2681 Crimp Beads 2mm Silver 12024-0031 2.5mm Platinum Crimp Beads 12024-0002 2mm Gold Crimp Beads 12024-0001 2mm Platinum Crimp Beads 11808-1702 Gold Cord Ends Large 11808-1701 Platinum Cord Ends Large 11808-1552 Gold Calottes Double Cups 11808-1551 Platinum Calottes Double Cups 2462 Gilt Cord Ends 11808-1561 Platinum Cord Ends Small Earring Hoops & Drops 3072 Fancy Earring Drop Gilt 3071 Fancy Earring Drop Silver 2951 Teardrop Earring Finding Silver 2942 Large Earring Hoop Gilt 2941 Large Earring Hoop Silver 2932 Teardrop Earring Finding Gilt 2931 Teardrop Earring Finding Silver 2922 Heart Earring Finding Gilt - 2921 Heart Earring Finding Silver 2912 Round Earring Finding Gilt 2911 Round Earring Finding Silver 2892 Diamond Earring Finding Gilt 2891 Diamond Earring Finding Silver 2881 Oval Fancy Earring Drop Silver 2871 Heart Fancy Earring Drop Silver 2872 Heart Fancy Earring Drop Gilt 2862 Round Fancy Earring Drop Gilt 2861 Round Fancy Earring Drop Silver 28444 Earring Hoops Antique 2846 Earring Hoops Black 2842 Earring Hoops Gilt 2841 Earring Hoops Silver 2882 Oval Fancy Earring Drop Gilt Clasps TDF04 Med.Lobster Clasp SP TDF59 Toggle Clasp SP TDF58 Fancy Bracelet Clasp SP TDF57 Filigree Box GP TDF56 Filigree Box SP TDF55 Magnetic Clasp GP TDF20 Med Lobster Clasp GP TDF19 Small Lobster Clasp GP TDF28 Superior Bolt Rings GP CB206G Findings Magnetic Catch Gilt CB206 Findings Magnetic Catch Silver CB0588 Lobster Claws 31844 Pearl Necklace Clasp Antique 3182 Pearl Necklace Clasp Gold 3181 Pearl Necklace Clasp Silver 3176 Flower Necklace Clasp Black 3172 Flower Necklace Clasp Gold 3171 Flower Necklace Clasp Silver 31644 Square Necklace Clasp Antique 3166 Square Necklace Clasp Black 3162 Square Necklace Clasp Gold 3161 Square Necklace Clasp Silver 3816 Pearl Necklace Clasp Black 27844 Heart Clasp Antique 2786 Heart Clasp Black 2782 Heart Clasp Gilt 2781 Heart Clasp Silver 27744 Magnetic Clasp Antique 2776 Magnetic Clasp Black 2746 Lobster Clasp 10mm Black 27444 Lobster Clasp 10mm Antique 2742 Lobster Clasp 10mm Gilt 26944 Barrel Clasp Antique 2696 Barrel Clasp Black - 2692 Barrel Clasp Gilt 2691 Barrel Clasp Silver 2662 Flat Clasps Gold 2661 Flat Clasps Silver 26644 Flat Clasps Antique 2611 Toggle & Clasp 2606 Bolt & Spring Rings Black 26044 Bolt & Spring Rings Antique 2602 Bolt & Spring Rings Gilt 2601 Bolt & Spring Rings Silver 2582 Barrel Clasps Gilt 2581 Barrel Clasps Silver 11808-1312 7mm Gold Bolt Spring Clasp with Split Ring 11808-1311 7mm Platinum Bolt Spring Clasp with Split Ring 11808-1232 12mm Gold Lobster Clasp 11808-1231 12mm Platinum Lobster Clasp 11808-1212 Gold Barrel Screw Clasp 11808-1211 Platinum Barrel Screw Clasp 2666 Flat Clasps Black TDF03 Small Lobster Clasp Silver 10301-0942 Magnetic Clasps Gold TDF54 Magnetic Silver Clasp 10301-0941 Magnetic Clasps Platinum TDF12 Silver Plated Bolt Ring Headpins & Eyepins TDF32 Thick Soft Eye Pins GP TDF31 Thin Soft Head Pins GP 25544 Head Pins 50mm Antique 2552 Head Pins Gilt 2551 Head Pins Silver 25444 Eye Pins 50mm Antique 2546 Eye Pins 50mm Black 2542 Eye Pins Gilt 2541 Eye Pins Silver 10317-4502 Gold Head Pins 10317-4501 Platinum Head Pins 10316-4502 Gold Eye Pins 10316-4501 Platinum Eye Pins TDF15 Silver HeadPins Beads Round Pearl Trios 12103-0316 Pearl Trio Brown 12103-0315 Pearl Trio Blue 12103-0314 Pearl Trio Xmas 12103-0313 Pearl Trio Pink 12103-0312 Pearl Trio Yellow 12103-0311 Pearl Trio White Twisted Bugle Beads Gold Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.02 Royal Blue Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.05 Silver Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.01 Multi Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.07 Green Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.04 Black Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.06 Red Twisted Bugle Beads 01.150.03 5mm Pearls Sunrise Pearls 5mm 01.355.13 Bronze Pearls 5mm 01.355.34 Ice Blue Pearls 5mm 01.355.12 Red Pearls 5mm 01.355.03 Lime Green Pearls 5mm 01.355.28 Lavender Pearls 5mm 01.355.23 Orange Perals 5mm 01.355.20 Silver Pearls 5mm 01.355.01 Lilac Pearls 5mm 01.355.24 Gold Pearls 5mm 01.355.02 Fuchsia Pearls 5mm 01.355.25 Black Pearls 5mm 01.355.06 Cream Pearls 5mm 01.355.14 Multi Pearls 5mm 01.355.07 Navy Blue Pearls 5mm 01.355.05 Purple Pearls 5mm 01.355.29 Pink Pearls 5mm 01.355.08 Green Pearls 5mm 01.355.04 4mm Pearls Lavender Pearls 4mm 01.354.23 Purple Pearls 4mm 01.354.29 Fuchsia Pearls 4mm 01.354.25 Pearl Pearls 4mm 01.354.09 Multi Pearls 4mm 01.354.07 Sunrise Pearls 4mm 01.354.13 Bronze Pearls 4mm 01.354.34 Gold Pearls 4mm 01.354.02 Lilac Pearls 4mm 01.354.24 Orange Pearls 4mm 01.354.20 Black Pearls 4mm 01.354.06 Lime Green Pearls 4mm 01.354.28 Silver Pearls 4mm 01.354.01 Green Pearls 4mm 01.354.04 Pink Pearls 4mm 01.354.08 Ice Blue Pearls 4mm 01.354.12 Cream Pearls 4mm 01.354.14 Navy Blue Pearls 4mm 01.354.05 Red Pearls 4mm 01.354.03 3mm Pearls Orange Pearls 3mm 01.353.20 Lilac Pearls 3mm 01.353.24 Purple Pearls 3mm 01.353.29 Bronze Pearls 3mm 01.353.34 Ice Blue Pearls 3mm 01.353.12 Sunrise Pearls 3mm 01.353.13 Fuchsia Pearls 3mm 01.353.25 Multi Pearls 3mm 01.353.07 Pearl Pearls 3mm 01.353.09 Red Perals 3mm 01.353.03 Lime Green Pearls 3mm 01.353.28 Lavender Pearls 3mm 01.353.23 Black Pearls 3mm 01.353.06 Cream Pearls 3mm 01.353.14 Green Pearls 3mm 01.353.04 Pink Pearls 3mm 01.353.08 Navy Blue Pearls 3mm 01.353.05 Gold Pearls 3mm 01.353.02 Silver Pearls 3mm 01.353.01 E Beads Black E-Beads 01.300.06 Pink E-Beads 01.300.08 Purple E-Beads 01.300.29 Gold E-Beads 01.300.02 Lilac E-Beads 01.300.24 Ice Blue E-Beads 01.300.12 Pearl E-Beads 01.300.09 Silver E-Beads 01.300.01 Rainbow E-Beads 01.300.36 Multi E-Beads 01.300.07 Green E-Beads 01.300.04 300.03 Red E Beads Rocailles Purple Rocailles 01.250.29 Fuchsia Rocailles 01.250.25 Lilac Rocailles 01.250.24 Ice Blue Rocailles 01.250.12 Pink Rocailles 01.250.08 Multi Rocailles 01.250.07 Apricot Rocailles 01.250.31 Bronze Rocailles 01.250.34 Metal Rocailles 01.250.35 Purple Heather Rocailles 01.250.40 Green Frosted Rocailles 01.251.04 Blue Frosted Rocailles 01.251.05 Yellow Frosted Rocailles 01.251.10 White Frosted Rocailles 01.251.19 Orange Frosted Rocailles 01.251.20 Lilac Frosted Rocailles 01.251.24 Red Frosted Rocailles 01.251.01 Lime Green Rocailles 01.250.28 Red Rocailles 01.250.03 Green Rocailles 01.250.04 Rainbow Rocailles 01.250.36 Silver Rocailles 01.250.01 Gold Rocailles 01.250.02 Royal Blue Rocailles 01.250.05 Black Rocailles 01.250.06 Seed Beads Multi Seed Beads 01.200.07 Pastel Multi Seed Beads 01.200.77 Rainbow Seed Beads 01.200.36 Bronze Seed Beads 01.200.34 Pastel Green Seed Beads 01.200.28 Pastel Pink Seed Beads 01.200.30 Purple Seed Beads 01.200.29 Apricot Seed Beads 01.200.31 Pastel Lemon Seed Beads 01.200.27 Fuchsia Seed Beads 01.200.25 Lilac Seed Beads 01.200.24 Peach Seed Beads 01.200.22 Cream Seed Beads 01.200.14 Ice Blue Seed Beads 01.200.12 Yellow Seed Beads 01.200.10 Pearl Seed Beads 01.200.09 Pink Seed Beads 01.200.08 White Seed Beads 01.200.19 Black Seed Beads 01.200.06 Royal Seed Beads 01.200.05 Green Seed Beads 01.200.04 Red Seed Beads 01.200.03 Gold Seed Beads 01.200.02 Silver Seed Beads 01.200.01 9mm Bugle Beads Silver Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.01 Black Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.06 Gold Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.02 Green Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.04 Royal Blue Bugle Beads 9mm 01.050.05 Rainbow Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.36 Red Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.03 Metal Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.35 Multi Bugle Beads 9mm 01.100.07 6mm Bugle Beads Bronze Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.34 Gold Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.02 Fuchsia Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.25 Lime Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.28 Apricot Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.31 Cream Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.26 Purple Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.29 Rainbow Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.36 Lilac Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.24 Silver Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.01 Multi Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.07 Red Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.03 Black Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.06 Metal Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.35 Pink Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.08 Ice Blue Bugle Beads 6mm 01.050.12 Oval Pearl Trios 12100-0006 Oval Pearls Trio 12100-0005 Oval Pearls Trio 12100-0004 Oval Pearls Trio 12100-0003 Oval Pearls Trio 12100-0002 Oval Pearls Trio 12100-0001 Oval Pearls Trio More Pearls Silver Oval Drop Pearls 01.359.01 Sunrise Oval Drop Pearls 01.359.13 Gold Oval Drop Pearls 01.359.02 Cream Oval Drop Pearls 01.359.14 Pearl Pearls 8mm 01.358.09 Cream Pearls 8mm 01.358.14 Pearl Pearls 6mm 01.356.09 Pearl 2.5mm Pearls 01.352.09 Silver Oval Pearls 01.351.01 Cream Oval Pearls 01.351.14 Gold Oval Pearls 01.351.02 Pearl Oval Pearls 01.351.09 Wooden Beads CF165 beech beads 15mm CF164 beech beads 20mm CF153 wooden beads 8mm CF152 wooden beads 6mm Assorted Beads CF160 assorted plastic beads CF159 assorted plastic beads CF156 alphabet beads Pliers & Tools 11408-0007 11.5cm Split Eye Flexible Beading Needle 11408-0005 7cm Split Eye Flexible Beading Needle 11408-0006 Beading Needles and Threading Tool 10308-3011 Jig Board/Pegs 11403-4008 Diagonal Nose Combo Cutters Pliers 11403-4007 Bent Nose Pliers 11403-4006 Point Nose Combo Pliers 11403-4005 End Wire Cutters 11403-4004 Flat Nose Combo Pliers 11403-4003 Needle Nose Pliers 11403-4002 Round Nose Combo Pliers 11403-4001 Diagonal Wire Cutters CT21468 Set of 3 Pliers 125mm Crea Tool - Plastic Wire Jig Crea Tool - Wire Mandrel Crea Tool - Meatl Coiling Gizmo 172 Beading Needles With Threader CT21467 Set of 3 Mini Pliers 80mm Necklace set CR0347 Craft Necklace Set Googly Eyes and Safety Eyes CF029 20mm sew on eyes 12219-1903 6mm Round Moveable Eyes 12219-1901 3mm Round Moveable Eyes CPT6671200 15mm Sticky Backed Wiggle Eyes CPT6671109 15mm Round Coloured Wiggle Eyes CPT6671108 Oval Wiggle Eyes CF028 15mm sew on eyes CF027 12mm sew on eyes CF046 6mm Solid Black Eyes CF150 7mm stick on eyes CF149 7mm stick on eyes 12219-1902 5mm Round Moveable Eyes CB028 15mm Green Cats Eyes CF072 41mm Flat Squeaker CB011 12mm Brown Safety Eyes CF047 9mm Solid Black Eyes CB018 Safety Toy Eyes 15mm CB017 12mm Safety Toy Eyes CB022 12mm Amber Safety Eyes CB021 10mm Amber Safety Eyes CPT6671104 Round Wiggle Eyes 3D Collection Display Box 460.423.310 PomPoms CPT6621109 100 Neon Pompoms CPT6621108 30 Neon Pompoms CPT6621106 30 Pastel Pompoms CPT6621103 100 Bright Pompoms CPT6621101 42 Glitter Pompoms CPT6621105 Acrylic PomPoms 9g Assorted 12233-3301 White/Glitter PomPoms Assorted 12233-3303 Blue PomPoms assorted 12233-3305 Easter PomPoms Assorted 12233-3306 Purple PomPoms Assorted 12233-3302 Christmas Glitter PomPoms 12233-3304 Pink PomPoms Assorted 12233-3311 White PomPoms Assorted 12233-3321 Assorted PomPoms 12233-3322 Glitter PomPoms Assorted CPT6621102 30 Bright Pompoms CPT6621100 15 Glitter Pompoms CPT6621107 100 Pastel PomPoms Ribbon Bowtique 020 106 106W Chunky Gem Strip CR0269 Chunky Gem Strip - Silver Butterflies (2m roll) CR0269 Chunky Gem Strip - Silver Hearts (2m roll) Gingham Heart Ribbon CR0115 Gingham Heart Ribbon - Red (2m roll) CR0115 Gingham Heart Ribbon - Pink (2m roll) CR0115 Gingham Heart Ribbon - Pale Blue (2m roll) CR0115 Gingham Heart Ribbon - Blue (2m roll) Funky Foam CPT80257 Black Foam CPT80263 Turquoise Foam CPT80260 Grey Foam CPT80258 White Foam CPT80255 Orange Foam CPT80272 Hunter Green Foam CPT80270 Tan Foam CPT80268D Flesh Foam CPT80266 Pink Foam CPT80264 Lime Foam CPT80256 Brown Foam CPT80253 Yellow Foam CPT80252 Green Foam CPT80251 Blue Foam CPT80250 Red Foam Felt Sheets CPT7019 Pink Felt CPT7018 Red Felt CPT7017 Light Brown Felt CPT7016 Lavender Felt CPT7015 Navy Blue Felt CPT7014 Grey Felt CPT7013 Purple Felt CPT7012 Dark Brown Felt CPT7011 Black Felt CPT7010 Plum Felt CPT7009 Orange Felt CPT7008 Green Felt CPT7007 Light Green Felt CPT7006 Royal Blue Felt CPT7005 Baby Blue Felt CPT7004 Gold Felt CPT7003 Flesh Felt CPT7002 Shocking Pink Felt CPT7001 Yellow Felt CPT7000 White Felt CPT7020 Acrylic Felt 9x12" Value Pack MDF & Wooden Items 56133 Plywood Bunnies CT28327 Wooden Elements Shapes - Xmas 4 CT28324 Wooden Elements Shapes - Xmas 1 CT28322 Wooden Elements Shapes - Wedding 3004 Wood Shapes - Sentiments 2991 Wood Shapes - Signboards 2984 Wood Shapes - Dogs 2977 Wood Shapes - Cats 2533 Stars 2526 Snowflakes 2519 Lanterns 2502 Tags Shapes 2496 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2489 Christmas Tree 2472 Sports 2465 Tags Rectangle CT31001 Plain Wooden Sticks 50pcs CT23467 Wooden Elements Shapes - Garden CT23466 Wooden Elements Shapes - Sealife 423.500 Pronty 4mm MDF - 3D Basket 423.490 Pronty 9mm MDF - 3D Bird Display 423.510 Pronty 4mm MDF - 3D Birdhouse 2 Floors 638.080 Pronty 3mm MDF - 4pcs set Spring 56709 Wooden Box (Set of 2) 56748 3D Frame 56708 Star Teallight 575160/1 House Shaped Shelving System 638.070 Pronty 3mm MDF - 4pcs set Easter 427.004 Pronty 9mm MDF - 2 Hearts 427.003 Pronty 9mm MDF - 2 Houses 404.009 Pronty 9mm MDF - Wall Deco Fantasy 2 6200/0158 Easter MDF Set CT23464 Wooden Elements Shapes - Christmas CT23463 Wooden Elements Shapes - Spring CT23461 Wooden Elements Shapes - Butterfly Haberdashery Hemline H438P.10.N 10mm Eyelets with Tool H438P.5.N 5.5mm Eyeets with tool H438P.5.G 5mm Eyelet Set with tool Motifs CFM2/054 Motif CFM2/004 Motif CFM2/032 Motif CFM2/064 Motif CFM2/067 Motif CFM2/030 Motif CFM2/051 Motif CFM1/006 Motif CFM1/033X Motif CFM2/035X Motif CFM2/060X Motif CFM2/023X Motif CFM2/059X Motif CFM1/001X Motif CFM2/038 Motif CFM2/043X Motif CFM2/031 Motif CFM2/034 Motif CFM2/047 Motif CFM2/048 Motif CFM2/012 Motif CFM2/013 Motif CFM2/016 Motif CFM1/009 Motif CFM1/011 Motif CFM1/015 Motif CFM1/031 Motif CFM1/034 Motif CFM1/003 Motif CFM2/044X Motif CFM2/006X Motif CFM2/074X Motif CFM2/013X Motif CFM2/065 Motif CFM2/045 Motif CFM1/024 Motif CFM2/024 Motif CFM2/061 Motif CFM2/046 Motif CFM2/049 Motif CFM2/017 Motif CFM2/014 Motif CFM2/062 Motif CFM2/052 Motif CFM2/018 Motif CFM2/042 Motif CFM2/029 Motif CFM2/028 Motif CFM2/027 Motif CFM2/007 Motif CFM1/010 Motif CFM1/037 Motif CFM2/055 Motif CFM2/003 Motif CFM2/080 Motif CFM2/079 Motif CFM2/001 Motif CFM2/072X Motif CFM2/073 Motif CFM1/017 Motif CFM2/071 Motif CFM2/053 Motif CFM1/038 Motif CFM1/020 Motif CFM2/057 Motif CFM1/040 Motif CFM2/076 Motif CFM2/019 Motif CFM2/033 Motif CFM2/056 Motif CFM2/063 Motif CFM2/005 Motif CFM2/010 Motif CFM2/022 Motif CFM2/037 Motif CFM1/021 Motif CFM1/022 Motif CFM1/019 Motif CFM1/018 Motif CFM1/008 Motif CFM1/007 Motif CFM1/035 Motif CFM1/032 Motif CFM1/028 Motif CFM1/029 Motif LPM06 Motif Minion 2 CFM1/030 Motif LPM08 Motif Batman CFM1/027 Motif LPM07 Motif Superman CFM1/026 Motif LPM09 Motif Spiderman CFM1/025 Motif LPM05 Motif Minion 1 CFM2/025 Motif CFM1/023 Motif CFM2/009 Motif CFM1/036 Motif CFM1/014 Motif CFM1/013 Motif CFM2/078 Motif CFM1/002 Motif CFM2/036 Motif CFM2/040 Motif CFM2/039 Motif CFM2/041 Motif CFM1/016 Motif CFM2/011 Motif CFM1/039 Motif CFM2/075 Motif CFM2/002 Motif CFM1/004 Motif CFM1/005 Motif CFM2/070 Motif CFM2/069 Motif CFM2/026 Motif CFM2/008 Motif CFM1/012 Motif CFM2/050 Motif CFM2/077 Motif CFM2/015 Motf CFM2/058 Motif CFM2/066 Motif CFM2/021 Motif CFM2/068 Motif Yo Yo Maker CL8701 Clover Yo Yo Maker (Large) CL8708 Clover Yo Yo Maker CL8707 Quick Yoyo Maker CL8713 Clover Yo Yo Maker Large Shamrock CL8711 Clover Yo Yo maker Large Butterfly CL8710 Clover Yo Yo Maker Small Butterfly CL8703 Yo Yo Maker Ex. Large Circle CL8714 Clover Yo Yo Maker Small Oval Rotating Frames ROT96 Rotating Frame 9x6" 2H24R Rotating Frame 24x12" EASY12 No Sew Hand Clip Rotating Frame 12x12" 2H18R Rotating Frame 18x12" 2H12R Rotating Frame 12x12" 2H9R Rotating Frame 9x9" Tools & Accessories H963SN padded bra cup 40 General Knitted Elastic 40mm x 1m White H694 Purse Sewing Kit 32.B Strapping H988 Hands Free Magnifier H682 Pyjama Cord 20mmx1.5m S swimwear bra cup small H892 mohair brush H890 fabric comb H992 craft pocket knife H287 latch hook P60637 PONY TATTING SHUTTLE CL6025 Clover Small Protect & Grip Thimble CL479 Clover Tatting Shuttel Velcro 20 hook & loop tape 20 Self Stick Hook & Loop Dots Embroidery Thread Accessories M3005 Bobbin Winder H3006.PL Plastic Embroidery Thread Bobbins H3006 Embroidery Thread Bobbins Repairs 25 Cotton Tape Black 25mmx5m H820 Fusible Web 45x40cm H698DEN Denim Mending Tape 25 25mm cotton tape 20 20mm cotton tape BEIGE Mending Tape DK iron on patch BLK mending tape B iron on patch H698MID Mending Tape Mid Grey L.BLK vinyl patches 6 6mm cotton tape 12 12mm cotton tape H698DK Iron on Mending Tape Dark Grey 6 Cotton Tape Black 6mmx5m 20 Cotton Tape Black 20mmx5m 12 Cotton tape Black 12mmx5m H698BLK Iron On Mending Tape Black H781 Hemming Web H780 Fusible Hemming Web 25mm x 5m H239 mending kit H231 mushroom darner H785 menders - spare buttons MD Iron on Patches WHT Hemming Tape N Instant Hemming 20mm x 20m 3502 HeatnBond Ultrahold Elastic 20 ribbed non roll elastic 20mmx1m 3 General Braideed Elastic 3mmx1m 12 Elastic General Knitted 12mm x 2m 3 General Elastic Braided 3mm 9 General Elastic Braided 9mm 9 swimwear elastic 32 General knitted Elastic White 32mmx1m 32 General Knitted Elastic 32mmx1m 25 Elastic General Knitted Black 25mmx1m 25 General Elastic White 25mmx1m 12 Elastic General Knitted 12mm x 2m H610 Hat Elastic H640 Elastic (Mens Underwear) 20 General Elastic Knitted 6 General Elastic Braided 6mm x 5m 9 General Elastic Braided H639 knit-in elastic clear 40 Elastic General Knitted 40mm x 1m H611 Hat Elastic H601 Shirring Elastic black 6 Black Elastic 6mm 20 Elastic General Knitted 20mm x 1m Dressmaking & Patchwork Patchwork Templates NL4181 Patchwork Ruler 14x4.5" CL494/S Patchwork Templates Square/Octagon Stiffener/Stabilisers HT1600 fabric stiffener H845 Lightweight Fabric Stabiliser H841 Lightweight Fabric Stabiliser 102 x 50cm Shoulder Pads MB Med.Black Shoulder Pads S Shoulder Pads Small M Medium Shoulder Pads Buckles, Clips etc. 32.B Strap Buckle 25.B Strap Buckle WHIT Suspender Ends 20 20mm d-ring buckles H462G.25 gold d-ring buckles 25 silver d-ring buckles G vest buckles H469 bow tie set H458 cummerbund clip NK braces clip N vest buckles B cord toggle H465 bikini buckle N Bib & Brace Set Markers/Labelling C Labelling Pen H294 fabric markers H299 dressmakers water soluble pencil H296 vanishing fabric marker H295 wipe off fabric marker H293 name label kit H298 hot iron transfer pencil H297 permanent labeling marker H292 name label tape Tools & Accessories H751 Squared Pattern Paper H753 Dressmakers Carbon Paper H750 tracing paper H260 measuring gauge H248 snag repair tool H281 bias maker H247 snag repair needle H250 tailors chalk H249 bodkins 2pc H246 tailors chalk H814 anti-static spray 50ml H696EC dress boning end caps H802 fray stoppa H272 horseshoe magnet H274 point turner H262 seam ripper H258 sewing gauge H249L ballpoint bodkin W tracing wheel H261 seam ripper H275 loop turner Bra/Waist Extenders/Retainers 38.W 38mm White Bra Extenders 75.W W. Bra Extenders 75mm 4 hooks 28.W Bra Back 28mm white 50.W Bra Extenders White 28.W Bra Extenders 28mm 2 Hooks White 28.B Bra Extender 28mm 2 Hooks Black H768DD waist band extenders H768MD waist band extenders H769BK waist band extenders 32.B strap adjusters 50.B Bra Extenders 50mm 3 hooks Black W Strap Retainers White B Strap retainers Black Buttons 22 22mm self cover buttons 22 22mm self cover buttons 11 11mm self cover buttons 19 19mm self cover buttons 15 15mm self cover buttons 38 38mm self cover buttons 11 11mm self cover buttons 38 38mm self cover buttons 29 29mm self cover buttons 29 29mm self cover buttons 15 15mm self cover buttons B jeans buttons 11 11mm collar expanderss 18 18mm self cover buttons 99 wonder buttons N jeans button Tape Measures XL Extractable Tape Measure 300cm H256 300cm/120" tape measure H251 150cm/60" tape measure H252 tape measure Scissors F8155 RazorEdge Softgrip - 13cm F8185 RazorEdge Softgrip - 21cm F8195 RazorEdge Softgrip - 23cm F9154 ServoCut High Performance Precision Scissors: 21cm F9162S ServoCut Heavy Duty Dressmaking Scissors: 24cm H380 9 1/4" pinking shears H354 4 1/4" embroidery scissors H382 6 1/2" soft grip hobby scissors H381 4 3/4" soft grip embroidery scissors H355L dressmaking shears (left handed) H386 9 5/8" dressmaking scissors F9445 ClassicPinking Shears Snap Fasteners and Eyelets Tools H456 press snap & eyelet pliers H271 tailors awl H893 punch plier H406 tool set Eyelets G Eyelets Gold H436 Eyelet Pliers R.8.G 8.7mm eyelets refill pack 8.G 8.7mm eyelet starter kit 10.G 10.5mm eyelets H435 Eyelets Assorted Colours Snaps 6 6mm snap fasteners 99 snap fasteners 7 snap fasteners 9 snap fasteners 11 snap fasteners 15 snap fasteners 18 snap fasteners 15 snap fasteners H422 snap fasteners 18 snap fasteners H423 snap fasteners 13 13mm snap fasteners H424 15mm snap fasteners 9 snap fasteners 99 asst. snap fasteners N Anorak/Jacket Snaps B Rivit Kit N Rivet Kit Pins Pin cushions etc. H277 Tomato Style Pin Cushion with Sharpener H279 magnetic pin dish H276 wrist pin cushion 3 46mm safety pins 0.100 27mm Safety Pins 100 pieces P84438 100 safety pins H706 plastic head pins 99 48pc asstd safety pins 1 34mm safety pins 2 38mm "curved" safety pins H412 kilt pins 99 assted safety pins 99 asstd.brass saftey pins H669 pearl head pins 0 27mm safety pins 0 27mm "curved" safety pins 00.200 brass safety pins 2 38mm safety pins H709 T-pins for macreme etc H413 56mm nappy pins 00 23mm safety pins P85502 100 saftey pins H679 glass head pins H702 bridal & lace pins H668 berry pins H712 craft pins H704 dressmaking pins 600 standard pins 200 plastic head pins H710 twist pins H701 dressmakers pins H700 dressmakers pins G pearl head pins H711 70mm florist/hat pins H708 sequin/lills pins H678 plastic long head pins H670 economy pins H705 household pins H676 shirt & bridal pins H707 flower head pin H713 loose cover pins H667 Glass Head pins Thimbles S thimble-small M thimble-medium L thimble-large H221 finger shield Needles P17854 Assorted Sewing Needles P06856 18/22 CHENILLE GEYE P08201 doll needles P10851 yarn darnes P15851 knitters needles P14802 repair needles P16851 wool needles P12851 4/8 Easy Threading P06007 24-26 TAPESTRY GOLD PLAT P06004 24 TAPESTRY GOLD PLAT P05860 24-26 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05857 18-24 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05855 26 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05854 24 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05853 22 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05852 20 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P05851 18 TAPESTRY GOLD EYE P04862 5-10 CREWELS GOLD EYE P04861 3-9 CREWELS GOLD EYE P03861 3-9 BETWEENS GEYE P02862 5-10 STRAWS GEYE P02861 3-9 STRAWS GEYE P02860 10 STRAWS GEYE P01863 5-10 SHARPS GOLD EYE P01862 3-9 SHARPS GOLD EYE P84438 BRASS & NICKEL SIZES 000-2 P17852 SEWING & DARNING ASST P13851 HOUSEHOLD ASST P09851 darners P04880 crewels-embroidery P88004 sail needles P04881 crewels-embroidery H236 automatic needle threader H234 needle threader H211 hand needles H237 needle threader H235 yarn threader P07880 10 beading needles P88001 4/0 & 8/0 sack needles P06880 22 chenille needles P04883 crewels-emboridery P05882 28 tapestry needles P07081 beading needles P95201 straight mattress needles H218 Curved Needles P19856 Assorted Craft Nedles P03862 Betweens/Quilting P07854 Beading P07951 Bead Embroidery Hooks & Eyes 2 Hook & Eyes Size 2 2 hooks & eyes 0 hooks & eyes L hook & bar 9 hooks & eyes 1 hooks & eyes 3 hooks & eyes 1 hooks & eyes 3 hooks & eyes S hook & bar S hook & bar L hook & bar 0 hooks & eyes Eyelet Lace D63516 Eyelet Lace White with Silver Edge D63521 Eyelet Lace Green with Gold Edge D6351 Eyelet Lace White D6358 Eyelet Lace White with Pink Edge D6355 Eyelet Lace White with Lilac Edge D63520 Eyelet Lace Red with Gold Edge D63517 Eyelet Lace White with Gold Edge D6354 Eyelet Lace White with Pale Blue Edge D6359 Eyelet Lace White with Peach Edge D6356 Eyelet Lace White with Yellow Edge D6357 Eyelet Lace White with Mint Green Edge D6353 Eyelet Lace White with Multicolour Edge Glues HT1520 Trim-It Glue 60ml HT1810 PVA Craft Glue HT1510 No Sew Fabric Glue HT1400 Fabric Glue HT1782 Hi Tack 250ml Glue H800 Craft Glue H801 Tacky Glue H806 Gemstone Glue N Fabric/Craft/General Adhesive UG14 Fabric Glue 118ml 639834 HT2 Textile Glue Felting 307 Felting Wool Light Blue HC/003 Proggy Tool HC/014 Proggy Christmas Tree Kit HC/016 Proggy Festive Wreath Kit 303 Felting Wool Black CL8921 Needle Felting Mold Rose CL8905 felting needle fine weight CL8906 felting needle heavy weight 310 Sienna 314 Sapphire 326 Mauve Wool 325 Felting Wool Pistachio 309 Cream Felting Wool 302 Yellow Felting Wool 306 Chocolate Felting Wool 317 Felting Wool Red 323 Felting Wool Pink 305 Felting Wool Orange 308 Felting Wool Navy 313 Felting Wool Beige 301 Felting Wool White 320 Felting Wool Bright Pink 304 Felting Wool Wine 321 Felting Wool Coffee 312 Felting Wool Lime 311 Felting Wool Cranberry 319 Felting Wool Cream Beige 315 Felting Wool Turquoise 328 Felting Wool Grass Green 316 Felting Wool Plum CL8902 Single Needle Felting Tool CL8901 Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool CL8919 Clover Needle Felting Claw & Mat Cleaner CL8922 Needle Felting Applique Mold Pansy CL8923 Needle Felting Applique Mold Daisy CL8911 Needle Felting Mat Large CL8926 Needle Felting Mold Butterfly CL8910 Clover Felting Needle Mat Small CL8900 Clover Felting Needle Tool Cotton/Thread Invisible & Metallic Thread H240 Invisible Thread H241 Invisible Thread S Metallic Thread G Metallic Thread Gutermann Sulky Sulky Col.8020 300m Sulky Col.6046 300m Sulky Col.4109 300m Sulky Col.4108 300m Sulky Col.4107 300m Sulky Col.4106 300m Sulky Col.4103 300m Sulky Col.4032 300m Sulky Col.4031 300m Sulky Col.4030 300m Sulky Col.4028 300m Sulky Col.4027 300m Sulky Col.4026 300m Sulky Col.4025 300m Sulky Col.4022 300m Sulky Col.4020 300m Sulky Col.4018 300m Sulky Col.4017 300m Sulky Col.4016 300m Sulky Col.4015 300m Sulky Col.4014 300m Sulky Col.4013 300m Sulky Col.4011 300m Sulky Col.4010 300m Sulky Col.4009 300m Sulky Col.4008 300m Sulky Col.4007 300m Sulky Col.4006 300m Sulky Col.4005 300m Sulky Col.4003 300m Sulky Col.4002 300m Sulky Col.4001 300m Sew All 500m 139 500M GUTERMANN 694 500M GUTERMANN 000 BLK 500M GUTERMANN 1 500M GUTERMANN 165 500M GUTERMANN 800 WHT 500M GUTERMANN 106 500M GUTERMANN 722 500M GUTERMANN 369 500M GUTERMANN 156 500M GUTERMANN 414 500M GUTERMANN 889 500M GUTERMANN 659 500M GUTERMANN 810 500M GUTERMANN 143 500M GUTERMANN 310 500M GUTERMANN 321 500M GUTERMANN 232 500M GUTERMANN 322 500M GUTERMANN 25 500M GUTERMANN 402 500M GUTERMANN 701 500M GUTERMANN 585 500M GUTERMANN 472 500M GUTERMANN Top Stitch 30m 694 30M GUTERMANN 156 30M GUTERMANN 414 30M GUTERMANN 800 WHT 30M GUTERMANN 000 BLK 30M GUTERMANN 701 30M GUTERMANN 310 30M GUTERMANN 968 30M GUTERMANN 106 30M GUTERMANN 722 30M GUTERMANN 659 30M GUTERMANN 139 30M GUTERMANN 143 30M GUTERMANN 350 30M GUTERMANN 369 30M GUTERMANN 472 30M GUTERMANN 8 30M GUTERMANN 339 30M GUTERMANN 322 30M GUTERMANN Sew All 250m 890 250M GUTERMANN 414 250M GUTERMANN 800 WHT 250M GUTERMANN 578 250M GUTERMANN BLK 250M GUTERMANN 111 250M GUTERMANN 893 250M GUTERMANN 1 250M GUTERMANN 350 250M GUTERMANN 106 250M GUTERMANN 139 250M GUTERMANN 968 250M GUTERMANN 694 250M GUTERMANN 230 250M GUTERMANN 696 250M GUTERMANN 722 250M GUTERMANN 868 250M GUTERMANN 155 250M GUTERMANN 446 250M GUTERMANN 473 250M GUTERMANN 46 250M GUTERMANN 221 250M GUTERMANN 364 250M GUTERMANN 156 250M GUTERMANN 369 250M GUTERMANN 169 250M GUTERMANN 382 250M GUTERMANN 733 250M GUTERMANN 25 250M GUTERMANN 701 250M GUTERMANN 870 250M GUTERMANN 402 250M GUTERMANN 40 250M GUTERMANN 818 250M GUTERMANN 824 250M GUTERMANN 714 250M GUTERMANN 339 250M GUTERMANN 585 250M GUTERMANN 310 250M GUTERMANN 283 250M GUTERMANN 396 250M GUTERMANN 189 250M GUTERMANN 821 250M GUTERMANN 965 250M GUTERMANN 195 250M GUTERMANN 472 250M GUTERMANN 322 250M GUTERMANN 143 250M GUTERMANN 75 250M GUTERMANN 196 250M GUTERMANN 810 250M GUTERMANN 442 250M GUTERMANN 659 250M GUTERMANN 889 250M GUTERMANN 658 250M GUTERMANN 586 250M GUTERMANN 321 250M GUTERMANN Sew All 100m 701 100M GUTERMANN 890 100M GUTERMANN 687 100M GUTERMANN 869 100M GUTERMANN 764 100M GUTTERMAN 766 100M GUTERMANN 916 100M GUTERMANN 487 100M GUTERMANN 223 100M GUTERMANN 821 100M GUTERMANN 870 100M GUTERMANN 18 100M GUTERMANN 561 100M GUTERMANN 827 100M GUTERMANN 919 100M GUTERMANN 237 100M GUTERMANN 553 100M GUTERMANN 340 100M GUTERMANN 639 100M GUTERMANN 472 100M GUTERMANN 931 100M GUTERMANN 616 100M GUTERMANN 205 100M GUTERMANN 282 100M GUTERMANN 401 100M GUTERMANN 334 100M GUTERMANN 818 100M GUTERMANN 167 100M GUTERMANN 153 100M GUTERMANN 402 100M GUTERMANN 396 100M GUTERMANN 292 100M GUTERMANN 403 100M GUTERMANN 154 100M GUTERMANN 239 100M GUTERMANN 925 100M GUTERMANN 336 100M GUTERMANN 833 100M GUTERMANN 000 100M GUTERMANN 414 100M GUTERMANN 802 100M GUTERMANN 578 100M GUTERMANN 800 WHT100M GUTERMANN 5 100M GUTERMANN 893 100M GUTERMANN 852 100M GUTERMANN 327 100M GUTERMANN 325 100M GUTERMANN 610 100M GUTERMANN 6 100M GUTERMANN 307 100M GUTERMANN 488 100M GUTERMANN 580 100M GUTERMANN 350 100M GUTERMANN 7 100M GUTERMANN 415 100M GUTERMANN 417 100M GUTERMANN 177 100M GUTERMANN 188 100M GUTERMANN 979 100M GUTERMANN 362 100M GUTERMANN 968 100M GUTERMANN 412 100M GUTERMANN 300 100M GUTERMANN 847 100M GUTERMANN 649 100M GUTERMANN 406 100M GUTERMANN 612 100M GUTERMANN 650 100M GUTERMANN 934 100M GUTERMANN 767 100M GUTERMANN 280 100M GUTERMANN 175 100M GUTERMANN 883 100M GUTERMANN 221 100M GUTERMANN 80 100M GUTERMANN 478 100M GUTERMANN 285 100M GUTERMANN 262 100M GUTERMANN 351 100M GUTERMANN 589 100M GUTERMANN 230 100M GUTERMANN 519 100M GUTERMANN 932 100M GUTERMANN 155 100M GUTERMANN 895 100M GUTERMANN 245 100M GUTERMANN 991 100M GUTERMANN 896 100M GUTERMANN 174 100M GUTERMANN 165 100M GUTERMANN 587 100M GUTERMANN 461 100M GUTERMANN 730 100M GUTERMANN 130 100M GUTERMANN 473 100M GUTERMANN 52 100M GUTERMANN 126 100M GUTERMANN 81 100M GUTERMANN 384 100M GUTERMANN 474 100M GUTERMANN 226 100M GUTERMANN 910 100M GUTERMANN 369 100M GUTERMANN 368 100M GUTERMANN 108 100M GUTERMANN 367 100M GUTERMANN 26 100M GUTERMANN 375 100M GUTERMANN 46 100M GUTERMANN 842 100M GUTERMANN 289 100M GUTERMANN 722 100M GUTERMANN 428 100M GUTERMANN 216 100M GUTERMANN 422 100M GUTERMANN 169 100M GUTERMANN 868 100M GUTERMANN 215 100M GUTERMANN 887 100M GUTERMANN 421 100M GUTERMANN 121 100M GUTERMANN 170 100M GUTERMANN 299 100M GUTERMANN 464 100M GUTERMANN 265 100M GUTERMANN 591 100M GUTERMANN 850 100M GUTERMANN 124 100M GUTERMANN 249 100M GUTERMANN 446 100M GUTERMANN 160 100M GUTERMANN 199 100M GUTERMANN 19 100M GUTERMANN 480 100M GUTERMANN 180 100M GUTERMANN 139 100M GUTERMANN 23 100M GUTERMANN 696 100M GUTERMANN 439 100M GUTERMANN 727 100M GUTERMANN 469 100M GUTERMANN 815 100M GUTERMANN 697 100M GUTERMANN 694 100M GUTERMANN 724 100M GUTERMANN 769 100M GUTERMANN 671 100M GUTERMANN 21 100M GUTERMANN 788 100M GUTERMANN 8 100M GUTERMANN 224 100M GUTERMANN 493 100M GUTERMANN 40 100M GUTERMANN 38 100M GUTERMANN 95 100M GUTERMANN 545 100M GUTERMANN 93 100M GUTERMANN 496 100M GUTERMANN 702 100M GUTERMANN 190 100M GUTERMANN 304 100M GUTERMANN 634 100M GUTERMANN 755 100M GUTERMANN 861 100M GUTERMANN 269 100M GUTERMANN 542 100M GUTERMANN 825 100M GUTERMANN 274 100M GUTERMANN 35 100M GUTERMANN 288 100M GUTERMANN 432 100M GUTERMANN 503 100M GUTERMANN 258 100M GUTERMANN 585 100M GUTERMANN 286 100M GUTERMANN 689 100M GUTERMANN 528 100M GUTERMANN 397 100M GUTERMANN 283 100M GUTERMANN 132 100M GUTERMANN 633 100M GUTERMANN 582 100M GUTERMANN 854 100M GUTERMANN 261 100M GUTERMANN 235 100M GUTERMANN 332 100M GUTERMANN 189 100M GUTERMANN 234 100M GUTERMANN 107 100M GUTERMANN 100 100M GUTERMANN 924 100M GUTERMANN 297 100M GUTERMANN 53 100M GUTERMANN 55 100M GUTERMANN 28 100M GUTERMANN 929 100M GUTERMANN 331 100M GUTERMANN 192 100M GUTERMANN 903 100M GUTERMANN 763 100M GUTERMANN 328 100M GUTERMANN 232 100M GUTERMANN 714 100M GUTERMANN 715 100M GUTERMANN 736 100M GUTERMANN 761 100M GUTERMANN 904 100M GUTERMANN 13 100M GUTERMANN 665 100M GUTERMANN 967 100M GUTERMANN 25 100M GUTERMANN 966 100M GUTERMANN 387 100M GUTERMANN 310 100M GUTERMANN 309 100M GUTERMANN 214 100M GUTERMANN 339 100M GUTERMANN 11 100M GUTERMANN 315 100M GUTERMANN 78 100M GUTERMANN 322 100M GUTERMANN 312 100M GUTERMANN 311 100M GUTERMANN 392 100M GUTERMANN 127 100M GUTERMANN 875 100M GUTERMANN 291 100M GUTERMANN 512 100M GUTERMANN 568 100M GUTERMANN 571 100M GUTERMANN 441 100M GUTERMANN 631 100M GUTERMANN 158 100M GUTERMANN 442 100M GUTERMANN 37 100M GUTERMANN 810 100M GUTERMANN 463 100M GUTERMANN 203 100M GUTERMANN 213 100M GUTERMANN 537 100M GUTERMANN 66 100M GUTERMANN 218 100M GUTERMANN 759 100M GUTERMANN 64 100M GUTERMANN 435 100M GUTERMANN 593 100M GUTERMANN 193 100M GUTERMANN 656 100M GUTERMANN 68 100M GUTERMANN 112 100M GUTERMANN 194 100M GUTERMANN 197 100M GUTERMAN 195 100M GUTERMANN 276 100M GUTERMANN 71 100M GUTERMAN 75 100M GUTERMANN 386 100M GUTERMANN 143 100M GUTERMANN 965 100M GUTERMANN 196 100M GUTERMANN 278 100M GUTERMANN 575 100M GUTERMANN 517 100M GUTERMANN 128 100M GUTERMANN 440 100M GUTERMANN 129 100M GUTERMANN 125 100M GUTERMANN 658 100M GUTERMANN 259 100M GUTERMANN 257 100M GUTERMANN 320 100M GUTERMANN 321 100M GUTERMANN 718 100M GUTERMANN 247 100M GUTERMANN 211 100M GUTERMANN 877 100M GUTERMANN 663 100M GUTERMANN 662 100M GUTERMANN 716 100M GUTERMANN 372 100M GUTERMANN 210 100M GUTERMANN 909 100M GUTERMANN 659 100M GUTERMANN 660 100M GUTERMANN 586 100M GUTERMANN 16 100M GUTERMANN 382 100M GUTERMANN 758 100M GUTERMANN 889 100M GUTERMANN 82 100M GUTERMANN 728 100M GUTERMANN 984 100M GUTERMANN 733 100M GUTERMANN 837 100M GUTERMANN 927 100M GUTERMANN 156 100M GUTERMANN 365 100M GUTERMANN 364 100M GUTERMANN 707 100M GUTERMANN 555 100M GUTERMANN 377 100M GUTERMANN 982 100M Gutermann 1 100M Gutermann Sew All 1000m 800 WHT 1000M GUTERMANN 701 1000M GUTERMANN 414 1000M GUTERMANN 310 1000M GUTERMANN 156 1000M GUTERMANN 111 1000M GUTERMANN 000 BLK 1000M GUTERMANN H228 Parafffin Wax Dyes & Fabric Paint Wash n Dye Wash n Dye Jeans Blue Wash n Dye Chocolate Brown Wash n Dye Velvet Black Machine Dyes Machine Dye Goldfish Orange Machine Dye Olive Green Machine Dye Burlesque Red Machine Dye Dark Green Machine Dye Flamingo pink Machine Dye Terracotta Brown Machine Dye Ocean Blue Machine Dye China Blue Machine Dye Dark Brown Machine Dye Amazon Green Machine Dye Tulip Red Machine Dye Pebble Beige Machine Dye Rustic Red Hand Dyes Hand Dye China Blue Hand Dye Ocean Blue Hand Dye Navy Hand Dye Bahama Blue Hand Dye Antique Grey Hand Dye Powder Pink Hand Dye Intense Violet Hand Dye Jeans Blue Hand Dye French Lavender Hand Dye Flamingo Pink Hand Dye Olive Green Hand Dye Woodland Brown Hand Dye Dark Green Hand Dye Tropical Green Hand Dye Pebble Beige Hand Dye Tulip Red Hand Dye Goldfish Orange Hand Dye Amazon Green Hand Dye Terracotta Hand Dye Burlesque Red Hand Dye Sunflower Yellow Hand Dye Black Velvet Fabric Pens Fabric Pen Bright Colours Fabric Pen Fluorescent Colours Fabrico Dual Markers Fabrico Marker 111 Lemon Yellow Fabrico Marker 122 Spring Green Fabrico Marker 162 Midnight Fabrico Marker 114 Poppy Red Fabrico Marker 115 Cherry Pink Fabrico Marker 136 Wisteria Fabrico Marker 158 Sky Mist Fabrico Marker 154 Chocolate Brown Fabrico Marker 118 Ultramarine Fabrico Marker 160 Celadon Fabrico Marker 181 Cool Gray Fabrico Marker 112 Tangerine Fabrico Marker 116 Peony Purple Fabrico Marker 119 Cerulean Blue Fabrico Marker 153 Autumn Leaf Fabrico Marker 163 Forest Fabrico Marker 157 Ash Rose Fabrico Marker 152 Sand Fabrico Marker 161 Burgundy Fabrico Marker 121 Emerald Image Maker Salt 500g Machine Dye With Salt Machine Dye W.Salt Sunflower Yellow Machine Dye W.Salt Intense Violet Machine Dye W.Salt French Lavender Machine Dye W.Salt Terracotta Brown Machine Dye W.Salt Flamingo Pink Machine Dye W.Salt Navy Blue Machine Dye W.Salt Tropical Green Machine Dye W.Salt China Blue Machine Dye W.Salt Burlesque Red Machine Dye W.Salt Powder Pink Machine Dye W.Salt Dark Brown Machine Dye W.Salt Rosewood Red Machine Dye W.Salt Emerald Green Machine Dye W.Salt Toffee Brown Machine Dye W.Salt Dark Green Machine Dye W.Salt Bahama Blue Machine Dye W.Salt Pewter Grey Machine Dye W.Salt Tulip Red Machine Dye W.Salt Jeans Blue Machine Dye W.Salt Woodland Brown Machine Dye W.Salt Velvet Black Machine Dye W.Salt Ocean Blue Fabric Paints Trimits Fabric Paint - Dark Brown Trimits Fabric Paint - Rose Trimits Fabric Paint - Punch Trimits Fabric Paint - Dark Violet Trimits Fabric Paint - Hazelnut Trimits Fabric Paint - Grey Trimits Fabric Paint - Raspberry Trimits Fabric Paint - Black Trimits Fabric Paint - Blueberry Trimits Fabric Paint - Blue Trimits Fabric Paint - Mint Trimits Fabric Paint - Lime Green Trimits Fabric Paint - Apple Green Trimits Fabric Paint - Pistachio Trimits Fabric Paint - Green Trimits Fabric Paint - Pine Green Trimits Fabric Paint - Carmin Trimits Fabric Paint - Red Trimits Fabric Paint - Orange Trimits Fabric Paint - Sun Yellow Trimits Fabric Paint - Yellow Trimits Fabric Paint - Vanilla Trimits Fabric Paint - White Trimits Fabric Paint - Beige Pre Dye Pom Pom & Flower Makers CL8484 Clover Kanzaashi Small Gathered Petal CL3128 Jumbo PomPom Maker CL3127 Clover Extra Small Pom Pom Maker CL3171 Clover Large Heart Pom-Pom Maker T1945 Flower Loom CL8452 Clover Box Maker CL3124 Clover Small PomPom Maker 697603 Pom Pom Maker CL3170 Clover Pom Pom Maker Small Heart CL3146 Clover Flower Loom CL8485 Clover Kanzaashi Large Gathered Petal CL8483 Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker Large Pointed Petal CL8482 Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker Small Pointed petal CL8481 Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker Large Round Petal CL8480 Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker Small Round Petal CL8472 Clover Sweetheart Rose Maker Large CL8450 Clover Bow Maker CL8504 Asian Knot Ball Template CL3126 Clover Pom Pom Maker Diamond Dotz 008 Flower Power 001 Mignight Cat 016 Flutter by Gold 017 Flutter by Mauve 015 Flutter by Pink 014 Flutter by Blue DD3-004 Happy Day Sunflower DD9-002 Red Poppies Twine HW0852A 3 x jute strings Presentation Bags More Sizes ANT1651009 8 x 8 Bag (50pk) - 220 x 220mm (25mm Lip) 000878 8" x 8" Cello Bags (50pack) 10 A4 Presentation Bags 1068 Cello Bags 7x7" (50pk) CT21554 Ultra Clear Bags 162x225mm ANT1651006 5x7" Clear Plastic Card Bags (50pk) ANT1651008 4x4" Clear Plastic Card Bags (50pk) ANT1651007 6x6" Clear Plastic Card Bags (50pk) 878 Cello Bags 8x8" (50pk) CT21447 Ultra Clear Bags 120 x 167mm (25) 90 x 220mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 90x220mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 90x220mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 90x220mm 166 x 230mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 166x230mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 166x230mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 166x230mm 165 x 165mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 165x165mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 165x165mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 165x165mm CT21556 Ultra Clear Bags 165x165mm 145 x 145mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 145x145mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 145x145mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 145x145mm CT21551 Ultra Clear Bags 145x145mm (25) 144 x 177mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 144x177mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 144x177mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 144x177mm 139 x 186mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 139x186mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 139x186mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 139x186mm 123 x 185mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 123x185mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 123x185mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 123x185mm 120 x 166mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 120x166mm 100 Clear Presentation Bags 120x166mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 120x166mm 105 x 215mm 250 Clear Presentation Bags 105x215 100 Clear Presentation Bags 105x215mm 25 Clear Presentation Bags 105x215mm Book/Binder rings 25mm book rings 24pcs (2843) BR02 2 binder rings 10pcs 50mm book rings 24pcs (2844) BR01 1 binder rings 20pcs 38mm book rings 24 pcs (2877) 19mm book rings 24pcs (2842) BR34 3/4 Book Rings Storage Knitting & Crochet Bags & Cases MR470116 Rose Print Empty Crochet Hook Case Boxes with Compartments 612404 Click Box Tray M3003/L Embroidery Thread Organiser Large 612420 Jumbo Click Box 612422 Click Box Tray 612405 Click Box Tray 612403 Click Box M3003/M Embroidery Thread Organiser Medium CT21822 Bead Container CT21835 Storage Case with Empty Containers Stackers CT21834 40mm Storage Stackers M3008/M Medium Storage Stacker M3008/L Large Storage Stacker M3008/S Small Storage Stacker M3008/XL Extra Large Storage Stacker Boxes SB12 12x12" Storage Box SBC6 C6 Storage Box SBBC2 Small Tall Storage Box SBBC Small Storage Box SBA4 A4 Storage Box Bags, Folders & Pen Cases CT21775 Die Cutting Machine Storage Bag CTPENCASE Craft Pen Storage Case CT2032-562 Large Marker Pen Storage Case PMA105903 Stamp & Die Storage Pockets with Magnetic Shim PMA105902 Stamp & Die Storage CT21759-10R Sleeves for Binder Cutting Die Storage Case CT21759-10 Binder Cutting Die Storage Case TOTE-L Craft Tote Large DCE907100 Stamp Storage Folder DCE105901 A5 Stamp Pockets (6pk) DCE105902 A6 Stamp Pockets (6pk) MDT002 Marianne Design - I love Marianne Design Bag MDT001 Marianne Design - Do it Yourself Bag CT2033-6011 Tool Holder Bag CT26011B 3pcs Acrylic Refill CT26011A 3pcs Magnetic Storage Sheets CT26011 Magnetic Die Storage Case CT2032-253 Magnet Sheets 128 x 155mm (10pk) ANT6611000 plaster of paris Cross Stitch Kits Kits BK1457 Shoes Sampler Cross Stitch Kit BK1353 Running Free Blackwork cross Stitch Kit BK1341 Purple Harmony Cross Stitch Kit BK1338 Variegated Dahlia Cross Stitch Kit GCS09 - Robin Hoop Kit GCS12 - Noel Hoop Kit GCS10 - Owl Hoop Kit GCS11 - Snowflake Hoop Kit GCS13 - Trees Card Kit GCS15- Christmas Pudding Card Kit GCS14 - Robin Card Kit BK1728 Mindful Moments Here Counted Cross Stitch BK1731 Mindful Moments Pause Counted Cross Stitch BK1730 Mindful Moments Flow Counted Cross Stitch BK1729 Mindful Moments Now Counted Cross Stitch Cross Stitch Cushion: Dolphin Cross Stitch Cushion Kit: Sunset Elephant Cross Stitch Cushion Kit: Bright Flower BK1723 London By Night BK1725 Paris By Night BK1727 Rome By Night BK1724 New York By Night BK1726 Agra By Night BK1722 Northern Lights Kit BK1721 Savannah Sunset Kit TMRCRX1 Home TMREMB1 Spring Girl TMREMB2 Follow Your Heart TMREMB3 Shy Fairy TMREMB52 Girl in a Red Dress TMRCRX2 Nature Girl TMREMB4 My Private Kingdom BK1684 Cross Stitch Kit - Looking Out BK1700 Cross Stitch Kit - Christmas at Home BK1698 Cross Stitch Kit - Reindeer Barn BK1697 Cross Stitch Kit - Santas Grotto BK1681 Cross Stitch Kit - Best Buddies BK1682 Cross Stitch Kit - Munchtime BK1687 Cross Stitch Kit - Springer Spaniel BK1677 Summer Meadow Cross Stitch Kit BK1678 Autumn Pasture Cross Stitch Kit BK1679 Winter Garden Cross Stitch Kit BK1672 Floral Arrangement Cross Stitch Kit BK1673 Personalised Heart Cross Stitch Kit BK1676 Spring Bloom Cross Stitch Kit BK1654 Cupcake OClock Cross Stitch Kit BK1656 Life is Good Cross Stitch Kit BK1653 Afternoon Tea Party Cross Stitch Kit BK1652 I Love Tea & Cake Cross Stitch Kit BL1134/72 Tatty Teddy & Peanuts - Hula Hoop BL1132/72 Bunting Bears BL1131/72 Daisy Chain BL1129/72 All Dressed Up BL1133/72 Tatty Teddy, Bracken & Toots Making a Splash BL1126/72 Fun in the Sun BL1125/72 Home Tweet Home BK1583 Family Visit Cross Stitch Kit BK1582 Building a Snowman Cross Stitch Kit BK1581 The Christmas Tree Cross Stitch Kit BK1580 Santa is Coming Cross Stitch Kit BK1574 Cocker Spaniel Cross Stitch Kit BK1575 Golden Retriever Cross Stitch Kit BK1556 Beach Houses Cross Stitch Kit BK1554 Sea View Cross Stitch Kit BK1560 Baby Bus Stop Cross Stitch Kit BK1559 Animal Alphabet Cross Stitch Kit BK1558 Fun Day Cross Stitch Kit BK1557 The Lighthouse Cross Stitch Kit BK1552 Wedding Congratulations Cross Stitch Kit BK1551 Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit BK1544 Le Boudoir Cross Stitch Kit BK1543 Chic Boutique Cross Stitch Kit BK1541 Indulgence Cross Stitch kit BK1540 Beauty Cross Stitch Kit BK1537 The Ladybird Cross Stitch Kit BL111611 Tomte, Sack, Tree BL111609 Tree House BL111608 Present BKJPBK557N Christmas Tree Blue BKJPBK557R Christmas Tree Red BL1147/73 When Winter Wanes, William Giles Kit BL1145/73 The Great Wave, Kit BL1149/73 A Tree In Blossom, Willliam Giles Kit BL1146/73 The Great Wave Bookmark BL1148/73 When Winter Wanes, William Giles Bookmark BL1150/73 A Tree In Blossom, William Giles Bookmark BL1136/72 MeToYou Heart BL1135/72 MeToYou Rose BL1142/72 MeToYou Pink Lily BL1138/72 MeToYou Unicorn BL1139/72 MeToYou Cupcake B1141/72 MeToYou Patchwork Heart BL1137/72 MeToYou Gift BL1140/72 MeToYou Fairy Dust BL1114/71 Gaughin - A Vase of Flowers BK1668 Lions Pride Cross Stitch Kit BK1666 Twos Company Cross Stitch Kit BK1664 Always by my Side Cross Stitch Kit BK1671 Le Fleuriste Cross Stitch Kit BK1670 Le Bistro Cross Stitch Kit BK1661 Blue Tit Cross Stitch kit BK1662 Wren Cross Stitch Kit BK1660 Robin Cross Stitch kit BL1121/71 National Gallery - Van Gogh A Wheatfield with Cypresses BK9997-K Christmas Elf Mini Cross stitch Kit BK1640 Blossoming Buds Cross Stitch Kit BK1641 Floral Illusion Cross Stitch Kit BK1644 The Milkshake Barn Cross Stitch Kit BK1648 London Bus Cross Stitch Kit BK1642 Statement Flowers Cross Stitch Kit BK1645 Cruising Cow Cross Stitch Kit BK1643 Rose Fantasy Cross Stitch Kit BK1651 London Sight-Seeing BK1647 Feeding Time Cross Stitch Kit BK1443 Rebel Cross Stitch Kit BK1331 Eat Cake Cross Stitch Kit Mini Kits BK9991A Happiness Is Being In Love Cross Stitch Kit BK9991D Happiness Is Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch Kit BK9991B Happiness Is All Things Yummy Cross Stitch Kit BK9991C Happiness Is Family Cross Stitch Kit BK9991F Happiness Is Come Rain Or Shine Cross Stitch Kit BK9991E Happiness Is Retail Therapy Cross Stitch Kit BK9991H Happiness Is Carefree Days Cross Stitch Kit BK9991J Happiness Is A Cuppa Tea Cross Stitch Kit Magic Shrink Wrap SHRINKSL02 Shrink Wrap - Sparkling Christmas 02 SHRINKSL10 Shrink Wrap - Classic Christmas 10 SHRINKSD07 Shrink Wrap - Scandinavian Winter 07 HC10-9549-00 Magic Shrink Wraps - Merry Christmas Ø 10cm HC10-9489-00 Magic Shrink Wraps - Christmas Ø 10cm HC10-9479-00 Magic Shrink Wraps - Winter Ø 10cm HC10-9447-00 Magic Shrink Wraps - Winter Flowers Ø 10cm HC10-8850-15 Magic Shrink Wraps - Winter Ø 10cm HC10-8850-12D Magic Shrink Wraps - X-mas Flowers Ø 10cm HC10-8813-01 Magic Shrink Wraps - Roses Ø 10cm HC08-8851-12 Magic Shrink Wraps - X-mas Flowers Ø 8cm HC08-8851-03 Magic Shrink Wraps - Angels Ø 8cm HC06-9099-01 Magic Shrink Wraps - Roses Luxe Ø 6cm HC06-8962-03 Magic Shrink Wraps Metalic - X-mas Flowers Ø 6cm Glass Painting DOA765103 Aquaglass Relief Outliner Black DOA766101 Aquaglass Starter Kit DOA765102 Aquaglass Relief Outliner Silver DOA765101 Aquaglass Relief Outliner Gold DOA764109 Aquaglass Paint - Lacquer Blue DOA764104 Aquaglass Paint - Garnet Red DOA764115 Aquaglass Paint - Snow White DOA764201 Aquaglass Medium DOA764116 Aquaglass Paint - Ink Black DOA764114 Aquaglass Paint - Chocolate DOA764113 Aquaglass Paint - Tea Green DOA764112 Aquaglass Paint - Bamboo Green DOA764111 Aquaglass Paint - Aniseed Green DOA764110 Aquaglass Paint - Lapis Lazull DOA764108 Aquaglass Paint - Deep Petrol DOA764107 Aquaglass Paint - Rose Pink DOA764106 Aquaglass Paint - Purple Pink DOA764105 Aquaglass Paint - Amethyst DOA764103 Aquaglass Paint - Tomato DOA764102 Aquaglass Paint - Tangerine DOA764101 Aquaglass Paint - Saffron Yellow Sewing Sewing Books Mini Cross Stitch Bloom - A Collection of Fabric Flowers Childrens Sun Hats Pincushions Patchwork Bags Quilted Flowers Mug Rugs Hanging Hearts BK6991 Fabric Flowers Sewing Machine Accessories H162 Invisible Zipper Foot Bulbs M screw in bulb medium S screw in bulb small L push in bulb large M push-in bulb medium Bobbins 16 bobbins-Husqvarna 01 bobbins-standard metal 14 bobbins-Singer 13 bobbins-standard plastic H121 pre wound bobbins 11 bobbins-Bernina 07 bobbins-Singer H160 bobbin box H159 Bobin Case Standard H155 machine oil H135 needle applicator H141 tweezers H190 seam guide-magnetic H140 lock threaders H145 service kit 3pc H150 stretch belt 004 Sewing Machine Bag Polka Dots Fabrics TH-1022 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Garland Garden - Yellow TH-1021 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Garland Garden - Duck Egg TH-1020 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Garland Garden - Purple TH-1019 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Blooming Bouquets - Yellow TH-1018 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Blooming Bouquets - Powder Blue TH-1017 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Blooming Bouquets - Coral TH-1016 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Beautiful Buds - Pink TH-1015 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Beautiful Buds - Lilac TH-1014 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Beautiful Buds - Grey TH-1013 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Spring Garden - Pink TH-1012 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Spring Garden - Berry TH-1011 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Spring Garden - Orange TH-1010 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Pretty Pattern - Yellow TH-1009 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Pretty Pattern - Coral TH-1008 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Chasing Butterflies - Pink TH-1007 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Chasing Butterflies - Pink TH-1006 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Chasing Butterflies - Cornflower TH-1005 Threaders Half Metre Fabric Pack - Chasing Butterflies - Powder Blue TH-1004 Threaders Fat Quarter Bundle - Complete Spring Collection - Bundle TH-1003 Threaders Fat Quarter Bundle - Spring Collection - Set 3 TH-1002 Threaders Fat Quarter Bundle - Spring Collection - Set 2 TH-1001 Threaders Fat Quarter Bundle - Spring Collection - Set 1 Debbie Shore Nesting Templates DS-TP-12BUT Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Butterfly DS-TP-12LIP Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Lips DS-TP-12PET Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Petal DS-TP-12OV Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Oval DS-TP-12CUP Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Cupcake DS-TP-12FLO Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Flower DS-TP-12HEX Debbie Shore Nesting Template - 12" Hexagon Chipboard/Wooden Items Tealight Holders 56718 Tealight Boxes 3D Winter Collection Display Box 460.423.320 57728 Box with Glass Lid 57689 Mini Box with lid 575180 Round Woodchip Box (set of 3) Basket Weaving 47450 Basket Weaving Template White (Depth 14cm, Height 8cm) 47451 Basket Weaving Template Black (Depth 14cm, Height 8cm) 47452 Basket Weaving Template White (Depth 8cm, Height 6cm) 47453 Basket Weaving Template Black (Depth 8cm, Height 6cm) 47455 Basket Weaving Template 18cm (Thickness 10mm) 47454 Basket Weaving Template 12cm (Thickness 10mm) 57651 Basket Weaving Wooden Dowels 30cm (10pk) 50389 Sea Grass Weaving 500g Brown (Thickness 3.4-4mm) 50388 Sea Grass Weaving 500g Natural (Thickness 2.8-3mm) 50391 Maize Weaving 500g Brown (Thickness 3.5-4mm) 50390 Maize Weaving 500g Natural (Thickness 3.5-4mm) 50334 Flax Twine 180m (2mm Thickness) 41733 Paper Yarn 150g Light Brown (2.5-3mm thickness) 41734 Paper Yarn 150g Dark Brown (2.5-3mm thickness) 41728 Paper Yarn 150g Turquoise (2.5-3mm thickness) 41732 Paper Yarn 150g Red (2.5-3mm thickness) 41729 Paper Yarn 150g Light Blue (2.5-3mm thickness) 41725 Paper Yarn 150g Black (2.5-3mm thickness) 41730 Paper Yarn 150g Dark Blue (2.5-3mm thickness) 41726 Paper Yarn 150g White (2.5-3mm thickness) 41731 Paper Yarn 150g Fuchsia Pink (2.5-3mm thickness) 41727 Paper Yarn 150g Light Green (2.5-3mm thickness) Cutting & Embossing Cricut Explore Accessories 2002296 Cricut Explore Colour Antiquity Fine Point Pen 2002295 Cricut Explore Colour Metallic Pen Set 2002370 Cricut Explore Tools Scoring Stylus 2002293 Cricut Explore Deep Cut Housing & Blade 2003847 Cricut Cutting Mat Variety 3 Pack 12" x 24" 2003769 Cricut Explore Everyday Collection 2003732 Cricut Explore Gold Fine Point Pens 10 Pack 2003731 Cricut Explore Black Fine Point Pens 10 Pack 2003672 Cricut Iron-on Starter Kit 2003114 Cricut Vinyl Starter Kit 290630 Cricut Deep Cut Blades (pack of 2) 2002847 Cricut Explore Carry Bag, Slate 2002846 Cricut Explore Carry Bag, Denim 2002523 Cricut Explore Variety Pen Set, Black 2002845 Cricut Explore One Accessory Adapter and Pen 2003389 Cricut Paper Crafting Tool Set 290002 Cricut Tool Replacement Blades 2002046 Cricut Tools Scraper & Spatula 2002425 Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter 2002050 Cricut Tools Basic Set 2002522 Cricut Explore Colour Southwest Pen Set 2002521 Cricut Explore Colour Wildflowers Shop Pen 2002520 Cricut Explore Colour Candy Shop Pen 2002516 Cricut German Carbide Premium Blade Cutting Materials 2002037 Cricut Iron-on Lite Teal 2002636 Cricut Printable Vinyl 2002530 Cricut Printable Sticker Paper 2002041 Cricut Iron-on Glitter Pink 2002039 Cricut Iron-on Glitter Gold 2002038 Cricut Iron-on Glitter Silver 2002029 Cricut Vinyl Sampler 2002644 Cricut Vinyl Gold 2002028 Cricut Vinyl Silver 2002212 Cricut Vinyl Chalkboard 2002363 Cricut Transfer Tape 12x48 Machines 2003857 Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine 2002830 Cricut Explore Air Machine 2002871 Cricut Explore One Machine Accessories 2001974 Cricut Cutting Mat 12x12 2001975 Cricut 12" x 24" StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat (x2) 2001282 Cricut Mini Starter Kit 290004 Cricut Tool Kit 2003388 Cricut XL Scraper 2002676 Cricut Portable Trimmer Cutting and Scoring Blades 2002675 Cricut Portable Trimmer Cutting Blades 2002641 Cricut 12" Portable Trimmer 2001972 Cricut Cutting Mat 6 x12" Storage 6200/0072 JoyCrafts XL Magnetic Die Storage Case XCU245102 A4 Storage Folder XCU245104 A4 Storage Wallets A6 XCU245103 A4 Storage Wallets A5 CT2032-560 Embossing Folder Case CT26002 A4 Magnetic Folder 6200/0073 JoyCrafts XL Magnetic Sheets Embossing Folders Leane Creatief Elements 35.9975 Drops 35.9968 Christmas 35.9951 Autumn 35.9944 Frame 35.9760 Christmas Branch 35.9753 Christamas Branches Background 35.9746 3813 Border Envelopes 3806 Border Door Key 3790 Border Stars 3783 Border Pine Branch 3776 Pebbles Wall 3769 Wood 3486 Border Bottles & Pins 3479 Border Feathers 3462 Border Tools 2 3455 Border - Tools 1 3448 Background Balloons 3431 Background Tools 2960 Background Circles 2953 Background Little Flowers 2946 Background Garden 2939 Border - Paws & Bones 2922 Border - Paws & Hearts 2915 Border - Ivy & Hearts 2908 Border - Carnation 2892 Border - Gramophone 2885 Border - Telephone 2670 Snowflakes 2663 Snowman 2656 Background Envelopes 2649 Background Firework 2632 Frames Winter 2625 Lights 2618 Flags 2601 Ear of Corn 2595 Mushrooms 2588 Border Grape 2571 Acorn 2564 Stars 2557 Leaves 2540 Grape 2168 Piano 2151 Keys 2137 Bows 2120 2x Little Frames 2113 Background Butterflies 2106 Background Bows 1772 Border - Flowers 1765 Border - Grass 1758 Border - Grass Long 1741 Border - Saxophone 1734 Border - Music 1727 Border - Sport 1710 Birdcage 1703 Music 1697 Flowers 1680 Sport 1390 Champagne Glasses 1383 Firework 1376 Champagne Bottles 1352 Spider Web 1345 Roll of Parchment 1338 Champagne Bottles Christmas Bells 35.1055 Candle 35.1048 Holly Leaves 35.1031 Christmas Trees 35.1024 Roses Border 35.1017 Christmas Ornaments 35.1000 Mistletoe 35.0997 Holly Leaves 35.0980 Musical Symbols 35.0973 Roses 35.0966 Hearts 35.0768 Baby Things 35.0751 Baby Feet 35.0744 Curlicue 35.0720 Ornamental 35.0713 Frame Blossom Heart 35.0706 Curlicue 35.0690 Hearts 35.0683 Blossom 35.0676 Ivy Swirls 35.0287 Branch 35.0270 Flower Swirls 35.0263 Swirls 35.0256 Leaves 35.0249 Daffodils 35.0232 Garden Tools Small 35.0225 Garden Tools Large 35.0218 Farme Leaves 35.0201 Garden Scene 35.0195 Lace 35.9999 Marianne DF3404 Embossing Folder Extra - Chickenwire DF3403 Embossing Folder Extra - Bricks DF3402D Embossing Folder - Dutch Dots DF3401 Embossing Folder - Flowers DF3446 3D Design Folder - Blossom DF3445 3D Design Folder - Japanese Star DF3444 Design Folder de Luxe - Anjas Flower Border DF3443 Design Folder de Luxe - Anjas Ornamental Border DF3442 3D Folder - Wintervillage DF3441 3D Folder - Winterwood DF3440 Design Folder Extra - Snow and Ice Crystals DF3439 Design Folder Extra - Celestial Stars DF3436 Design Folder - Ocean View DF3435 Design Folder - Nautical DF3434 Design Folder - Clouds DF3433 Design Folder - Butterflies DF3432 Design Folder - Sweet Hearts DF3431 Design Folder - Dots DF3430 Design Folder - Forrest DF3429 Design Folder - Sparkles DF3428 Design Folder Extra - Triangles DF3427 Design Folder Extra - Little Stars DF3426 Design folder - Anjas Square DF3425D Design folder - Anjas Circle DF3424 Design Folder - Pearls DF3423 Design Folder - Roses DF3422D Embossing Folder - Puzzle DF3421D Embossing Folder - Winter Landscape DF3420D Embossing Folder - Ice Crystals DF3419 Embossing Folder - Snow Flakes DF3418 Design Folder Extra - Knitting DF3417 Design Folder Extra - Cross Stitching DF3416D Folder Extra - Marrakesh DF3415 Folder Extra - Regency DF3414D Folder Extra - Leaves DF3413 Folder Extra - Hearts DF3412 Design Folder - Balloons DF3411 Design Folder - Paws DF3410 Design Folder Extra - Diamonds DF3409D Design Folder Extra - Scales DF3408 Folder Extra - Stars DF3407 Folder Extra - Tire Track Creative Expressions EF-080 Tulip Twist Embossing Folder - 205 x 205 mm EF-075 Poinsettia Frame Embossing Folder - 190mm x 145mm EF-045 Wild Roses A4 Folder EF-037 Bed of Roses A4 Folder EF-055 Contemporary Poinsettias A4 Folder EF-051 Rambling Berries Folder (190mm x 145mm) EF-085 Ornate Rose Frame Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EF-084 Jasmine Frame Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-010 Small Beaded Fanfare Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-011 Dotted Daisies Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EF-078 Aztec Flowers Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-082 Brambled Rose Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-079 Love Hearts Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-083 Rain Drops Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-054 Tied Holly A4 EF-074 Falling Snow Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-073 Nordic Tiles Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-072 Twisting Holly Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-071 Ice Crystals Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-070 Poinsettia Trellis Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-069 Snowflake Mosaic Embossing Folder - 205 x 205mm EF-062 Jacobean Floral Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-063 Provencal Lattice Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-065 Butterfly Dreams Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-066 Eternal Ivy Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-067 Treasure Box Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-068 Blossom Brocade Embossing Folder 295 x 200mm EF-059 Regal Checkerboard Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EF-058 Sweet Cherries Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EF-061 Victorian Tile Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-007 Dotted Matrix Embosing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-009 Rose Blooms Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-008 Silhouette Tree Embossing Folder 190 x 145mm EFPP-004 Beaded Fanfare A4 Embosing Folder EF-035 Linear Leaves Embossing Folder 190x145mm EF-033 Floral Stripes Embossing Folder 190x145mm EF-036 Paw Print Lattice Folder (196x150mm) EF-027 Knotted Trellis A4 Embossing Folder EF-025 Climbing Vines A4 Embossing Folder EF-047 Frosty Swirls Folder 190x145mm EF-034 Fantails Embossing Folder 190x145mm EF-022 Nordic Tress A4 Embossing Folder EFPP-002 A4 Rows of Bows PinPoint Embossing Folder EZFRAME Easy Frames Nellie Snellen Folders HSF026 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder - Sunflowers HSF025 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder - Dandelions HSF024 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Background - Musical Notes HSF023 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Background - Wood HSF022 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Background - Trees HSF021 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder - Wisteria HSFC009 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Christmas - Backgrounds Snowflakes HSFC008 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Christmas - Backgrounds Stars HSFC007 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Christmas - Wintertime HSFC006 Nellie Snellen Embossing Folder Christmas - Rectangle Starry Frame HSF018 Hobby Solution Embossing Folder - Little Girl Spellbinders Cut and Emboss Folders CEF-010 Spellbinders Botanical Frame Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-009 Spellbinders Flora Banner Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-008 Spellbinders Regal Swirl Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-007 Spellbinders Dotted Lace Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-006 Spellbinders Blooming Sprigs Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-005 Spellbinders Floret Cluster Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-004 Spellbinders Baroque Filigree Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-003 Spellbinders Rose Flourish Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-002 Spellbinders Flower Garden Cut and Emboss Folder CEF-001 Spellbinders Diamond Lace Frame Cut and Emboss Folder Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut PCFDSet2 Set of 3 Cut & Emboss Folders - Floribunda, Cubis & Porton PCFDSet1 Set of 3 Cut & Emboss Folders - Corazon, Passiflora & Mariposa PCFDSetFull Set of 6 Cut & Emboss Folders With Storage Case PCFD006 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Mariposa PCFD005 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Porton PCFD004 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Floribunda PCFD003 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Corazon PCFD002 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Passiflora PCFD001 Presscut Embossing Folder & Die Cut - Cubis John Next Door Embossing Folders Find it Media JAEMB10004D Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting & Embossing Folder PMEMB10010 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Embossing Folder CGull CGull 5-in-1 Damask Embossing Folder CGull 3-in-1 Polka Dot Frame Embossing Folder Dixi Craft DCEMF004 Animals DCEMF003 Butterflies DCEMF002 Car DCEMF001 Butterfly Garden Xcut Cut & Emboss Folder XCU503813 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Flower Fairies XCU503814 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Elegant Lady XCU503809 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Butterfly Frame XCU503810 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Butterfly Aperture XCU503811 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Cottage Window XCU503812 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Steampunk Cogs XCU503806 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Floral Pattern XCU503805 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Heart Pattern XCU503804 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Floral Frame XCU503803 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Heart Frame XCU503802 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Champagne XCU503801 110 x 150mm Cut & Emboss Folder - Dress Crafts Too Embossing Folders 6 x 19 cm Folders CTFD3116 Trees 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3115 Snowflake 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3114 Snowdrops 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3113 Seamless Circle 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3112 Merry Christmas 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3111 Pine 14.6 x 19 cm CTFD3110 Gingerbread 14.6 x 19 cm A4 Folders CTA4021 Swirling Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4020 Sweet Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4019 Daisy Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4018 Flower Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4017 Modern Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4016 Heart Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA4015 A4 Embossing Folder CTA4014 A4 Embossing Folder CTA4013 A4 Embossing Folder CTA4012 A4 Embossing Folder CTA4011 A4 Embossing Folder CTA406 Fancy Lattice A4 Embossing Folder CTA404 Dottie A4 Embossing Folder Standard Folder Size 3 for £11.00 CTFD3096 Blossoms Embossing Folder CTFD3095 Scallops Embossing Folder CTFD3091 Oval Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3069 High Heel Shoe Embossing Folder CTFD3070 Presents Embossing Folder CTFD3119 Babies Feet 126x150mm CTFD3072 Let it Snow Embossing Folder CTFD3075 Elk Embossing Folder CTFD4023 Spring Garden Embossing Folder CTFD3109 Bamboo Embossing Folder CTFD4021 Fancy Frame Embossing Folder CTFD4019 Pansies Embossing Folder CTFD4018 Pansy Frame Embossing Folder CTFD4017 Tweet Tweet Embossing Folder CTFD4016 Xmas Wreath Embossing Folder CTFD4015 Winter Village Embossing Folder CTFD4012 Snowflake Border Embossing Folder CTFD4011 Sleigh Embossing Folder CTFD4009 Poinsettia Frame Embossing Folder CTFD4008 Pine Tree Scene Embossing Folder CTFD4007 Christmas Background Embossing Folder CTFD4004 Floral Tree Embossing Folder CTFD3063 Vintage Flower Embossing Folder CTFD3061 Tropical Flowers Embossing Folder CTFD3056 Folk Ornaments Embossing Folder CTFD3054 Floral Summer Embossing Folder CTFD3053 Petals Embossing Folder CTFD3051 Tulip Window Embossing Folder CTFD3049 Daisy Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3047 Floral Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3044 Flowers Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3041 Baby Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3038 Happy Valentines Embossing Folder CTFD3037 Hearts/Frames Embossing Folder CTFD3036 Let It Snow Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3035 Xmas Tree Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3034 Xmas Holly Embossing Folder CTFD3031 Star Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3030 Tools Embossing Folder CTFD3029 Music Notes Embossing Folder CTFD3027 Flowers Embossing Folder CTFD3026 Swirl Embossing Folder CTFD3024 Spots and Dots Embossing Folder CTFD3023 Polka Dots Embossing Folder CTFD3022 Small Flowers Embossing Folder CTFD3021 Love Hearts Embossing Folder CTFD3020 Spots Embossing Folder CTFD3018 Hearts Embossing Folder CTFD3017 General Greeting Embossing Folder CTFD3014 5x5in.Dots Embossing Folder CTFD3013 Small Alphabet Embossing Folder CTFD3012 Lower Case Alphabet Embossing Folder CTFD3011 Upper Case AlphabetEmbossing Folder CTFD3010 Numbers Embossing Folder CTFD3009 Snowmen Embossing Folder CTFD3008 Swirl Frame Embossing Folder CTFD3007 Happy Birthday Embossing Folder CTFD3002 Stars Embossing Folder CTFD3001 Christmas Tree Embossing Folder CTFD4030 Frost Frame Embossing Folder CTFD4028 Berry Frame Embossing Folder Square Folders CTFD3108 Solid Roses Square Embossing Folder CTFD3106 Leaves Square Embossing Folder CTFD3103 Solid Butterflies Square Embossing Folder CTFD3118 Snowman 15 x 15 cm CTFD3117 Globe 15 x 15 cm 5x7 Folders CTFD3099 Lattice 5x7 Embossing Folder CTFD3098 Keys 5x7 Embossing Folder Cutting Machines & Accessories Spellbinders Platinum SBPL-001 Spellbinders Platinum Die Cutting and Embossing Machine Fiskars Fuse S138 "E" Plate for eBosser and Fiskars Fuse FISK0203 Rubber Mat 2-pack (Adapter Kit) FISK0119 Rubber Mat and Cutting Plate (Adapter Kit) FISK0121 Border Cutting Plate FISK0118 Rubber Mat and Cutting Plate (Large) FISK0117 Cutting Plate (Medium) Accessories S140 Metal Snippers S113MI Mini Adaptor Plate SK-310 Stick It Sheets A4 (5pk) SK-155 Stick It Sheets A5 (5pk) BUGMAT01 Silicone Rubber Sheet A5 CTRF010 Release Foam CT26016b Shim Plate 140 x 200 mm CT26017 Shim Plate 215 x 305 mm ULTMAT01 Ultimate Embossing Mat A5 98101 Narrow Metal Plate 660513 Die Brush & Foam Pad T-003 Tool n One Stylus Set T-00SET2 Spellbinders Tool n One Rectangle Set T-00SET1 Spellbinders Tool n One Circle Set Wax Paper Roll 23m x 302mm ULTMAT02 Ultimte Embossing Mat A4 BUGMAT02 Silicone Rubber Sheet A4 Cuttlebug 2002321 Kirstie Allsopp Cuttlebug Machine 2001472 Cuttlebug B Plates (2pk) 6"x13" 2001471 Cuttlebug A Plate 6"x13" 2001473 Cuttlebug C Plate 6"x13" 371259 Cuttlebug Spacer A Plate Long Plates compatible with Cuttlebug 2003784 Cuttlebug Machine V3 Blue 2003782 Cuttlebug Machine V3 Mint S114 Cuttlehug Large Metal Adaptor Plate 371258 Cuttlebug Cutting Pads 371260 Cuttlebug Adaptor C Sizzix Big Shot Plus 660585 Big Shot Plus Adapter B 660584 Big Shot Plus Adapter A 660581 Big Shot Plus Cutting Pads Standard 660583 Big Shot Plus Platform 660515 Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starter Kit (White & Gray 660020 Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Only (White & Gray) Sizzix Big Shot 662141 Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, 1 Pair (Clear w/Silver Glitter) S123 Big Shot Metal Adaptor Plate 655093 Big Shot Cutting Pads 660320 Precision Base Plate SZ657160 Solo Thin Die Adaptor 660200 Big Shot Machine White & Grey 656499 Standard Magnetic Platform for Wafer-Thin Dies 656780 Extended Magnetic Platform for Wafer-Thin Dies 655267 Extended Cutting Pads Gemini Junior Machine GEMJR-ACC-RUBM Gemini Junior Accessories - Rubber Embossing Mat GEMJR-ACC-MAGS Gemini Junior Accessories - Magnetic Shim (2 PK) GEMJR-ACC-CLEP Gemini Junior Accessories - Clear Cutting Plate GEMJR-M-GLO Gemini Junior - White Machine Sweet Dixie Amethyst Machine SDDCM001 Amethyst Die Cutting and Embossing Machine Gemini Electronic Die-cutting Machine GEM-ACC-CLEP Gemini Clear Cutting Plate GEM-ACC-MAGS Gemini Magnetic Shim (2pk) CC-Gemini Gemini Electronic Die-cutting Machine Diamond Press DP1237 Diamond Press Purple Die Cutting Machine Cutting Dies Creative Expressions Phil Martin CEDPM1016 Scribbled Collection Milestone Anniversaries CEDPM1014 Scribbled Collection New Sentiments CEDPM1013 Scribbled Collection Lots of Sentiments CEDPM1015 Scribbled Collection Milestone Occasions CEDPM1017 Scribbled Collection Celebration Numbers CEDPM1012 Scribbled Collection Letters and Numbers CEDPM1018 Scribbled Collection Birthday Wishes CEDPM1019 Scribbled Collection Christmas Wishes Lisa Horton CEDLH1009 Stitched Collection Trees CEDLH1008 Stitched Collection Snowman CEDLH1007 Stitched Collection Sleigh CEDLH1006 Stitched Collection Reindeer Pals CEDLH1005 Stitched Collection Penguins CEDLH1004 Stitched Collection Owl CEDLH1003 Stitched Collection Birds CEDLH1002 Stylish Script Collection Seasons Greetings CEDLH1001 Stylish Script Collection Christmas Wishes Sue Wilson Striplet Collection CED1628 Striplet Collection - Petite Petal CED1626 Striplets - Prism CED1624 Petite Striplet - Rippled CED1623 Striplet - Timeless CED1602 Striplet Lattice Heart CED1611 Striplets Collection - Butterflies in Flight CED1607 Striplets Collection - Quilted Blocks Finishing Touches Collection CED1407 Finishing Touches Classic Rose CED1406 Finishing Touches Filigree 3D Bow CED1405 Finishing Touches Classic 3D Bow CED1404 Finishing Touches Lattice 3D Bow CED1402 Finishing Touches Faux Quilled Blooms CED1401 Finishing Touches Fern Trio CED1457 Finishing Touches Beaded Swirl Flourish CED1456 Finishing Touches Laced Edged Leaves CED1455 Finishing Touches Sweetheart Flower CED1516 Finishing Touches - Petite Butterflies CED1515 Finishing Touches - Climbing Floral Vine CED1514 Finishing Touches - Curly Fern CED1513 Finishing Touches - Petite Dianthus CED1512 Finishing Touches - Beautiful Hydrangea CED1511 Finishing Touches - Petal Pocket Flower CED1510 Finishing Touches - Starlight Daisy CED1454 Finishing Touches Delicate Filigree Buckle Bar CED1453 Finishing Touches Scalloped Lattice Buckle Bar CED1452 Finishing Touches Heart of Hearts CED1451 Finishing Touches Petite Peony Cluster CED1450 Finishing Touches Daisy Cluster CED1449 Finishing Touches Bearded Pansy CED1448 Finishing Touches Blushing Rose CED1447 Finishing Touches Orange Blossom Leaves CED1446 Finishing Touches Orange Blossom - Open Petals CED1445 Finishing Touches Orange Blossom - Complete Petals CED1500 Finishing Touches Cascading Hearts CED1499 Finishing Touches Meandering Twigs CED1498 Finishing Touches Floral Melody Corner CED1497 Finishing Touches Collection Passion Flower CED1496 Finishing Touches Cascading Leaves CED1495 Finishing Touches Stitched Hills and Clouds CED1494 Finishing Touches Majestic Tree CED1493 Finishing Touches Oak Leaf Swag CED1492 Finishing Touches Sycamore Branch CED1491 Finishing Touches Spiral Flower CED1490 Finishing Touches Sunflower Bouquet CED1489 Finishing Touches Collection Windswept Grasses CED1488 Finishing Touches Collection Nasturtium Cluster CED1487 Finishing Touches Collection Pinwheel Floral CED1435 Finishing Touches Majestic Monarch CED1434 Finishing Touches Dandelion Clocks CED1433 Finishing Touches Maidenhair Fern CED1432 Finishing Touches Perfect Peony - Complete Petals CED1431 Finishing Touches Perfect Peony - Open Petals CED1430 Finishing Touches Classic Foldover Flowers CED1429 Finishing Touches Ornamental Corner CED1427 Finishing Touches Splendid Swirls CED1426 Finishing Touches Delicate Fronds CED1425 Finishing Touches Blossoming Branch CED1424 Finishing Touches Cornflower CED1486 Finishing Touches Hobnail Vase CED1485 Finishing Touches Rose Spray Corners CED1484 Finishing Touches Lace Butterfly CED1483 Finishing Touches Whimsical Leaves CED1482 Finishing Touches Dandelion Posies CED1481 Finishing Touches Spring Daffodils CED1480 Finishing Touches Queen Anne’s Lace CED1479 Finishing Touches Sweet Williams CED1478 Finishing Touches Lily of the Valley CED1477 Finishing Touches Tropical Hibiscus CED1476 Finishing Touches Succulent Garden CED1419 Finishing Touches Grand Vinery CED1417 Finishing Touches Delicate Daisies - Complete Petals CED1416 Finishing Touches Deicate Daisies - Open Petals CED1415 Finishing Touches Magical Butterflies CED1414 Finishing Touches Curled Vines CED1413 Finishing Touches Mosaic 3D Bow CED1411 Finishing Touches Filigree 3D Itty Bitty Bow CED1410 Finishing Touches Mosaic 3D Itty Bitty Bow CED1409 Finishing Touches Dotty 3D Itty Bitty Bow CED1408 Finishing Touches Classic 3D Itty Bitty Bow CED1475 Finishing Touches Cascading Butterflies CED1474 Finishing Touches Wispy Fronds CED1473 Finishing Touches Spring Foliage CED1472 Finishing Touches Chrysanthemum CED1471 Finishing Touches Family Tree CED1470 Finishing Touches Wooden Gate & Fence CED1469 Finishing Touches Delighful Daisies CED1468 Finishing Touches Swirly Leaf Trio CED1467 Finishing Touches Autumn Leaf Trio CED1466 Finishing Touches Beaded Starflower CED1465 Finishing Touches Striped Nasturtiums CED1464 Finshing Touches Bold Scrolled Vine CED1463 Finshing Touches Star Flower Cluster CED1462 Finshing Touches Stitched Doodle Flowers CED1461 Finishing Touches Cape Daisy CED1460 Finishing Touches Olive Branch CED1459 Finishing Touches Heart Spray CED1458 Finishing Touches Exquisite Poppy CED1439 Finishing Touches Wild Rose CED1440 Finishing Touches String Flowers CED1441 Finishing Touches Scribble Flowers CED1437 Finishing Touches Laurel Leaves CED1436 Finishing Touches Diagonal Foldover Flower CED1423 Finishing Touches Trailing Ivy CED1420 Finishing Touches Mosaic Leaves CED1421 Finishing Touches Camellia - Complete Petals CED1422 Finishing Touches Camellia - Open Petals Mini Expressions Collection CEDME013 Mini Expressions - Love CEDME012 Mini Expressions - Fabulous CEDME011 Mini Expressions - Congrats CEDME010 Mini Expressions - Happy CEDME009 Mini Expressions - Wishing CEDME008 Mini Expressions - Sending CEDME007 Mini Expressions - Congratulations CEDME006 Mini Expressions - Miss You CEDME005 Mini Expressions - Get Well CEDME004 Mini Expressions - Hello & Hi CEDME003 Mini Expressions - Thank You CEDME002 Mini Expressions - Happy Birthday CEDME001 Mini Expressions - Just Wanted To Say Treat Cups CETREATEGG Pk 6 Egg Shaped Treat Cup 1.1/4" x 3" CETREATSMALL Creative Expressions Small Treat Cup pk 6 CETREATCLOUD Cloud Treat Cup pk 6 CETREATSMSTAR Small Star Treat Cup pk 6 CETREATDOME Domed Treat Cup pk 6 CETREATSTAR Star Treat Cup pk 6 CETREATBOTT Treat Cup Bottle (5 in Pack) CETREATHEART Treat Cups-Heart Noble Collection CED5524 Noble Collection - Lavish Accented Octagon CED5526 Noble - Squared Squares CED5525 Noble - Double Stitched Rectangles Set B CED5523 Noble Collection Classic Adorned Octagon CED5522 Noble Collection Double Stitched Octagon CED5521 Double Stitched Noble Rectangles Industrial Chic Colletion CED25006 Industrial Chic Frame & Tag CED25005 Industrial Chic Corner CED25004 Industrial Chic Background CED25003 Industrial Chic Swirl CED25002 Industrial Chic Butterfly & Dragonfly CED25001 Industrial Chic Mixed Essentials Woodland Collection CED3103 Woodland Collection - Pine Cone & Greenery CED3096 Woodland Collection - Birch Tree Forest CED3095 Woodland Collection - Forest Animals Stained Glass Collection CED24006 Stained Glass - Daisy CED24005 Stained Glass Collection Hot Air Balloon CED24004 Stained Glass Collection Sail Boat CED24003 Stained Glass Collection - Bonsai Tree CED24002 Stained Glass Collection - Butterfly CED24001 Stained Glass Collection - Hummingbird Tropical Collection CED21011 Tropical Collection - Flip Flops CED21010 Tropical Collection - On the Beach CED21009 Tropical Collection - Island Paradise CED21008 Fillables Collection - Message in a Bottle Indonesian Collection CED14006 Indonesian Collection - Java CED14005 Indonesian Collection - Sumatra Necessities Collection CED23025 Necessities - Home Tweet Home CED23024 Necessities - A Little Birdie Told Me CED23023 Necessities - Treat Yourself Cupcakes CED23022 Necessities - Heres The Scoop CED23021 Necessities - Ice Cream Sundae CED23020 Necessities - Pressed Shirt CED23019 Necessities Lift Your Spirits CED23018 Necessities You Are My Sunshine CED23017 Necessities Rain or Shine CED23016 Necessities Life is a Garden CED23015 Necessities Wooden Garden Cart CED23014 Necessities Bushel Basket CED23013 Necessities Cocktail Glasses CED23012 Necessities 3D Cosmopolitan Cocktail CED23011 Necessities Collection In the Tool Box CED23010 Necessities Collection King of the Grill CED23009 Necessities Collection Cheeky Monkey CED23008 Necessities Collection Sweet Dreams Little One CED23007 Necessities Collection Babys First Pram CED23006 Necessities Collection Make A Cake CED23005 Necessities Collection - Vintage Perfume Bottles CED23004 Necessities Collection - Vintage Handbags CED23003 Necessities Collection - Elegant Cross CED23002 Necessities - Baked with Love CED23001 Necessities - Apron Kinetics Collection CED22007 Kinetics - Easter Basket CED22003 Kinetics - 3D Window Box and Accessories CED22002 Kinetics - Window Shutter & Valance CED22001 Kinetics - Arched Window/Door CED22006 Kinetics - Candy Machine Sweets for the Sweet CED22005 Kinetics - Candy Machine One in a Million CED22004 Kinetics - Working Candy Machine Fillables Collection CED21018 Fillables - Baby Rattle CED21017 Fillables Collection Happy Easter CED21016 Fillables Collection Easter Bunny Egg CED21015 Fillables Collection Twinkle Twinkle Cloud and Stars CED21014 Fillables Collection Hot Air Balloon Snow Globe Scene CED21013 Fillables Collection Fairy Snow Globe Scene CED21012 Fillables Collection Domed Snow Globe CED21007 Fillables - Fluttering Heart CED21006 Fillables - Laced Heart CED21005 Fillables - Jewelled Heart CED21004 Fillables - Nautical Accessories CED21003 Fillables - Porthole CED21002 Fillables - Underwater Accessories CED21001 Fillables - Fish Bowl Atlantic Ocean Collection CED13006 Atlantic Ocean Collection - Bermuda CED13005 Atlantic Ocean Collection - Azores Pacific Ocean Collection CED12006 Pacific Ocean Collection - Fiji CED12005 Pacific Ocean Collection - Bora Bora CED12004 Pacific Ocean Collection - Tahiti New Arrival Collection CED10025 New Arrival Collection - Stuffed Animals CED10024 New Arrival Collection - Stork & Baby CED10023 New Arrival Collection - Its a Girl CED10022 New Arrival Collection - Its a Boy CED10021 New Arrival Collection - Baby Onesie CED9308 New Arrival Collection - Little Treasures Indian Ocean Collection CED10016 Indian Ocean Collection - Seychelles CED10011 Indian Ocean Collection - Background Swiss Collection CED9105 Swiss Collection - Bern CED9103 Swiss Collection - Zurich Special Occasions Collection CED9404 Special Occasions Champagne Flute CED9403 Special Occasions Collection - Arbour Gate CED9402 Special Occasions Collection - Ornate Framed Happy Ever After CED9401 Special Occasions Collection - The Happy Couple Shadow Box Collection CED9314 Shadow Box Collection Celebrations CED9315 Shadow Box Collection Stitched Square Peg Board CED9313 Shadow Box Collection - Thanks A Latte CED9312 Shadow Box Collection - Feel Better Soon CED9311 Shadow Box Collection - You’re a Star CED9310 Shadow Box Collection - Retail Therapy CED9309 Shadow Box Collection - In the Garden CED9307 Shadow Box Collection - New Arrival CED9306 Shadow Box Collection - Scalloped Lattice Frames - Set B CED9305 Shadow Box Collection - Stacked Love CED9304 Shadow Box Collection - Mr & Mrs CED9303 Shadow Box Collection - Stitched Lattice Frame CED9302 Shadow Box Collection - Wedding CED9301 Shadow Box Collection - Birthday Belgian Collection CED9204 Belgian Collection - Brussels CED9203 Belgian Collection - Background Perspectives Collection CED8304 The Perspectives Collection - Thank You Circle CED8303 The Perspectives Collection - Happy Birthday Circle CED8306 Perspectives Collection - Triple Best Wishes CED8305 Perspectives Collection - Triple Birthday New Zealand Collection CED8201 The New Zealand Collection - Background Background Collection CED7102 The Background Collection - Mini Background Pierce Roses CED26002 Circle Scene - Garden CED7109 Background Collection Ivy Garden CED7108 Linear Leaf Background CED7107 Happy Hour Background CED3127 Background Collection - Twinkle Star CED7105 Backgrounds - Butterfly Frame CED7104 Background Collection Ray of Light Mini Gemini Collection Configurations Collection CED6505 Configurations - Lattice Edging Die CED6413 Configurations - Linear Elegance Edger CED6408 Configurations - Striped Swirl Edger Expressions Collection CED5433 Expressions Typewriter Grid Alphabet CED5432 Expressions Ransom Note Birthday CED5431 Expressions Inspirational Words CED5430 Expressions Mix & Match Friendship CED5428 Expressions Collection Alphabet Grid CED5429 Expressions Collection So Many Candles CED5427 Expressions - Christening Day CED5424 Expressions - Art Deco Alphabet - Lowercase & Numbers CED5423 Expressions - Art Deco Alphabet - Upper Case CED5420 Expressions Collection - Ornate Oval My Friend Gemini Collection CED4427 Gemini Collection Cetus CED4426 Gemini Collection Sagitta CED4425 Gemini Collection Columba Frames & Tags Collection CED4314 The Frames & Tags Collection - Lauren CED4356 Frames and Tags - Lexi CED4355 Frames and Tags - Nina CED4354 Frames and Tags - Chloe CED4353 Frames and Tags - Phoebe CED4352 Frames and Tags - Caroline CED4351 Frames and Tags - Isobel CED4350 Frames and Tags - Ava CED4349 Frames and Tags - Sports CED4348 Frames and Tags - Welcome Little One CED4313 Frames & Tags Collection - Grace CED4312 Frames & Tags Collection - Emma CED4311 Frames & Tags Collection - Alexandra CED4310 Frames & Tags Collection - Zoe CED4309 Frames & Tags Collection - Hannah CED4308 Frames & Tags Collection - Tessa CED4347 Frames and Tags Collection Bella CED4346 Frames and Tags Collection Sophia CED4343 Frames and Tags Collection Flora CED4342 Frames and Tags Collection Poppy CED4341 Frames and Tags Collection Summer Rose CED4340 Frames and Tags Collection Wedded Bliss CED4339 Frames and Tags Collection Vineyard CED4338 Frames and Tags Collection Springtime CED4337 Frames and Tags Collection Birthday Party CED4336 Frames & Tags Julia CED4335 Frames & Tags Collection Victoria CED4334 Frames & Tags Collection Jennifer CED4333 Frames & Tags Collection Ella CED4332 Frames & Tags Collection Scarlet CED3126 Frames & Tags Collection - Noelle Frame CED4331 Frames & Tags - Samantha CED4330 Frames & Tags - Rose Oval CED4329 Frames & Tags - Peony Diamond CED4328 Frames & Tags - Daisy Circle CED4327 Frames & Tags - Mia CED4325 Frames & Tags - Jessica CED4323 Frames & Tags - Megan CED4322 Frames & Tags - Gemma CED4321 Frames & Tags - Molly CED4316 Frames & Tags Collection - Gillian CED4306 Frames & Tags Collection - Heraldic Square Festive Collection CED3108 Festive Collection - Garland Edger CED3109 Festive Collection - Poinsettia Flourish & Corner CED3104 Festive Collection - Berry Bough CED3091 Festive Collection - Stained Glass Robin Redbreast CED3090 Festive Collection - Stained Glass Poinsettia CED3015 Festive Collection Pine Bough CED3085 Festive Collection Stocking Gift Card Holder CED3079 Festive Collection Snow Globe CED3056 Festive Collection Swirling Stars CED3047 Festive Collection Christmas Angel CED3034 Festive Collection Joy to the World CED3033 Festive Collection Noel Star CED3044 Festive Collection Star Spray CED3041 Festive Collection Winter Trees CED3017 Festive Collection Christmas Tree Greeting Paper Cuts CEDPC1019 Paper Cuts 3D - The Sewing Room CEDPC1018 Paper Cuts 3D - Party Cakes CEDPC1017 Paper Cuts 3D - The Cats Whiskers CEDPC1016 Paper Cuts 3D - The Dog House CEDPC1027 Paper Cuts Collection - Noel Rudolf CEDPC1026 Paper Cuts Collection - Merry Christmas Santa Bauble CEDPC1025 Paper Cuts Collection - Merry Christmas Bauble Duo CEDPC1024 Paper Cuts Collection - Seasons Greetings Bauble Duo CEDPC1023 Paper Cuts Collection - Let It Snow Frame CEDPC1022 Paper Cuts Collection - Jingle Bells CEDPC1021 Paper Cuts Collection - Festive Cornucopia CEDPC1020 Paper Cuts Collection - Turtle Doves Craft Spellbinders IN-021 InSpire Flower Power 11 Die IN-001 InSpire Caged Die IN-009 InSpire Love Vine Die S4-430 Shapeabilities Foilage Flourish S2-069 Outrageous Butterfly D-Lites S2-119 Dove of Peace S4-610 Shapeabilities Ladies Shoes S2-203 Die D-Lites Signs of Spring 1 S6-075 Nestabilities - Astoria Decorative Accents S4-588 Nestabilities - Savoy Decorative Accents S4-587 Nestabilities - Savoy Labels S4-605 Shapeabilities Art Deco Tags S2-204 Die D-Lites Signs of Spring 2 S6-051 Flourished Frame S6-047 Stack & Fan Flowers S6-052 Flourished Frame Pocket S5-309 - Marcheline Plume S5-310 - Isabella Frame S5-311 - Emmeline Treillage S6-124 - Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box S4-790 - Bella Clair Border S4-792 - Cinch and Go Flowers S4-791 - Isadora Trinkets S4-789 - Francesca Label S6-032 - Flower Play S4-512 - Bordered Sentiments IN-038 Paradise Palms S5-227 Shapeabilities Floral Affair S5-228 Shapeabilities Planting Love S4-480 Shapeabilities Floral Cottage S2-143 D-Lites Pierced Delight IN-051 Out and Abour IN-049 International Luggage IN-044 Bamboo Party S4-460 Flurries S2-120 Peace Sentiment S6-102 Shapeabilities Christmas Dove Frame S5-265 Shapeabilities Christmas Tag Set S4-661 Shapeabilities Joyeux Noel S4-657 Shapeabilities Art Deco Trees S4-602 Shapeabilities Vintage Ornaments S6-090 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Botanical Medallion Etched Dies S6-089 Nestabilities Card Creator Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Botanical Beauty Etched Dies S6-088 Nestabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Label 55 Decorative Element Etched Dies S5-266 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Decorative Flower Box Etched Dies S4-652 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Floral Tags Etched Dies S4-651 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Beautiful Banner Basket Etched Dies S4-644 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Box Inserts Etched Dies S4-643 Nestabilities Card Creator Botanical Bliss Stacey Caron Floral Trellis Etched Dies S4-642 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Twisted Floral Tags Etched Dies S4-641 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Botanical Heart Pair Etched Dies S4-640 Shapeabilities Stacey Caron Botanical Bliss Botanical Flutters Etched Dies S4-608 Shapeabilities Amazing Paper Grace Becca Feeken Crossing Crescent Etched Dies S4-591 Shapeabilities Art Deco Arched Diamond Etched Dies S4-479 Shapeabilities Laced With Love Fleur Essence Etched Dies S4-655 Nestabilities - Tuscany Strip S4-649 Nestabilities - Florence Medallion S4-658 Nestabilities - Label 56 Decorative Accents S4-653 Nestabilities - Jubilee Tags S6-055 Nestabilities - Circle Contempo S6-059 Nestabilites - Fairmont S5-253 Nestabilities - Ritz Decorative S2-102 Fairy Ariana D-Lites Die S2-116 Fairy Cali D-Lites Die S4-532 Shapeabilities Romantic Blooms One Marianne Design Marianne Design Collectables COL1362 Collectable - Snow Globe COL1361 Collectable - Christmas Bauble COL1360 Collectable - Christmas Star COL1367 Collectable - Box of Chocolates COL1366 Collectable - Chocolate is the answer COL1365 Collectable - Chocolate doesnt ask COL1364 Collectable - Snail COL1363 Collectable - Jingle Bells COL1359 Collectable - Smart Phone COL1358 Collectable - Elines Typewriter COL1357 Collectable Family Owl COL1356 Collectable Bee & Lady bird COL1355 Collectable Fox COL1353 Collectable Cat COL1352 Collectable Frog COL1351D Collectable - Mother Hen COL1350 Collectable - Alphabet COL1349 Collectable - Birthday COL1347 Collectable - Party Numbers COL1346 Collectable Garden COL1345 Collectable Flowerpot COL1344 Collectable French Cat COL1342 Collectable - Corner and Winter Sentiments UK COL1340D Marianne Collectables - Elines Santa COL1339 Marianne Collectables - Elines Xmas COL1337 Marianne Collectables - Elines Envelope COL1336 Marianne Collectable - Champion COL1335 Marianne Collectable - Football COL1334 Marianne Collectable - Love COL1333 Marianne Collectable - Home Sweet Home COL1332 Marianne Collectable - Snowman COL1331 Marianne Collectable - Penguin COL1330 Collectables Christmas Village Decoration Set COL1328 Collectables Christmas Village Chalet COL1327 Collectables Christmas Village (Low) COL1326 Collectables Christmas Village (High) COL1325 Marianne Collectable - Christmas Banners & Text COL1323 Marianne Collectable - Flower Set COL1322 Marianne Collectable - Cake COL1321 Marianne Collectable - Scallop Die & Sentiments COL1320 Marianne Collectable - Circle Die & Sentiments COL1451 Collectable - Mini Village COL1450 Collectable - Elines Happy Hippo COL1449 Collectable - Alfabet XXL COL1448 Collectable - Elines Koala & Baby COL1447 Collectable - Elines Zebra & Donkey COL1446 Collectable - Elines Kangaroo & Baby COL1445 Collectable - Elines Craft Dates COL1444 Collectable Rosettes & Labels COL1443 Collectable - Giftwrapping - Bird, Hearts & Tag COL1442 Collectable - Giftwrapping - Karins Deer, Stars & Tag COL1441 Collectable Giftwrapping - Karins Pins & Bows COL1440 Collectable - Village Decoration set 5 COL1438 Collectable - Elines Outfits COL1437 Collectable - Elines Mice Family COL1436 Collectable - Village Decoration set 4 (Bycicle) COL1435 Collectable - Village Decoration set 3 (Cars) COL1434 Collectable - Mens Wardrobe COL1433 Collectable - Elines Seagull & Friends COL1432 Collectable - Elines Seals COL1431 Collectable - Elines Tropical Fish COL1430 Collectable - Elines Whale COL1429 Collectable - Elines Chicken Family COL1428 Collectable - Elines Duck Family COL1427 Collectable - Elines Farm set 12pcs COL1426 Collectable - Elines Cow 12pcs COL1425 Collectable - Easter Eggs COL1424 Collectable - Build-a-tree COL1423 Collectable - White Picked Fence COL1422 Collectable - Elines Baby Animals (14pcs) COL1421 Collectable - Elines Baby Essentials (8pcs) COL1420 Collectable - Elines Stork (6pcs) COL1419 Collectable - Elines Baby Onesie (4pcs) COL1418 Collectable - Elegant Numbers COL1417 Collectable - Elines Igloo and Mountain COL1416 Collectable - Elines Penguin COL1415 Collectable - Elines Sleigh and Flow (5pcs) COL1414 Collectable - Elines Husky (11pcs) COL1413 Collectable - Elines Snowman (13pcs) COL1412 Collectable - Mushroom (4pcs) COL1411 Collectable - Elines Dachshund (9pcs) COL1410 Collectable - Elines Squirrel (12pcs) COL1409 Collectable - Elines Panda & Bear (12pcs) COL1408 Collectable - Elines Horse & Unicorn (7pcs) COL1407 Collectable - Farmers Fence COL1406 Collectable - Barn (2pcs) COL1405 Collectable - Charming Numbers (13pcs) COL1404 Collectable - Castle COL1403 Collectable - Robot COL1402 Collectable - Elines Piglet COL1401 Collectable - Elines Deer COL1400 Collectable - Elines Dinos COL1399 Collectable - Elines Monkey COL1398 Collectable - Banners XL COL1397 Collectable - Charming Alphabet COL1396 Collectable - Stamp Alphabet COL1308 Marianne Collectable Birdhouse with Stamps COL1310 Marianne Collectable Birdhouse with Stamps 3 COL1309 Marianne Collectable Birdhouse with Stamps 2 COL1311 Marianne Colectable Birds COL1312 Marianne Collectable Butterflies COL1395D Collectable - Nativity set COL1316 Marianne Collectable - Flower COL1315 Marianne Collectable - Tab with Text COL1313 Marianne Collectable - Elines Baby COL1319 Marianne Collectable - Butterflies with Stamps COL1318 Marianne Collectable - Butterfly with Stamp COL1317 Marianne Collectable - Butterfly with Stamp COL1394 Collectable - Elines Helleboras COL1393 Collectable - Elines Poinsettia COL1392D Collectable - Elines Birds COL1391 Collectable - Elines Santa COL1390 Collectable - Filmstrip COL1387 Collectable - Elines Baby COL1386 Collectable - Elines Giraffe COL1385 Collectable - Elines Sheep COL1384 Collectable - Elines Elephant COL1383 Collectable - Village decoration set 2 COL1381 Collectable - Stork COL1307 Marianne Collectable COL1305 Marianne Collectable COL1303 Marianne Collectable COL1302 Marianne Collectable COL1301 Marianne Collectable COL1380D Collectable - Vintage Alphabet COL1379D Collectable - Orchid COL1378 Collectable - Balloons COL1377 Collectable - Bear Accessoiries COL1376 Collectable - Bear COL1375 Collectable - Quill pen and ink COL1374 Collectable - Abacus COL1373 Collectable - School Slate COL1372 Collectable - Laptop COL1371 Collectable - Elines Dala Horse COL1370 Collectable - Elines Polar Bear COL1369 Collectable - Elines Reindeer COL1368 Collectable - Elines Hedgehog Marianne Design Craftables CR1286 Craftable - Snowy Window CR1285 Craftable - Filigree Snowman CR1284 Craftable - Filigree Star CR1283 Craftable - Filigree Angel Heart CR1282 Craftable - Mini Numbers CR1281 Craftable - Mini Alphabet & Garland CR1279 Craftable - Tinys Ocean Set CR1278 Craftable - Tinys Sand Castle Set CR1277 Craftable - Tiny´s Folding Dies - Seagulls CR1276 Craftable - Tiny´s Folding Dies - Wave CR1274 Craftable - Tiny´s Folding Dies - Shells CR1273 Craftable Anjas Flowers CR1272 Craftable - Daisy and leaves CR1271D Craftable - Anjas Decoration CR1270 Craftable - Folding Die Flowers CR1269 Craftable - Folding Die Bow CR1268 Craftable - Folding Die Hearts CR1267D Craftable - Folding Die Butterfly CR1266 Craftable - Birds Trellis CR1264D Craftable - Birds Silhouette CR1263 Craftable Trellis panel CR1261 Craftable Tinys Country Garden CR1259D Craftable - Window CR1257 Marianne Craftables - Tinys Sled CR1256D Marianne Craftables - Tinys Christmas Stocking CR1254D Marianne Craftable - Parchment and Label CR1253 Craftables Ivy Corner CR1252 Craftables Skis and Snowflake CR1251D Craftables Tinys Hearts CR1250 Craftables Border Stitch CR1249 Craftables Square & Flower Stitch CR1247 Marianne Craftables - Kitchen Set CR1246 Marianne Craftables - Apron CR1439 Craftable - Basic Arch CR1438 Craftable - Basic Square CR1437 Craftable - Build a House CR1436 Craftable - Ribbon Rectangle CR1435 Craftable - Punch Die Keys CR1434 Craftable Punch Die - Bows CR1433 Craftable - Card Box CR1432 Craftable - Herbs & Leaves CR1431 Craftable - Succulent (Pointed) CR1430 Craftable - Succulent (Round) CR1429 Craftable Brush Numbers CR1428 Craftable Lace Heart CR1426 Craftable - Candles Set CR1425 Craftable - Advent Candles CR1424 Craftable - Lantern CR1423 Craftable - Open Star Fold CR1422 Craftable - Spiderweb CR1420 Craftable - Punch Die: Autumn CR1419 Craftable - Branch Wreath CR1232 Angel with Heart CR1228 Scandinavian Heart CR1212D Craftables Tags & Tickets CR1418 Craftable - Punch die: Cars CR1417 Craftable - Punch die: ABC CR1416 Craftable - Brush Alphabet CR1415 Craftable - Twine Border CR1414 Craftable - Twine Circle CR1413 Craftable - Cactus CR1412 Craftable - Feathers CR1411 Craftable - Seashell XL CR1410 Craftable - Tinys Lighthouse CR1409 Craftable - Tinys Fishnet CR1408 Craftable - Card Stand CR1407 Craftable - Oyster CR1406 Craftable - Coral CR1405 Craftable - Nautical Rope CR1230 Wooden Christmas Tree CR1229 Ice Crystal CR1404 Craftable Basic Die - Classic Square 6pcs CR1403 Craftable Punch Die - Cookies 15pcs CR1402 Craftable - Bendy Card 7pcs CR1401 Craftable - Chickenwire CR1400 Craftable - Graceful Cross CR1399 Craftable - Punch die: Eggs CR1398 Craftable - Punch die: Birds CR1397 Craftable - Garden Soil CR1396 Craftable - Vines CR1395 Craftable - Seed Pocket & Garden Tools CR1394 Craftable - Punch Die: Flower Garden CR1393 Craftable - Punch Die: Vegetable Garden CR1392 Craftable - Chains (Dots & Hearts) CR1391 Craftable - Basic Ticket (8pcs) CR1390 Craftable - Basic Stitch Passepartout Rectangle (4pcs) CR1389 Craftable - Card with a view CR1388 Craftable - Cuckoo Clock CR1387 Craftable - Wreath CR1386 Craftable - Pillow Box CR1385 Craftable - Christmas Tree (5pcs) CR1384 Craftable - Punch Die - Christmas Tree CR1383 Craftable - Punch Die - Spiders and Bugs CR1382 Tinys Ornaments Star & Bell CR1381 Tinys Ornaments Church & Owl CR1380 Tinys Ornaments Birds CR1379 Tinys Ornaments Baubles CR1378 Tinys Pine Tree Branch CR1377 Craftable - Bag Topper - Bow (5pcs) CR1376 Craftable - Bag Topper - Mug (4pcs) CR1375 Craftable - Basic Distressed Square (9pcs) CR1225D Craftables Hearts CR1226 Stars CR1227 Trees CR1374 Craftable - Box Card (41pcs) CR1373 Craftable - Dreamcatcher (9pcs) CR1371 Craftable - Heart Border (2pcs) CR1224 Christmas Tree CR1223 Postage Stamp Frame CR1222 Leaning Tower of Pisa CR1221 Big Ben CR1220 Eiffel Tower CR1219 House Three CR1217D Craftables House 1 CR1216D Craftables Garland CR1215D Craftables Flower Border Oval CR1214 Flower Frame Rectangle CR1211D Craftables Envelope CR1210 Bouquet and Leaves CR1209 Basket and Tag CR1208D Craftables Basket CR1207D Craftables Basket CR1205 Butterfly CR1204 Oval CR1203 Square CR1202 Rectangle CR1201 Circle CR1370 Craftable - Ribbon Wave CR1369 Craftable - Ribbon Square CR1368 Craftable - Punch Die: Cats & Dogs CR1367 Craftable - Punch Die: Music CR1364 Craftable - Fish CR1363 Craftable - Sea Shell CR1362 Craftable - Stitched Hearts & Accolade CR1361 Craftable - Stitched Waves & Clouds (2pcs) CR1360 Craftable - Basic: Passe Partouts/ Circles (4pcs) CR1359 Craftable - Basic: Passe Partouts/ Square (4pcs) CR1358 Craftable - Flower set: Sweet CR1357 Craftable - Flower set: Funky CR1356 Craftable - Flower set: Fancy CR1355 Craftable - Grass CR1354 Craftable - Punch die: Butterflies CR1353 Craftable - Label XL & Labels XS CR1352 Craftable - Labels (basic shape) CR1351 Craftable - Heart (basic shape) CR1350 Craftables - Ribbon Doily with Rosette CR1349 Craftables - Ribbon Border CR1348 Craftables - Wood CR1238 Craftable Tea Cup with Spoon CR1347 Craftables - Winter Wonderland CR1346 Craftables - Ice Crystals Border CR1345 Craftables - Ice Crystals Arch CR1344 Craftables - Lantern CR1343 Craftables - Christmas Bells CR1242 Craftable Pass-Partout Rectangle CR1240 Craftable Passe-Partout Square CR1239D Craftable Passe-Partout Round CR1245 Craftables Swirls & Leaves 3 CR1244 Craftables Swirls & Leaves 2 CR1243 Craftable Swirls & Leaves CR1342 Craftable - Puzzle CR1341 Craftable - Tinys Animals - Fox & Pheasant CR1340 Craftable - Tinys Animals - Squirrel & Rabbit CR1339 Craftable - Tinys Animals - Owl & Hedge Hog CR1338 Craftable - Tinys Trees Oak CR1337 Craftable - Tinys Trees Birch CR1336 Craftable Punch Die - Autumn Leaves CR1335 Craftable Punch Die - Snowflakes CR1334 Craftable - Basic - Rectangle CR1333 Craftable - Basic - Oval CR1332 Craftable - Basic - Square CR1331 Craftable - Basic - Round CR1330 Craftable - Anjas Flower Border CR1328 Craftable - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star CR1327 Craftable - Merry Christmas CR1325 Craftable - Vive la Vie CR1324 Craftable - Punch Die - Nuts & Bolts CR1323 Craftable - Punch Die - Flowers CR1322 Craftable - Punch Die - Hearts CR1321 Craftable - Punch Die - Stars CR1320 Craftable - Happy Birthday CR1318 Craftable - Get well Soon CR1315 With Sympathy CR1314 Craftable - New Home CR1310 Craftable - Sending You Flowers CR1308 Craftable - Tinys Lily of the Valley CR1307 Craftable - Tinys Forget Me Not CR1306 Craftable - Tinys Lily CR1305 Craftable - Tinys Pansy CR1234 Clock CR1235 Craftables Knitting CR1236 Craftables Caroussel CR1304 Craftable - Garden Gate CR1303 Craftable - Topiary Set CR1302 Craftable - Topiary Heart CR1301 Craftable - Garden Statue CR1299 Craftable - Banners CR1298 Craftable - Horse Head CR1297 Craftable - Horse CR1296D Craftable - Horse Shoe CR1295 Craftable - Herald Angel CR1294 Craftable - Falling Stars CR1293D Craftable - Stars Semi Circle CR1292 Craftable - Gentlemans Tie CR1291 Craftable - Tinys Birdhouse (3 pcs) CR1290 Craftable - Tinys Birdhouse (2pcs) CR1289 Craftable - Tinys Deer CR1288 Craftable - Tinys Winter Village CR1287 Craftable - Tinys Pinetrees Marianne Design Creatables LR0326 Creatable - Bow Medium LR0325 Creatable - Bow Large LR0324 Creatable - Fairy - Magic LR0323 Creatable - Fairy - Star LR0322 Creatable - Flower Mirror LR0321 Creatable - Vintage Mirror LR0320 Creatable - Petras Large Corner LR0319 Creatable - Petras Small Ornament LR0318 Creatable - Petras Rectangle LR0317 Creatable - Petras Circle & Crown LR0316 Creatable Boots Buxes LR0315 Creatable Tea for Two LR0302 Creatable - Princess Carriage LR0310 Creatable - Elegant Square LR0309 Creatable - Oval Lable Stencil LR0308D Creatable - Train LR0307 Creatable - Rattle LR0306 Creatable - Bib LR0305D Creatable - Feet LR0304 Creatable - My First Sneakers LR0303 Creatable - My First Shoes LR0301 Creatable LOVE LR0300 Creatable Anjas Border LR0299 Creatable Anjas Filigraan Heart LR0296D Creatable French Lantern LR0295 Creatable Rosebud LR0294 Creatable Rose LR0293 Creatable Oval Frame LR0291 Creatable Pump Shoe LR0290D Creatable Birds on a Wire LR0287 Marianne Creatable Motorbike LR0289 Marianne Creatable Silhouette Man LR0288 Marianne Creatable Tool set LR0286 Marianne Creatable Tinys Pine cones LR0285 Creatable - Anjas Vintage Corners LR0284 Marianne Creatables - Horizon Wintervillage LR0283 Marianne Creatables - Horizon Pinetrees LR0282 Marianne Creatables - Arche LR0281D Marianne Creatable - Petras Corners LR0280 Marianne Creatable - Petras Heart LR0279 Marianne Creatable - Petras Ornaments LR0278 Marianne Creatable Petras Fence LR0276 Marianne Creatable Petras Bridge LR0275D Marianne Creatable Classic Mailbox LR0274D Marianne Creatable Camera LR0273 Marianne Creatable - Anjas Vintage 3 Ornaments LR0272D Marianne Creatable - Anjas Vintage Frame LR0271 Marianne Creatable - Anjas Vintage Swirls LR0531 Creatable - Rainbow & Clouds LR0530 Creatable - Royal Frame LR0529 Creatable - Kims Buddies Princess LR0528 Creatable - Kims Buddies Knight LR0527 Creatable - Kims Buddies Pirate LR0526 Creatable - Anjas Floral Ornament LR0525 Creatable - Anjas Border LR0524 Creatable - Horizon Woodland LR0523 Creatable - Key Ring LR0522 Creatable - Sign Post LR0521 Creatable - Tinys Hollyhocks LR0520 Creatable - Basket LR0519 Creatable - Easter Bunny with Bow LR0518 Creatable - Anjas Flower Wave LR0517 Creatable - Anjas Flower Demi Circle LR0516 Creatable - Anjas Flower Rectangle LR0515 Creatable - Willow Cats & Birdhouse LR0514 Creatable - Tinys Baby Deer LR0513 Creatable - Dandelion LR0512 Creatable - Petras Apple Blossom LR0511 Creatable - Petras Special Circle LR0510 Creatable - Strawberries LR0509 Creatable Tinys Butterflies set LR0508 Creatable Lace Border (Small) LR0507 Creatable Lace Border (Large) LR0506 Creatable Rope with Heart LR0505 Creatable Bouquet LR0504 Creatable Champagne LR0502 Creatable - Curtains LR0501 Creatable - Piano LR0500 Creatable - Moon LR0499 Creatable - Kims Buddies Winter set LR0498 Creatable - Snowflakes Border LR0497 Creatable - Snowflakes Corner LR0495 Creatable - Santa is Coming LR0493 Creatable - Horizon Snowy Mountains LR0492 Creatable - Tinys Christmas Tree Wood LR0491 Creatable - Tinys Christmas Tree with Decorated LR0490 Creatable - Tinys Christmas Tree with Stars LR0489 Creatable - Tinys Deer Head LR0488 Creatable - Petras Christmas Border LR0487 Creatable - Lots of Stars LR0486 Creatable - Border: Ice Crystals LR0485 Creatable - Petras Oval & Corners LR0251 Tinys Flower Four LR0250 Tinys Flower Three LR0248 Tinys Flower One LR0249 Tinys Flower 2 LR0484 Creatable - Anja Ornamental Frame LR0483 Creatable - Anja Marquee LR0482 Creatable - Horizon: Tuscany LR0481 Creatable - Wine Bottle & Glass LR0480 Creatable - Tinys Vines LR0479 Creatable - Tinys Italian Wine Bottle LR0478 Creatable - Hibiscus & Tropical Leaves LR0477 Creatable - Flip Flops & Sun Glasses LR0476 Creatable - Kims Buddies Girl set LR0475 Creatable - Kims Buddies Boy set LR0474 Creatable - Kims Buddies LR0473 Creatable - Sailboat LR0472 Creatable - Anjas Flower set LR0471 Creatable - Anjas Shells LR0470 Creatable - Anjas Frilly Square LR0469 Creatable - Hedera LR0468 Creatable - Anjas Triangle LR0467 Creatable - Ballet Dress LR0466 Creatable - Ballet Shoes LR0465 Creatable - Tinys Teddy Bear LR0247 Ice Skates LR0246 Snowman LR0245 Christmas Leaves LR0244 Holly LR0243 Candles LR0464 Tinys Bow LR0463 Creatable - Tiered Tray & Macarons LR0462 Creatable - Tea for you LR0461 Creatable - Tinys Frogs and Dragonfly LR0460 Creatable - Tinys Waterlily (L) LR0459 Creatable - Tinys Waterlily (S) LR0458 Creatable - Petras Square with Nest LR0457 Creatable - Petras Circle with Bird LR0456 Creatable - Butterfly Border LR0455 Creatable - Classic Border LR0454 Creatable - Anjas Butterfly LR0453 Creatable - Tinys Cottages (2pcs) LR0452 Creatable - Tinys Foxglove (2pcs) LR0451 Creatable - Tinys Rose (3pcs) LR0450 Creatable - Lots of Love LR0449 Creatable - Rosette LR0448 Creatable - Mix & Match Bows LR0447 Creatable - Bow & Ribbon LR0445 Creatable - Anjas Circle XL (4pcs) LR0444 Creatable - Horizon Forrest LR0443 Creatable - Austrian Village (3pcs) LR0442 Creatable - Tinys Reindeer LR0441 Creatable - Tinys Log Cabin (2pcs) LR0440 Knitted Hat and Mittens LR0439 Knitted Scarf LR0438 Petras Larix LR0437 Petras Twigs set LR0436 Petras Flower Bowl LR0435 Petras Poinsettia LR0434 Creatable - Barrel LR0433 Creatable - Broom LR0432D Creatable - Kitty LR0431 Creatable - Tinys Pumpkins (7pcs) LR0430 Creatable - Leaf Doily (4pcs) LR0241 Anjas Labels LR0242 Anjas Squares LR0429 Creatable - Weeping Willow LR0428D Creatable - Flower Corner LR0427 Creatable - Tinys Wedding LR0156 Flower and Leaves LR0239 Swans LR0238 Rings LR0237 Champagne Glass LR0236 Marianne Creatable LR0235 Small Oval LR0234 Frames Four LR0233 Bicycle LR0232 Seaside LR0231 Lighthouse LR0230 Sea Shells LR0229 Anjas Leaves Four LR0228 Anjas Leaves Three LR0226 Anjas Leaves LR0224 Just for You and Thanks LR0223 Happy Birthday and Congrats LR0219 Baby Centrepiece LR0218 Baby Pram LR0217 Baby Text and Pin LR0216 Baby Sock LR0215 Anjas Roses Small Corner LR0214 Anjas Roses Large Corner LR0213 Anjas Roses Centrepiece LR0212 Anjas Roses Border LR0211 Lord and Lady LR0210 Wooden Shoes LR0209 Tulips LR0208 Windmill LR0207 Amsterdam LR0206 Ivy LR0205 Fence LR0204 Grass LR0203 Tree LR0202 Anja Edge LR0201 Anja Lace LR0200 Anja Corner LR0199 Boats LR0198 Classic Cars LR0197 Model T Ford LR0196 Flowers and Ivy LR0195 Vintage Scissors LR0194 Classic Scissors LR0193 Key LR0192 Leaves LR0190 Lantern LR0189 Mistletoe LR0188 Tag and Buttons LR0187 Winter Wishes LR0186 Winter Birds LR0185 Snowflake LR0184 Baubles LR0183 Bauble and Star LR0182 Bauble and Bell LR0181 Fir Branch LR0179 Reindeer LR0178 Sleigh LR0176 Christmas Tree Three LR0175 Christmas Tree Two LR0174 Christmas Tree One LR0172 Village One LR0171 Russian Doll LR0170 Folklore LR0169 Doily Square LR0168 Doily Round LR0167 Musical Notes LR0164 Button Flower LR0162 English Rose LR0160 Cupcakes LR0159 Hearts LR0158 Butterflies LR0157 Lavender LR0154 Tags LR0153 Butterfly LR0152 Circles LR0151 Garden Branch LR0150 Marianne Creatable LR0149 Fan Tailed Dove LR0148 Bird of Paradise LR0147 Bird Cage LR0146 Bird Cage LR0144 Corners LR0143 Corners LR0142 Small Poinsettia LR0141 Double Frame LR0140 Lady Charleston LR0138 Bird on Large Branch LR0135 Icicle Border LR0134 Marianne Creatable LR0132 Hip Open Flowers LR0131 Trendy Flowers LR0130 Designer Doily LR0129 Flower Doily LR0127 Holly Garland LR0126 Starry Garland with Fern LR0125 Snowflakes Three LR0124 Snowflakes Two LR0123 Marianne Creatable LR0122 Poinsettia Two LR0121 Poinsettia One LR0120 Swirl Leaf LR0119 Swirl Circle LR0118 Swirl Flower LR0117 Frame with Leaves LR0116 Frame with Swirls LR0115 Butterfly Three LR0113 Butterfly One LR0112 Circle Frame LR0111 Frame LR0110 Flowers LR0109 Flowers LR0108 Flowers LR0107 Flowers LR0106 Flowers LR0105 Flowers LR0104 Border LR0102 Ribbon Weaving LR0425 Creatable - Anjas Label (7pcs) LR0424 Creatable - Bear Chair LR0423 Creatable - Deck Chair LR0422 Creatable - Tinys Beach House LR0421 Creatable - Anjas Arch Border LR0420 Creatable - Gift Card (2pcs) LR0419 Creatable - Scroll LR0418 Creatable - Ropes (2pcs) LR0417 Creatable - Porthole (2pcs) LR0416 Creatable - Tinys Tall Ship LR0415 Creatable - Lace Doily (2pcs) LR0414 Creatable - Swirls & Leaves LR0413 Creatable - Hearts & Cotton Lace (2pcs) LR0412 Creatable - Labels: Cotton Lace (3pcs) LR0411 Creatable - Labels: Hearts (3pcs) LR0410 Creatable - Mother Goose LR0409 Creatable - Tinys Cattails LR0408 Creatable - Tinys Swan LR0407 Creatable - Petras Beautiful Border LR0406 Creatable - Petras Waterlily LR0405 Creatable - Anjas Rectangle LR0404 Creatable - Tinys Basket LR0403 Creatable - Tinys Ferns LR0402 Creatable - Tinys Grape Hyacinths LR0401 Creatable - Tinys Tulip LR0400 Creatable - Tinys Crocus LR0399 Creatable - Tinys Narcissus LR0398 Creatable - Build-A-Rose LR0397 Creatable - Doily Star LR0396 Creatable - Curved Border LR0395 Creatable - Border set (Wave) LR0394 Creatable - Bicycle (Sport) LR0393 Creatable - Ice Crystals LR0392 Creatable - Snowy Icicles LR0391 Creatable - Tassel Fringe LR0390 Creatable - Tassel Trendy LR0389 Creatable - Tassel Deco LR0376 Creatable - Anja´s Oval LR0259 Marianne Creatable Garden Bench LR0261 Marianne Creatable Topiary/Butterfly LR0388 Creatable - Flower Doily LR0387 Creatable - Border - Flowers LR0386 Creatable - Border - Retro LR0385 Creatable - Border - Triangle LR0384 Creatable - Petras Holly LR0383 Creatable - Petras Candle LR0265 Marianne Creatable Fan Segment 2 LR0263 Marianne Creatable Parasol LR0262D Marianne Creatable Penny Farthing LR0268D Marianne Creatable Frame and Cabinet LR0267D Marianne Creatable Chair and Lamp LR0382 Creatable - Zaanse Schans LR0381 Creatable - Holland Horizon LR0380 Creatable - Crochet LR0379D Creatable - Den LR0378 Creatable - Spar LR0377 Creatable - Elands LR0375D Creatable - Tinys Tree and Leaf LR0374D Creatable - Garden Rake LR0373 Creatable - Acorn with Leaf LR0372 Creatable - Mushrooms LR0371 Creatable - Oval & Pop-Up LR0370 Creatable - Pinetree set LR0369 Creatable - Star XL LR0368 Creatable - Horizon Paris LR0367 Creatable - Bottle Label LR0366 Creatable - Petras Grape LR0365 Creatable - Ice Creams with Scoops LR0363 Creatable - Doctor LR0362 Creatable - Hospital LR0361 Creatable - Tinys Sunflower LR0360 Creatable - Tinys Grass LR0359 Creatable - VW Bus LR0358 Creatable - Little lamb LR0357 Creatable - Tinys Butterflies 2 LR0356 Creatable - Tinys Butterflies 1 LR0355 Creatable - Horizon Trees LR0354 Creatable - Horizon Big City LR0353 Creatable - Horizon Village LR0352 Creatable - Callas LR0351D Creatable - Petras Birds LR0350 Creatable - Silhouette Girl with Braids LR0349 Creatable - Silhouette Girl with Ponytail LR0348 Creatable - Pregnant LR0347 Creatable - Rocking Horse LR0346 Creatable - Crib LR0254 Church LR0252 Cross LR0253 Marianne Creatable LR0256 Marianne Creatable LR0257 Marianne Creatable LR0345D Creatable - Bride & Groom LR0344 Creatable - Anjas Border Elegant LR0343 Creatable - Anjas Border Chic LR0342 Creatable - Confetti LR0341 Creatable - Mini Cake & Cupcake LR0340 Creatable - Alphabet Garland LR0338 Creatable - Kitten LR0339 Creatable - Scotty LR0337 Creatable - Petras Bells LR0335 Creatable - Tinys Nostalgic Labels LR0334 Creatable - Tinys Vintage Labels LR0333 Creatable - Rubber Duck LR0332 Creatable - Dolphin LR0331 Creatable - VW Beatle LR0330 Creatable - Deux Chevaux LR0329 Creatable - Flags LR0328 Creatable - Presents LR0327 Creatable - Anjas Circle Special Offer LR0314 Creatable Sweet Cabinet LR0313 Creatable Stable Door LR0311 Creatable - Elegant Bar LR0297 Creatable French Bistro Chair LR0277 Marianne Creatable Petras Mirror LR0270D Marianne Creatable - Anjas Vintage 2 Ornaments LR0336 Creatable - Tinys Gloves Tonic 763E - Kensington Hand Bag Die Set 764E - Chelsea Shoulder Bag Die Set John Next Door JNDAD010 John Next Door Additions Dies - Mini Starflowers JNDGD007 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Panel Corner JNDGD002 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Pop Out Circle JNDGD004 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Pop Out Panel JNDAD014 John Next Door Additions Dies - Regal Flourish JNDBB004 John Next Door Bee Balm Cutting Dies - Flowers JNDBB001 John Next Door Bee Balm Cutting Dies - Swirl Leaves JNDMM002 John Next Door Media Dies - Birds & Cage JNDAD008 John Next Door Additions Dies - Small Butterflies JNDAD007 John Next Door Additions Dies - Large Butterflies JNDBB002 John Next Door Bee Balm Cutting Dies - Frame JNDBB003 John Next Door Bee Balm Cutting Dies - Ovals JNDAD005 John Next Door Additions Dies - Jelly Baby Family (4pcs) JNDMM004 John Next Door Media Collection - Cogs (5pcs) JNDMM003 John Next Door Media Collection - Time Flies (9pcs) JNDMM001 John Next Door Media Collection - Chains (3pcs) John Next Door Gerbera Dies and Stamp set John Next Door Spare Bundle set JNDMM008 John Next Door Media Dies - Ribbon Threader (11pcs) JNDGD010 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Flowers (1pcs) JNDGD009 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Square Background (1pcs) JNDGD008 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Rectangle Background (1pcs) JNDGD006 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Leaves (3pcs) JNDGD005 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Circles (6pcs) JNDGD003 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Panel (3pcs) JNDGD001 John Next Door Gerbera Dies - Lattice (3pcs) JNDAD009 John Next Door Additions Dies - Dragonflies (8pcs) JNDAD006 John Next Door Additions Dies - With Love Tag (3pcs) John Next Door Addition Starflowers & Leaves Dies JNDD001 John Next Door Dynamic Dies - Opera Box JNDD002 John Next Door Dynamic Dies - Sandwich Box JNDAD001 John Next Door Additions Dies - Starflowers JNDAD002 John Next Door Additions Dies - Starflower Leaves JNDAD003 John Next Door Additions Dies - Mini Tags JNDAD004 John Next Door Additions Dies - Jelly Baby Sam Nellie Snellen Interlace Border Dies ILD004 Ornament ILD003 Crown ILD002 Flower ILD001 Swirl ILD008 Stars ILD007 Christmas Trees ILD006 Christmas Flowers ILD005 Holly Folding Dies NFD008 Round Point NFD007 Sharp Point NFD006 Oval Ball NFD005 Flower-2 NFD002 Ball NFD001 Star NFD019 Folding Die Christmas Ball - Star Mini NFD018 Folding Die Christmas Ball - Star Small NFD017 Folding Die Christmas Ball - Star Medium NFD016 Folding Die Christmas Ball - Star Large NFD015 Round with Hearts NFD014 Round with Stars NFD012 Flowers-4 NFD011 Small Heart NFD010 Flowers-3 NFD009 Flower with Leaves Stitching Dies AND004 Round 1 Stitching Die AND002 Butterfly 1 Stitching Die AND001 Border Stitching Die Cameo Dies Medium Vintage Oval Cameo Dies Medium Star Flower Oval Cameo Frames Filling Dies QD005 Filling Die - Strips QD004 Filling Die - Butterfly QD003 Filling Die - Dove QD002 Filling Die - Hearts QD001 Filling Die - Flower FCSR001 Filling Ruler Hobby Solution Dies HSFD018 Hobby Solution Dies - Swirls HSFD017 Hobby Solution Dies - Bubbles HSFD016 Hobby Solution Dies - Chickenwire HSFD015 Hobby Solution Dies - Wavy HSFD014 Hobby Solution Dies - Spring Flowers HSFD013 Hobby Solution Dies - Balloons HSFD012 Hobby Solution Dies - Bubble-Wreath HSFD011 Hobby Solution Dies - Birds on Electric Wire HSFD010 Hobby Solution Dies - Springflower-Wreath HSFD009 Hobby Solution Dies - Cars-1 HSFD008 Hobby Solution Dies - 6 Pussycats Shape Dies SD028 English Text 1 SD023 Folding Flower-2 SD022 Folding Flower-1 SD021 Christmas Pine Branch SD020 Christmas Corner-2 SD019 Christmas Corner-1 SD018 Merry Christmas SD014 Christmas Label SD013 Twig Branch SD012 Thorny Branch SD011 Bare Branch SD010 Curly Branch SD009 Single Leaf Branch SD008 Rose Branch SDB013 Shape Blue Dies - Easter Egg SDB059 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - 4 Snowflakes SDB062 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Christmas Train SDB061 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Wings SDB060 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Christmas Flower SDB058 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Holly Branch SDB057 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - 2 Doves SDB056 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Christmas Tree SDB055 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Christmas Hanger SDB054 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Star Frame SDB053 Nellie Snellen Shape Dies Blue - Snowman SDB022 Shape Blue Dies - Two Branches SDB023 Shape Blue Dies - Two Rose Twigs SDB033 Shape Dies Blue - Happy Easter SDB024 Shape Blue Dies - Oak Branches SDB014 Shape Blue Dies - Cross Easter SDB012 Shape Blue Dies - Butterfly SD006 Snowflake SDB011 Landscape Scenes-1 SDB010 Landscape Scenes-1 SDB009 Snowdrops Round SDB008 Snowdrops Heart SDB007 Blossom Branch SDB006 Roses Heart SD139 Nativity SD136 Christmas Window Scene-3 SD135 Angel with Moon & Stars SD131 Christmas Window Scene-2 SD130 Christmas Window Scene-1 SDL044 Shape Dies Lene Design - Border Swirls SDL043 Shape Dies Lene Design - Border Fence SDL042 Shape Dies Lene Design - Border Birds SDL041 Shape Dies Lene Design - Border Stars SDL040 Shape Dies Men Things - Handy Man SDL039 Shape Dies Men Things - Sailingboat SDL038 Shape Dies Men Things - Cogwheels SDL037 Shape Dies Men Things - Suitcase SDL036 Shape Dies Men Things - Vest & Cloth-Hanger SDL035 Shape Dies Men Things - Home Sweet Home SD129 Shape Dies Lene Design - Build-up Hen & Rooster SD128 Shape Dies Lene Design - Build-up Chicken & Egg SD127 Shape Dies - Leaves-2 SD126 Shape Dies - Flowers-3 SD125 Shape Dies - Easter Egg SD124 Shape Dies - Feathers SDL034 Shape Dies Lene Design - Build-up Clothesline SDL033 Shape Dies Lene Design - Build-up Train SDL032 Shape Dies Lene Design - Train Passengers SDL031 Shape Dies Lene Design - Elephant SDL030 Shape Dies Lene Design - Build-up Giraffe SDL029 Snowflakes SDL028 Lene Design Build-up Die - Swirl & Flowers SDL027 Lene Design Build-up Die - Bambi SDL026 Christmas Trees SDL025 Lene Design Build-up Die - Swirls & Leaves SDL024 Lene Design Build-up Die - Owl SD113 Baby SD097 With Sympathy SD096 Merry Christmas SD095 Happy Birthday SD112 Fence SD111 Border of Grass SD110 Shape Dies - Geese SD109 Puppydog SD108 Pussycat SD107 Horse SD106 Birdie on Branch SD005 Holly Branch SD004 Christmas Flowers SD003 Five Point Star SD002 Flower Swirl SD001 Star Swirl SDL018 Spring Flowers - Daffodils SDL017 Spring Flowers - Tulips SDL016 Spring Flowers - Crocuses SDL015 Spring Flowers - Anemones SDL014 Spring Flowers - Snowdrops SD080 Alphabet-3 SDL023 Lene Design Summer - Hummingbird SDL022 Lene Design Summer - Butterfly SDL021 Lene Design Summer - Bumblebee SDL020 Lene Design Summer - Dragonfly SDL019 Lene Design Summer - Snails SDL012 Frame Baby-Clothes-Bear SDL011 Frame Baby-Train SD079 Alphabet-2 Small SDL010 Tree with Stars SDL009 Snowy Tree with Birds SDL008 Holly Frame SDL007 Twigs Frame SDL006 Gifts Frame SD074 Angel Girl SD073 Angel Boy SDL005 Horse Shoe SDL004 Horse in Frame SDL003 Cute Couple SDL002 Waterworld SDL001 My Cats World SD007 Angel SD056 Flower Fan C+D SD055 Flower Fan A+B SD046 Leaves SD045 Flower 2 SD044 Flower 1 SD038 Punctuation Marks SD037 Alphabet SD036 Build-up Christmas Tree SD035 Reindeer Multi Frame Dies MFD073 Wavy Square MFD072 Wavy Heart MFD071 Wavy Round MFD070 Wavy Oval MFD069 Photo Frames MFD068 Tags 3 MFD067 Tags 2 MFD066 Tags 1 MFD065 Stringset for Tags MFD064 Butterfly MFD063 Flower 2 MFD062 Straight Eastern Oval Die MFD061 Straight Star Die MFD060 Straight Heart Dies MFD059 Straight Hexagon Dies MFD058 Straight Rectangles Die MFD057 Straight Ovals Die MFD056 Straight Squares Die MFD055 Straight Round Die MFD054 NS Incire Round 6 MFD053 NS Incire Round 5 MFD052 NS Incire Round 4 MFD051 NS Incire Round 3 MFD118 Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Dies - Kaleidoscope Flower Circle MFD117 Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Dies - Kaleidoscope Wheel MFD116 Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Dies - Booklet Square MFD115 Nellie Snellen Multi Frame Dies - Booklet Rectangle MFD050 Star Three MFD045 Christmas Tree Two MFD048 Rectangle Three MFD047 Oval Four MFD046 Poinsettia MFD112 Flower Wreath Happy Birthday MFD109 Round Christmas Wreath Snowflake MFD108 Round Christmas Wreath "Xmas" MFD107 Round Doily-2 MFD106 Round Doily-1 MFD105 Multi Frame Die - Rosette Hearts MFD104 Multi Frame Die - Rosette Butterflies MFD103 Multi Frame Die - Straight Rectangle-2 MFD102 Multi Frame Die - Straight Oval-2 MFD101 Multi Frame Die - Straight Square-2 MFD100 Multi Frame Die - Straight Round-2 MFD099 Christmas Star Pattern MFD098 Christmas Star Pattern MFD097 Christmas Ribbon Weaving MFD096 Christmas Ribbon Weaving MFD095 Christmas Frames Square MFD094 Christmas Frames Oval MFD044 Oval Three MFD043 Heart MFD015 Christmas Tree MFD041 Incire Round One Flowers MFD040 Butterflies Square MFD038 Incire Flower Three MFD036 Snowflakes Border and Corner Combi MFD035 Round Stars MFD034 Square Snowflakes MFD033 Square Stitching MFD032 Incire Flower Two MFD031 Corners Two MFD030 Round Lily MFD029 Square Lily MFD028 Borders Three MFD026 Lace Hexagon MFD025 Lace Circle MFD024 Incire Flower MFD023 Border Two MFD022 Heart MFD020 Multi Flower MFD008 Rectangles MFD007 Ovals MFD006 Squares MFD005 Round MFD093 Multi Frame Revolving Die - Square MFD092 Multi Frame Revolving Die - Rectangle MFD083 Dotted Ornament 1 MFD091 Multi Frame Revolving Die - Oval MFD084 Dotted Ornament 2 MFD090 Multi Frame Revolving Die - Circle MFD089 Straight Easter Egg MFD088 Straight Dotted Rectangle MFD087 Straight Dotted Oval MFD086 Straight Dotted Square MFD085 Straight Dotted Round MFD082 Diamond-2 MFD081 Flower-3 MFD080 Oval Scalloped MFD079 Round Scalloped MFD078 Bead MFD077 Tags-6 MFD049 Round Three MFD076 Tags-5 Straight MFD075 Stars-circle MFD074 Tags-4 Curved Fancy Dies FD006 Sunflower Shapes FD003 Daisy Shapes DF004 Lily Shapes FD005 Heart Shapes FD002 Ovals FD001 Circles FD010 Click Star FD009 Click Flower FD007 Flower FD008 Star Double Fold Dies DFD007 Double Fold Flowers DFD008 Double Fold Butterflies Stamping Card Dies STCD002 Stamping Card Dies - Oval STCD001 Stamping Card Dies - Heart Mixed Media NMMS021 Mixed Media Plastic Stencil - Arrows NMMS020 Mixed Media Plastic Stencil - Pattern-4 NMMS019 Mixed Media Plastic Stencil - Snowflakes NMMS018 Mixed Media Plastic Stencil - Stars NMMS013 Mixed Media Lasercut Stencils - Chickenwire NMMS012 Mixed Media Lasercut Stencils - Baby-3 NMMS011 Mixed Media Lasercut Stencils - Baby-2 NMMS010 Mixed Media Lasercut Stencils - Baby-1 NMMS005 Mixed Media A5 Plastic Stencil - Bricks NMMS004 Mixed Media A5 Plastic Stencil - Swirls NMMS003 Mixed Media A5 Plastic Stencil - Lines NMMS002 Mixed Media A5 Plastic Stencil - Hearts NMMS001 Mixed Media A5 Plastic Stencil - Dots Dada Dies DDD006 Dada Dies - Alphabet Train "Numbers" DDD005 Dada Dies - Alphabet Train "Letters" DDD004 Dada Dies - Baby Mobile DDD003 Dada Dies - Clothesline DDD002 Dada Dies - Pram DDD001 Dada Dies - Stork Card Dies MCD005 Magic Card Dies - Square MCD004 Magic Card Dies - Star MCD003 Magic Card Dies - Round MCD002 Magic Card Dies - Heart SPCD001 Spinner Card Dies - no. 1 MCD001 Magic Card Dies - Christmas Card-1 CCD001 Camera Card Dies - Camera-1 SCD003 - Sliding Card Die - Basic Sliderpart SCD001 Sliding Card Die - Top Part Ornament 1 SCD002 Sliding Card Die - Top Part Ornament 2 Wrapping Dies WPD003 Rectangle Box WPD002 Jewellery WPD001 Heart-Shape Pop Up Dies POP007 3 Stars POP006 3 Hearts POP005 Star POP004 Heart POP003 Sharp POP002 Round POP001 Flower Edging Dies ED009 Decoration Borders Set-5 ED008 Decoration Borders Set-4 ED007 Decoration Borders Set-3 ED006 Decoration Borders Set-2 ED005 Decoration Borders Set-1 ED004 2 Patterns-4 ED003 2 Patterns-3 ED002 2 Patterns-2 ED001 2 Patterns-1 Bracelet Border Dies BBD009 Chain with Circles BTOG-004 Bracelet Toggles Gold 5pcs BTOG-003 Bracelet Toggles Silver 5pcs BTOG-002 Bracelet Toggles Gold 5pcs BTOG-001 Bracelet Toggles Silver 5pcs LFB012 A4 Imitation Leather - Green LFB011 A4 Imitation Leather - Turquoise LFB010 A4 Imitation Leather - Cobalt LFB009 A4 Imitation Leather - Orange LFB008 A4 Imitation Leather - Yellow LFB007 A4 Imitation Leather - Pink LFB006 A4 Imitation Leather - Red LFB005 A4 Imitation Leather - Gray LFB004 A4 Imitation Leather - White LFB003 A4 Imitation Leather - Beige LFB002 A4 Imitation Leather - Brown LFB001 A4 Imitation Leather - Black BBD008 Round Jumbo BBD007 Round Large BBD006 Round Medium BBD005 Round Small BBD004 Circles BBD003 Diamonds BBD002 Stars BBD001 Flowers Vintasia Dies VIND058 Nellie Snellen Vintasia Dies - Children with Kite VIND057 Nellie Snellen Vintasia Dies - Children Playing Soccer VIND056 Nellie Snellen Vintasia Dies - Girl with Dolls Pram VIND055 Nellie Snellen Vintasia Dies - Child Playing with Dog VIND042 Romantic Birds "Round" VIND041 Romantic Birds "Oval" VIND040 Romantic Birds "Birdhouse" VIND039 Romantic Birds "Branche" VIND038 Unlock Your Heart VIND037 Chandelier VIND036 Birdcage VIND035 Car VIND034 Signboard VIND033 African Lion VIND032 African Leopard VIND031 Rhinoceros VIND030 African Elephant VIND029 Cape Buffalo VIND028 Flowers VIND027 Wise Owl VIND026 Love Heart VIND025 Marriage VIND024 Christmas Border VIND023 Christmas Ball VIND022 Angel VIND021 Christmas Tree VIND020 Rocking Horses VIND019 Reindeer VIND018 Hares VIND016 Telephone VIND015 Street Light VIND014 Anchor VIND013 Clock VIND012 Rectangle with Grid VIND011 Round with Grid VIND010 Oval with Grid VIND009 Square with Grid VIND008 Keys VIND007 Cupid VIND006 Wedding Car VIND005 Grammophone VIND004 Round Frame with Hearts VIND003 Rectangle Frame with Bird VIND002 Oval Frame with Lady VIND001 Square Frame with Man Stained Glass Dies SGD008 Christmas Star SGD007 Christmas Tree SGD006 Fantasy Star SGD005 Round with Shining Cross SGD004 Fantasy Flower-03 SGD003 Fantasy Heart SGD002 Fantasy Flower-2 SGD001 Fantasy Flower-1 Leane Creatief Autumn Leaves 45.9883 Fireplace 3D 45.9937 Holly Leaves, Pine Branches 45.9920 Candles 45.9913 Frame Square Lace 45.9906 Frame Round Lace 45.9890 Pine Cones 3D 45.9876 Multi Die Flower 006 45.9630 Handbag 45.9623 Frame Square 45.9616 Frame Elegant 45.9609 Tools 45.9593 Ladies Things 45.9586 Multi Die Flower 45.9425 Special Occasion 2 45.9418 Special Occasion 1 45.9401 Border 45.9395 Rectangle 45.9388 Oval 45.9371 Arch 45.9364 Corners Landscape 45.9029 Houses 45.9012 LeCrea Combi Multi Die Poinsettia 45.8961 LeCrea Combi Die Star 45.8954 Pine Tree 45.8947 Deer 45.8930 Frame Oval 45.8923 Flower 003 Pansy 45.8879 Tea Set 45.8862 Celebration 45.8855 Frame Circle Ribbons 45.8848 Frame Square ribbons 45.8831 LeCrea Flower Two 45.8510 LeCrea Flower One 45.8503 Little Birds 45.8572 Flowers 45.8565 Flowers Corner 45.8558 Flowers Frame 45.8541 4582 Little Banners & Labels 4575 Sentiment Balloons 4568 Easy flower die 002 4551 Easy flower die 001 4544 Flower 011 Hydrangea 4537 Twig & Leaves 4520 Bows 4513 Labels Large 4506 Heart 3615 Poinsettia Small & Branche 3608 Christmas Trees 3592 Squirrel 3585 Branches with Acorns 3578 Boxes/ Presents 3561 Flower Basket 3554 Bicycle with Baskets 3547 Garden Bench & Trellis 3530 Window & Shutters 3523 Door 3325 Stars 3318 Ovals 3301 Circles 3295 Car 2CV 3288 Men Tools 3271 Rooster & Hen 3264 Balloons 3257 Children 3240 Baby Shoes 3233 Baby Things Sea Shells and Waves 45.8121 Curve Frame Square 45.8114 Curved Border and Corner 45.8107 Curved Frame 45.8091 Garden Gate 45.7698 Roses 45.7681 Swirl Circle and Flowers 45.7674 Nested Frame Leaves 45.7667 3103 Blossom 3097 Carnation 3080 Garden Gate 3073 Birds & Branches 3066 Dog 3059 Chihuahua 3042 Cats 3035 Vintage Gramophone 3028 Vintage Telephone 2779 Envelopes 2762 Landscape 2755 Stove 2748 Grandfather Clock 2731 Car Beetle 2724 Frame 2717 Fairy Angel 2700 Camel 2359 Sportswear 2342 Paper Patch Christmas Ornament 2335 Paper Patch 2328 Christmas Tree 2311 Mother & Child 2304 Wine Bottle & Glass 2298 Bunch of Grapes 2281 Scarecrow 2274 Mushrooms 2267 Wreath all Seasons 1949 Multi Die - Flower 10 1932 Ballet Dancer 1925 Ivy Swirl 1918 Ballet Shoes 1901 Suitcases 1895 Keys 1888 Car Keys 1871 Old-timer 1864 Couple 1550 Multi Die - Flower 9 Chrysant 1543 Small Birds 1536 Small Butterflies & Flowers 1529 Butterflies 1512 Guitar 1505 Saxophone 1499 Sneakers & Back Pack 1482 Tennis Racket 1475 Golf Bag & Clubs 1468 Football 1239 Celebrate Champagne 1222 Doves 1215 Clock & Lantern 1208 Landscape Castle 1192 Landscape Houses Star Christmas Frame 45.0867 Christmas Ornaments Small 45.0850 Nativity Scene 45.0843 Deer 45.0836 Christmas Trees 45.0829 Frame Roses 45.0812 Horn 45.0805 Violin 45.0799 Holly Border and Corner 45.8268 Four Seasons Wreath 45.8275 Four Seasons Branch 45.8282 Holly Frame 45.8251 Pot Plant 45.0782 Flower 008 Blossom 45.0577 Flowering Sprig 45.0560 Frame Circle 45.0553 Young Birds 45.0546 Stroller, Cradle, Bath 45.0539 Baby 45.0522 Flower 007 Daffodil 45.0379 Flower Frame 45.0362 Daffodil & Swirls 45.0355 Basket 3D 45.0348 Small Flowers & Leaves 45.0331 Garden Gate 45.0324 Barrow & Watering Can 45.0317 Garden Tools 45.0300 Scenery Trees 45.9299 Scenery with Houses 45.8305 Farm 45.0102 Corners 45.0096 Snow Crystal 45.0089 Snowman 45.0072 Crafts Too CT22828 Frame 9 CT22835 Frame 10 CT22827 Frame 8 CT22820 Frame 7 CT22815 Frame 6 CT22802 Rectangles CT22801 Squares CT22807 Labels 3 CT22806 Labels 2 CT22805 Labels 1 CT22804 Ovals Cheery Lynn Accessories S115 Bigshot C Plate S122 Crafters Tools Miscellaneous DL277 Beautiful Bell Doily B467 Arrows (5 Dies) B464 Survivor (9 Dies) B452 Rustic Birdhouse B422 Pretty Pretty Bows (Set of 2) E170 Embossing Plate - Gears E169 Embossing Plate - Hot Air Balloons and Clouds B426 Sentiment Tag 3 (Set of 3) B421 Hourglass B420 Watering Can B419 Classic Birdhouse B418 Birdhouse with Lattice B397 World Atlas w/Angel Wing B385 Ship’s Helm B384 Lighthouses (Set of 2) B368 Lattice Heart & Vines B334 Witchs Laundry FS104 Slightly Script 1/2" Tall Upper/Lower Case B318 Dream Catchers #2 B317 Dream Catchers #1 DL256 Heart Square Boutique Stacker Frames - Silver DL254 Horizon Oval Boutique Stacker Frames - Silver C143 At the Beach DL136AB Japanese Garden Lace Oval with Angel Wing DL242 Kissimee Doily With Angel Wing DL241 Ambergris Doily With Angel Wing DL240 Rum Punch Doily With Angel Wing B299 Flower & Dove Placecard B298 Trellis DL238 Sophies Heart Mini Doily DL236 Waltzing Matilda Tiny Doily DL235 Canadian Kaleidoscope Tiny Doily DL232 Ankara Lace Doily with Angel Wing DL231 Turkish Lace Doily With Angel Wing DL230 Eastern Star Doily With Angel Wing DL229 Chasing Rainbows Doily with Angel Wing B274 Heart Note Holder B272 Scalloped Note Box B269 Schooner B257 Cutie Fringe 3 B256 Cutie Fringe 2 B255 Cutie Fringe 1 XMC-4 Window Stackers Set FRM148 Japanese Wall Frame FRM127 Sweetheart Frame E168 Expandable Quilling Strip E147 Ebony and Ivory Embossing Plate DL224 Notre Dame Cathedral Doily DL205 Scalloped Square DL204 Mini Pearl Square DL201 Scalloped French Flair DL199 Scalloped Rectangle DL198 Mini Pearl Rectangle DL195 Scalloped Coved Rectangle DL194 Mini Pearl Coved Rectangle DL192 Royal Coved Rectangle DL191 Celtic Chain Rectangle DL190 Lace Oval DL189 Lace Square Heart DL186 Fleur De Lis Lace French Flair DL179 Mega Sunflower Doily DL164 Doily Stacker Circles DL155 Scandinavian Hearts DL153A Polynesian Sails Oval Wing DL153 Polynesian Sails Oval DL126 Dutch Tulip Doily DL125 Celtic Fire Rectangle DL123 Kiwi Oval Frame DL120 Emperors Swan DL107 Waltzing Matilda Lace Doily DL104 Canadian Kaleidoscope Doily D102 Buttons Set 2 B209 Pinwheel Doily with Angel Wing B196 Ornamental Gate DL294 Deutschland A-2 Boutique Stacker Frame (Set of 4) DL293 Dutch Daisy A-2 Boutique Stacker Frame (Set of 4) DL292 Lords & Commons A-2 Boutique Stacker Frame (Set of 4) FRM115 lattice frame C159 Celebration B123 Victorian Picket Fence B843 Fancy Reindeer (7pcs) FRM155 Chevron A2 Frame FRM154 Quatrefoil A2 Frame 2 FRM153 Quatrefoil A2 Frame 1 DL323 Dutch Daisy A2 Card Facer DL322 Deutschland A2 Card Facer B785 Beach Set XL24 Nested Pots DL321 Fleur de Lis Rect Doily DL320 Fleur de Lis Oval Doily DL318 Fleur de Lis Square Doily DL317 Lords and Commons Square Doily DL316 Deutschland Oval Doily DL315 Deutschland Square Doilies DL314 Quadrafoil Square Doily B698 Cupid B694 You’re a Star B675 Sweetheart Candy Set B674 Be Mine B469 Happy Halloween Twiggy Wreath B607 Gingerbread Family (Set of 6) B606 Gingerbread House (Set of 6) B603 Clarabell B602 Lucy the Lamb B601 Penny the Piggy XM-19 Baby Blocks XL-21 Pierced Stacker 3 XL-19 Pierced Stacker 1 FRM152 Wrought Iron Window DL308 Lords and Commons Oval Doily DL307 Royal Scandinavian Oval Doily DL302 Lords and Commons DL301 Deutschland Super Doily DL300 Dutch Daisy Super Doily 2 DL299 Dutch Daisy Super Doily 1 B588 En Pointe Ballerina B570 A2 Fancy Step Card Kit B568 Arabesque Ballerina B567 Page Tabs B566 Tiger Lilly B562 Eloise the Elephant B561 Happy Hippo B560 Meow! & Woof! B559 Pet Pack B558 Fancy Birdhouse B557 Feathered Friends B554 Number One (Hand) B550 Paris Sign 4 B549 Paris Sign 3 B548 Paris Sign 2 DL216 one free wish DL202 Mini Pearl Circles DL203 Scalloped Circles DL197 Scalloped Oval DL196 Mini Pearl Oval FRM143 Window C B496 Wine & Cheese Party B488 Pair of Tickets Christmas DL248 Ornament Christmas Tree DL225 Snowflowers Set One DL150 Christmas Ball Decoration DL144A Elegant Evergreen Angel Wing DL227 Lacey Christmas Ornaments DL223 Lace Christmas tree DL163 Bow & Bell B184 holly corner FRM147 fireplace stocking FRM146 Merry Christmas card B634 Toy Soldier B633 Jingle Bell Stocking DL144 Elegant Evergreen Christmas Tree Nature B456 Add a Flourish (Set of 2) B438 Bird Bath (Set of 2) B364 Babys Breath Flower Kit (Set of 3) B327 Bonsai Tree B265 Embellishments 3 B266 Tiny Things With Wings SF-3 Stacker Flower 3 DL221 Spring Flower Burst Doily DL218 Manons Wedding Garland DL118 Exotic Butterfly Large 2 DL117A Exotic Butterfly Angel Wing DL116 Butterfly Medium 3 DL105A Oriental Butterfly Angel Wing DL105 Oriental Butterfly Doily B206 Mini Leaf Set B181B Build A Flower Petals and Leaves One B179 Iris Leaves B170 Mini Flourish One B167 Mega Fanciful Flourish FRM118 daisy lace frame B535 Whimsical Butterfly w/ Angel Wing (Set of 2) B146 Pine Branches B194 Lace Humingbird B193 Hummingbird B204 Butterfly Out B152 Miniature Rose B187 Build a Flower #2 B147 Olive Branches B779 Camping Set B775 Cherry Blossom Branch B774 3D Dahlia Flower (Stackable) B770 3D Rooster B670 Stork and Baby B666 Fern Leaf B605 Peace Dove (Set of 2) B598 Horrible Cat B597 Spider Net (set of 2) B571 Leafy Flourish DL160 large lace faerie queen w.angel wing B489 Blowing in the Wind Tree Corners & Borders B465 Double Scalloped Border B458 Dove Border B432 Margarita B429 Fancy Corner Cuts #2 (Set of 6) B402 Concentric Circles Mesh Borde B322 Spider Web Mesh Border B254 Mesh Border B315 Ivy Corner Flourish B305 Gauze Border B297 Mesh Hearts Border (Horizontal) B296 Tiny Bubbles Border B237 Celtic Heart Border B215 Expandable Tiny Borders B143 Tangled Hearts B142 Hearts DVine DL151 Victorian Romance Flourish B680 Fleur de Lis Border Set B172 Lace Corner Deco G B173 Lace Corner Deco H Words B463 Bye (Set of 2) B451 Nana (Set of 2) B449 You’re (Set of 2) B448 Shower (Set of 2) B445 For (Set of 2) B442 Travels (Set of 2) B441 Engagement (Set of 2) B230 Thank B416 To From (Set of 2) B415 Cherish (Set of 2) B414 Life (Set of 2) B413 Enjoy (Set of 2) B412 Dad (Set of 2) B410 My (Set of 2) B408 Me (Set of 2) B407 Mum Set of 2 B381 Kisses (Set of 2) B355 Daughter (Set of 2) B354 Son (Set of 2) B353 And (Set of 2) B343 Sympathy (Set of 2) B342 With (Set of 2) B295 In Law B293 Look Whos New B290 Brother B288 Sister B284 Cousin B229 Valentines B227 Love B210 Congratulations B544 Wishing (Set of 2) B543 Once Upon a Time (Set of 2) B520 on your (Set of 2) B214 happy Christmas B781 Thank You Circle B769 Best Wishes Sentiment Square B692 Just Married B636 Trick or Treat B625 Hope (Set of 2) B621 Truth (Set of 2) B620 Live (Set of 2) B614 Faith (Set of 2) B612 Believe (Set of 2) B584 In the Beginning B583 Retirement B582 Honeymoon B581 Vaction B575 Winter B574 Summer B565 Faith, Hope and Love B511 Step (set of 2) B509 Awesome! (Set of 2) B508 Some (Set of 2) B507 Sending (Set of 2) B506 New Year (Set of 2) B504 Niece (Set of 2) B503 Us (Set of 2) Debbie Shore DEB-MD-DIAM - 1" Diamond DEB-MD-JEWEL - 1" Jewel DEB-MD-HSQU - 2" Half Square Triangle DEB-MD-HEX - 1" Hexagon By Lene BLD1010 Poinsettia BLD1009 Candlestick BLD1008 Snowmen in Snowfight BLD1007 Christmas Bells & Cornet BLD1006 Bell & Horn w/bow BLD1005 Christmas Candy BLD1004 Christmas Socks BLD1002 Bird on Branch BLD1001 Gnomes Moonstone Dies by Hunkydory MSTONE003 Ornate Window MSTONE004 Framed With Love Aladine 04308 Clear Duo Stamp & Dies - Indian set 04307 Clear Duo Stamp & Dies - Rose set 04305 Clear Duo Stamp & Dies - Flamingo set 04304 Clear Duo Stamp & Dies - Jar Flower set 04302 Clear Duo Stamp & Dies - Caravan set Joy! Crafts 6002/0948 Lovely Frame - Spirocirkel 6002/0947 Dog with Child 6002/0943 Friendship Bank 6002/0939 Raspberry Leaves 6002/0938 Merry Christmas Border 6002/0937 Mon Ami - Rudolph 6002/0778 Moose 6002/0777 Pine Trees 6002/0772 No End Corner 6002/0683 Merry Christmas with Snowflake 6002/0682 Christmas Tree with Snowflakes 6002/0681 Christmas Ball with Snowflake 6002/0679 Christmas Twigs Garland 6004/0006 Stencil + Stamp - Christmas Flower 6003/0076 Gingerbread Man 6002/0912 Border Flounce 6002/0787 Star Filled 6002/0786 Heart Filled 6002/0779 Christmas Charms 6002/0765 Bird with Rose 6002/0762 Christmas Star with Swirls 6002/0697 Winter Wishes - Landscape 6002/0640 Bow Border Christmas 6004/0011 Typewriter & Text 6002/0794 Bunting 6002/0793 Gramophone 6002/0792 Fantastic Corner 6002/0791 Fire Edge 6002/0790 Extinguisher 6002/0789 Fire Water Pump 6002/0788 Star with Swirl 6002/0785 Fantastic Circle 6002/0782 Back in Time Phone 6002/0767 Diver 6002/0677 3D - Car VW with Suitcases 6002/0676 Beach Chair & Umbrella 6002/0662 Shells Border 6002/0520 Bubble Circle + Corner 6004/0010 Butterfly 6003/0078 Vintage Flourishes - Pigs 6003/0077D Vintage Flourishes - Chicken & Cockerel 6002/6207 Bird & Feeder 6002/6107 Labels (6pcs) 6002/6106 Hexagon (12pcs) 6002/0798 At the Farm - Scarecrow 6002/0797 At the Farm - Milkcan, Bottle and Milk Crate 6002/0796 At the Farm - Tractor 6002/0784 Border Fan 6002/0760 No End Border Ducks (3pcs) 6002/0696 3D Butterfly Border 6002/0692 Butterflies Gracefull (2pcs) 6002/0691 3D Endless Flower Border 6002/0773 Endless Flowers Oval 6002/0764 Angle Butterflies 6002/0673 Washing Machine 6002/0672 Clothesline 6002/0671 Duck & Lily 6002/0670 Frogs & Lily Leaf 6002/0669 With, Basket & Sunflower 6002/0659 Merys Rectangle Gracefully 6002/0655 Seal, Dolphin, Jellyfish 6002/0654 Under the Sea - Koraal Find it Media Llly Luna by Find it Media SB20212 Lilly Luna 3D Pushout - Just being Gorgeous SB10211 Lilly Luna 3D Pushout - Missing you dearly SB10210 Lilly Luna 3D Pushout - A Friend to Hold SB10209 Lilly Luna 3D Pushout - Beautiful in Pink LLCS10004 Lilly Luna Clear Stamp - 4 Flowers to Love LLCS10003 Lilly Luna Clear Stamp - 3 Little Star LLCS10002 Lilly Luna Clear Stamp - 2 The Oak Tree LLCS10001 Lilly Luna Clear Stamp - 1 Walking in the Rain LL10004 Lilly Luna Cutting Die - Ice Princes LL10003 Lilly Luna Cutting Die - Dressed Gorjeous LL10002 Lilly Luna Cutting Die - Flowers to Love Border LL10001 Lilly Luna Cutting Die - Flowers to Love Frame Card Deco CDCD10006 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Frame Card Stamp A5 CDCD10005 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Frame Card Stamp 4K CDCD10004 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Fantasy Curves CDCD10003 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Fantasy Curves CDCD10002 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Fantasy Scallop A5 CDCD10001 Card Deco Cutting Dies - Fantasy Scallop Yvonne Creations Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby YCPP10018 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Paper Pack YCFC10003 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Frame Card - Bottle YCFC10002 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Frame Card - Romper YCFC10001 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Frame Card - Train YCD10139 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Cutting Die - Little Orca YCD10138 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Cutting Die - Little Elephants YCD10137 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Cutting Die - Nesting Clouds YCD10136 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Cutting Die - Growth Chart YCD10135 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Cutting Die - Star Frame YCCS10040 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby Clear Stamp SB10265 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby 3D Push Outs - By The Sea SB10264 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby 3D Push Outs - In The Air SB10263 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby 3D Push Outs - Little Elephants SB10262 Yvonne Creations Welcome Baby 3D Push Outs - Animal Art CDECH001 Card Deco Essentials - Charms Baby Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects YCPP10017 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Paper Pack YCD10134 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Cutting Die - Calligraphy Set YCD10133 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Cutting Die - Endless Film Strip YCD10132 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Cutting Die - Endless Times Frame SB10256 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Push Outs - Vintage Cars SB10255 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Push Outs - Vintage Communication SB10254 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Push Outs - Vintage Cameras SB10253 Yvonne Creations Vintage Objects Push Outs - Vintage Music Yvonne Creations Country Life YCD10131 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Goat YCPP10016 Yvonne Creations Country Life Paper Pack YCD10130 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Pig YCD10129 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Sheep YCD10128 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Cow YCD10127 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Horse YCD10126 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Ducks YCD10125 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Farm Border YCD10124 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Tractor YCD10123 Yvonne Creations Country Life Cutting Die - Frame YCCS10039 Yvonne Creations Country Life Clear Stamp - Tractors SB10248 Yvonne Creations Country Life Push Outs - Life Tractors SB10247 Yvonne Creations Country Life Push Outs - Farm Animals SB10246 Yvonne Creations Country Life Push Outs - Scarecrow SB10245 Yvonne Creations Country Life Push Outs - Farm House Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls YCD10121 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls Cutting Die - Lovely Alphabet YCD10120 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls Cutting Die - Scooter YCD10119 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls Cutting Die - Fashion Frame YCCS10038 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls Clear Stamp SB10224 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls 3D Pushout - Beautiful Girls SB10223 Yvonne Creations Sweet Girls 3D Pushout - My World Yvonne Creations Wild Boys YCD10118 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys Cutting Die - Solid Alphabet YCD10117 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys Cutting Die - Racing YCD10116 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys Cutting Die - Gadget Frame YCCS10037 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys Clear Stamp SB10222 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys 3D Pushout- Chill Time SB10221 Yvonne Creations Wild Boys 3D Pushout- My Passion Other YCD10015 Yvonne Creations Playful Winter - Trellis Frame YCD10081 Yvonne Creations Pretty Pierrot Cutting - Filigree Moon YCD10026 Yvonne Creations Colourful Christmas Cutting Die - Poinsettia Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas SB10197 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas 3D Push Outs SB10198 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas 3D Push Outs SB10199 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas 3D Push Outs SB10200 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas 3D Push Outs YCCS10036 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas Clear Stamp YCD10109 Yvonne Creations - Celebrating Christmas Twinkling Stars YCD10110 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Star Tags YCD10111 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Pine Trees YCD10112 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Holly Border YCD10113 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Jingle Bells Circle Frame YCD10114 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Scene Rectangle Frame YCD10115 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas - Scene Square Frame YCEMB10008 Yvonne Creations Celebrating Christmas Embossing Folder Yvonne Creations Autumn Color YCD10108 Yvonne Creations Autumn Color Cutting Die - Forest Animals YCD10107 Yvonne Creations Autumn Color Cutting Die - Tree Branch YCD10106 Yvonne Creations Autumn Color Cutting Die - Frame Rectangle YCD10105 Yvonne Creations Autumn Color Cutting Die - Frame Square SB10193 Yvonne Creations 3D Push Outs Autumn Colors - Autumn Mushrooms Houses SB10192 Yvonne Creations 3D Push Outs Autumn Colors - Birds SB10191 Yvonne Creations 3D Push Outs Autumn Colors - Animals Yvonne Creations Colourful Christmas YCD10030 Yvonne Creations Colourful Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Frame YCD10029 Yvonne Creations Colourful Christmas Cutting Die - Reindeer YCD10027 Yvonne Creations Colourful Christmas Cutting Die - Bird Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon YCD10103 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon Cutting Die - Get Well Frog SB10177 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon 3D Push Outs - ill Animals SB10176 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon 3D Push Outs - Lemon Tea SB10175 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon 3D Push Outs - Fruit Basket SB10174 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon 3D Push Outs - Animal Nurses YCD10104 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon Cutting Die - Get Well Flower YCD10102 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon Cutting Die - Flower Border YCD10101 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon Cutting Die - Flower Doily YCD10100 Yvonne Creations Get Well Soon Cutting Die - Get Well Frame Yvonne Creations Holly Jolly YCD10070 Yvonne Creations Holly Jolly Cutting Die - Music Border YCD10067 Yvonne Creations Holly Jolly Cutting Die - Nesting Frame Yvonne Creations Traditional Christmas YCD10057 Yvonne Creations Traditional Christmas Cutting Die - Merry Christmas YCD10054 Yvonne Creations Traditional Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Decoration YCD10053 Yvonne Creations Traditional Christmas Cutting Die - Snowy Tree YCD10052 Yvonne Creations Traditional Christmas Cutting Die - Bell Corner Yvonne Creations Celebrations YCD10051 Yvonne Creations Celebrations Cutting Die - Party Frame YCD10046 Yvonne Creations Celebrations Cutting Die - Champagne Yvonne Creations Magical Winter YCD10041 Yvonne Creations Magical Winter Cutting Die - Magical Frame YCD10045 Yvonne Creations Magical Winter Cutting Die - Dragon YCD10042 Yvonne Creations Magical Winter Cutting Die - Castle Yvonne Creations Moving Madness SB10165 Yvonne Creations 3D Pushout Moving Madness SB10164 Yvonne Creations 3D Pushout Moving Madness SB10163 Yvonne Creations 3D Pushout Moving Madness YCD10099 Yvonne Creations Moving Madness Cutting Die - Key YCD10098 Yvonne Creations Moving Madness Cutting Die - Home Sweet Home YCD10097 Yvonne Creations Moving Madness Cutting Die - Moving Frame Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers SB10142 Yvonne Creations Tots & Toddlers 3D Push Outs YCD10096 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Alphabet YCD10095 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Tricycle YCD10094 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Rocking Horse YCD10093 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Shoe Corner YCD10092 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Elephant Corner YCD10091 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Train YCD10090 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Rectangle Frame YCD10089 Yvonne Creations Tots and Toddlers Cutting Die - Toy Frame YCCS10030 Yvonne Creations Clear Stamp - Tots and Toddlers Yvonne Creations Spring-tastic YCD10086 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Corner YCD10085 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Butterfly Border YCD10084 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Border YCD10087 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Flora YCD10083 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Dandelion Border YCD10082 Yvonne Creations - Spring-tastic - Frame Yvonne Creations Smiles, Hugs and Kisses YCD10018 Yvonne Creations - Smiles, Hugs and Kisses - Baby Frame Precious Marieke Precious Marieke Early Spring SB10228 Precious Marieke Early Spring 3D Push Outs - Early Snowdrops SB10227 Precious Marieke Early Spring 3D Push Outs - Early Daffodils SB10226 Precious Marieke Early Spring 3D Push Outs - Early Tulips SB10225 Precious Marieke Early Spring 3D Push Outs - Early Irises PMPP10017 Precious Marieke Early Spring Paper Pack PMEMB10013 Precious Marieke Early Spring Embossing Folder PMCS10025 Precious Marieke Early Spring Clear Stamp - Text PMCS10023 Precious Marieke Early Spring Clear Stamp - Early Spring PM10115 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers and Butterfly Dies PM10114 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers Oval Label PM10113 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers Square Label PM10112 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers Nesting Die PM10111 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers Rectangle Frame PM10110 Precious Marieke Early Spring Cutting Die - Spring Flowers Square Frame Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas SB10208 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas 3D Pushout - Christmas Rose SB10207 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas 3D Pushout - Santa on Branch SB10206 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas 3D Pushout - Snowman SB10205 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas 3D Pushout - Christmas Candles PM10108 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas Cutting Die - Ribbon Frame PM10107 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas Cutting Die - Label Ornament PM10106 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Foliage PM10105 Precious Marieke Joyful Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Candles Other PM10004 Precious Marieke Cutting Die - Floral Frame Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas SB10186 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Landscapes SB10185 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Lantern SB10184 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Holly SB10183 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Flowers SB10182 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Birds PMEMB10011 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Embossing Folder PMCS10021 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Clear Stamp PM10103 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Florals PM10102 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Tree PM10101 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Dear PM10100 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Corner PM10099 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Border PM10098 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Frame PM10097 Precious Marieke The Nature of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Snowflake Frame Precious Marieke Charming Xmas PM10037 Precious Marieke Charming Xmas Cutting Die - Village Ornamen Precious Marieke Winterfun PM10080 Precious Marieke Winterfun Cutting Die - Corner PM10079 Precious Marieke Winterfun Cutting Die - Ornament PM10078 Precious Marieke Winterfun Cutting Die - Snowglobe PM10077 Precious Marieke Winterfun Cutting Die - Border PM10076 Precious Marieke Winterfun Cutting Die - Frame Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas PM10071 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Snowflake Corner PM10066 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Santas Book PM10073 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Merry Christmas PM10070 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Spirited Birds PM10069 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Spirited Reindeer PM10067 Precious Marieke Spirit of Christmas Cutting Die - Snowflake Circle Precious Marieke Seasonal Flower PM10083 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Card Stand PM10088 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Four Leaf Clover PMCS10016 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Clear Stamp - Seasonal Flowers PM10089 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Bouquet PM10087 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Butterflower PM10086 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Butterflower Grass PM10085 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Corner PM10084 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Border PM10082 Precious Marieke Seasonal Flowers Cutting Die - Seasonal Flowers Frame Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers PM10096 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Leaves PM10095 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Butterflies PM10094 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Butterflies Border PM10093 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Flowers Border PM10092 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Flowers Frame PM10091 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Round Flowers Frame PM10090 Precious Marieke Fantastic Flowers Cutting Die - Square Flowers Frame Jeanines Art Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers SB10241 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Pale Vintage SB10240 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Pale Violet SB10239 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Sweetheart Vintage SB10238 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Sweetheart Vintage SB10237 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Romantic Vintage SB10236 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Push Outs - Romantic Purple JAPP10005 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Paper Pack JAEMB10005 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Embossing Folder JAD10037 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Vintage Foliage JAD10036 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Floral Labels JAD10035 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Floral Rectangle JAD10034 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Flowers and Circles JAD10033 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Floral Border JAD10032 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Floral Oval JAD10031 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Cutting Die - Floral Hexagon JACS10015 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Clear Stamp JACS10013 Jeanines Art Vintage Flowers Clear Stamp Jeanines Art Winter Sports SB10231 Jeanines Art Wintersports 3D Push Outs - Ice Skating SB10230 Jeanines Art Wintersports 3D Push Outs - Snowfun SB10229 Jeanines Art Wintersports 3D Push Outs - Biathlon JAPP10004 Jeanines Art Wintersports Paper Pack JAD10030 Jeanines Art Wintersports Cutting Die - Winter Sporting JAD10029 Jeanines Art Wintersports Cutting Die - Mountain Border JAD10028 Jeanines Art Wintersports Cutting Die - Snowframe JACS10012 Jeanines Art Wintersports Clearstamp Text Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers SB10220 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers 3D Pushout - Sweet Butterflies SB10219 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers 3D Pushout - White Butterflies SB10218 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers 3D Pushout - Lovely Butterflies SB10217 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers 3D Pushout - Butterflies on Blue Flowers JAD10024 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Butterflies JAD10023 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Butterfly Corner JAD10022 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Doily JAD10021 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Butterfly Border JAD10020 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Flower Frame JAD10019 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Butterfly Frame JAD10018 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Cutting Die - Flowers Frame JACS10010 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Clear Stamp JACS10008 Jeanines Art Classic Butterflies and Flowers Clear Stamp Jeanines Art Winter Classics SB10204 Jeanines Art Winter Classics 3D Push Out - Winterberries SB10203 Jeanines Art Winter Classics 3D Push Out - Snow Flowers SB10202 Jeanines Art Winter Classics 3D Push Out - Christmas Birds SB10201 Jeanines Art Winter Classics 3D Push Out - Christmas Landscapes JAEMB10003 Jeanines Art Embossing Folder Winter Classics JAD10027 Jeanines Art Cutting Die Winter Classics - Winter Birds JAD10026 Jeanines Art Cutting Die Winter Classics - Winter Corner JAD10025 Winter Classics - Mirror Oval JAD10017 Jeanines Art Cutting Die Winter Classics - Mirror Frame JAD10016 Jeanines Art Cutting Die Winter Classics - Curly Frame JAD10015 Jeanines Art Cutting Die Winter Classics - Mosaic Frame JACS10007 Jeanines Art Winter Classics Clear Stamp Jeanines Art With Sympathy SB10181 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy 3D Push Outs - Birds and Flowers SB10180 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy 3D Push Outs - Sympathy Flowers SB10179 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy 3D Push Outs - Pink Flowers SB10178 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy 3D Push Outs - Violet Flowers JAD10014 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy Cutting Die - Rose Corner JAD10013 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy Cutting Die - Rose Border JAD10012 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy Cutting Die - Cross JAD10011 Jeaninnes Art With Sympathy Cutting Die - Rose Frame Jeanines Art Christmas Classics JAD10009 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Ornament Corner SB10173 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics 3D Push Outs SB10172 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics 3D Push Outs SB10171 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics 3D Push Outs SB10170 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics 3D Push Outs SB10169 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics 3D Push Outs JAEMB10002 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Embossing Folder JAEMB10001 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Embossing Folder JAD10010 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Christmas Ornaments JAD10008 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Frozen Border JAD10007 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Ornament Frame JAD10006 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Star Frame JAD10005 Jeanines Art Christmas Classics Cutting Die - Christmas Tree Frame JACS10004 Jeanines Art Clear Stamp - Christmas Classics Jeanines Art Classic Gardens JAD10003 Jeanines Art Cutting Die - Garden Classics JAD10002 Jeanines Art Cutting Die - Garden Classics JAD10001 Jeanines Art Cutting Die - Garden Classics Amy Design Amy Designs Oriental Collection SB10252 Amy Design Oriental Push Outs - Geishas SB10251 Amy Design Oriental Push Outs - Culture SB10250 Amy Design Oriental Push Outs - Animals SB10249 Amy Design Oriental Push Outs - Landscapes ADPP10022 Amy Design Oriental Paperpack ADD10146 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Frame Layered Dies (free die limited offer) ADD10145 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Chinese Fan ADD10144 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Chinese Landscape ADD10143 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Bamboo ADD10142 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Chinese Lantern ADD10140 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Happy Buddha ADD10139 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Koi ADD10138 Amy Design Oriental Cutting Die - Mandala ADCS10042 Amy Design Oriental Clear Stamp ADCS10040 Amy Design Oriental Clear Stamp Amy Design Sounds of Music SB10244 Amy Design Sounds of Music Push Outs - Pop SB10243 Amy Design Sounds of Music Push Outs - Classic SB10242 Amy Design Sounds of Music Push Outs - Jazz ADPP10021 Amy Design Sounds of Music Paper Pack ADD10137 Amy Design Sounds of Music Cutting Die - Music Border ADD10136 Amy Design Sounds of Music Cutting Die - Music Swirl ADD10135 Amy Design Sounds of Music Cutting Die - Music Label ADD10134 Amy Design Sounds of Music Cutting Die - Music Border ADCS10039 Amy Design Sounds of Music Clear Stamp ADCB1001 Amy Design Chipboard Sounds of Music Amy Designs Daily Transport SB10235 Amy Design Daily Push Outs - Daily Cars SB10234 Amy Design Daily Push Outs - Flying High SB10233 Amy Design Daily Push Outs - Motor Cycling SB10232 Amy Design Daily Push Outs - By Bus ADPP10020 Amy Design Daily Transport Paper Pack ADEMB10009 Amy Design Daily Transport Embossing Folder ADD10133 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Construction Vehicles ADD10132 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Through the Air ADD10131 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Public Transport ADD10130 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Road Construction ADD10129 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - In the City ADD10128 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Brick in the Wall ADD10127 Amy Design Daily Transport Cutting Die - Car Frame ADCS10037 Amy Design Daily Transport Clear Stamp Text ADCS10035 Amy Design Daily Transport Clear Stamp Amy Design Vintage Winter ADEMB10008 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting & Embossing Folder ADD10125 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Snowflake Swirl Edge ADD10124 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Snowflake Swirl Label ADD10123 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Snowflake Swirl Border ADD10122 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Snowflake Swirl Round ADD10121 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Village Frame Straight ADD10120 Amy Design Vintage Winter Cutting Dies - Village Frame Square ADCS10021 Amy Design Vintage Winter - Clear Stamp Amy Designs Sweet Pet ADD10119 Amy Designs Pets Cutting Die - Rodents and Birds ADD10118 Amy Designs Pets Cutting Die - Cats ADD10117 Amy Designs Pets Cutting Die - Dogs ADD10116 Amy Designs Pets Cutting Die - Pet Frame SB10196 Amy Designs 3D Push Outs Pets - Cats SB10195 Amy Designs 3D Push Outs Pets - Dogs SB10194 Amy Designs 3D Push Outs Pets - Rodents Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas SB10190 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Birds SB10189 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Candles SB10188 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Christmas Bells SB10187 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas 3D Push Outs - Santa Clause ADEMB10007 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Embossing Folder ADD10115 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Reindeers ADD10114 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Bells Corner ADD10113 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Balls ADD10112 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Balls Border ADD10111 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Ice Crystal ADD10110 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Ice Crystal Circle ADD10109 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Cutting Die - Ice Crystal Frame ADCS10019 Amy Design The Feeling of Christmas Clear Stamp Amy Design Wild Animals SB10162 Amy Design Wild Animals 3D Push Outs SB10161 Amy Design Wild Animals 3D Push Outs SB10160 Amy Design Wild Animals 3D Push Outs ADEMB10006 Amy Design Wild Animals Embossing Folder - Wild Animals ADD10108 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Die - African Corner ADD10107 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Dies - Wild Animals ADD10106 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Dies - Rough Mountains ADD10105 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Die - African Border ADD10104 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Dies - African Circle ADD10103 Amy Design Wild Animals Cutting Die - Wild Frame ADCS10017 Amy Design Clear Stamps - Wild Animals Amy Design Christmas Greetings ADD10069 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Reindeer Ornament ADD10070 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Lantern ADD10068 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Christmas Greetings Ornament ADD10067 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Shooting Star ADD10066 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Christmas Card Set ADD10065 Amy Design Christmas Greetings Cutting Die - Christmas Greetings Frame Amy Design Maritiem SB10168 Amy Design Maritiem 3D Push Outs SB10167 Amy Design Maritiem 3D Push Outs SB10166 Amy Design Maritiem 3D Push Outs ADD10102 Amy Design Maritiem Cutting Die - Dolphins ADD10101 Amy Design Maritiem Cutting Die - Fishing Net ADD10100 Amy Design Maritiem Cutting Die - Nautical Frame Amy Design Wintertide ADD10084 Amy Design Wintertide - Fox ADD10083 Amy Design Wintertide - Owl ADD10082 Amy Design Wintertide - Ice Crystal Swirl ADD10080 Amy Design Wintertide - Scenery ADD10079 Amy Design Wintertide - Ice Crystal Frame ADD10078 Amy Design Wintertide - Frame Amy Design Vintage Vehicles SB10154 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles 3D Decoupage - Trains SB10153 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles 3D Decoupage - Trucks SB10152 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles 3D Decoupage - Planes SB10151 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles 3D Decoupage - Cars ADD10099 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Truck ADD10098 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Aircraft Corner ADD10097 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Tool Corner ADD10096 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Tool Border ADD10095 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Antique Car Border ADD10094 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Vehicle Frame ADD10093 Amy Design Vintage Vehicles Cutting Die - Circular Background ADCS10014 Amy Design Clearstamp - Vintage Vehicles Amy Design Spring ADD10041 Amy Design Spring - Butterfly Swirl Frame ADEMB10004 Amy Design Embossing Folder - Spring ADD10045 Amy Design Spring - Bird Nest ADD10044 Amy Design Spring - Dandelion ADD10043 Amy Design Spring - Cows ADD10042 Amy Design Spring - Daisies ADD10040 Amy Design Spring - Spring Frame Amy Designs its a Mans World ADD10028 Amy Design Its a Mans World Cutting Die - Tools Frame SB10041 Amy Design 3D Pushout - Its a Mans World SB10040 Amy Design 3D Pushout - Its a Mans World SB10039 Amy Design 3D Pushout - Its a Mans World SB10038 Amy Design 3D Pushout - Its a Mans World ADD10027 Amy Design Its a Mans World Cutting Die - Camera ADD10026 Amy Design Its a Mans World Cutting Die - Fishing Float Amy Design Animal Medley ADD10024 Amy Design Animal Medley Cutting Die - Picket Fence ADD10023 Amy Design Animal Medley Cutting Die - Cats and Dogs ADD10022 Amy Design Animal Medley Cutting Die - Dog House Amy Design Brocante Christmas ADD10031 Amy Design Brocante Christmas - Wire Frame Presscut General PCD06 Spring Time PCD05 Happy Christmas PCD04 Happy Birthday #2 PCD03 Merry Christmas PCD02 Happy Birthday #1 PCD08 Bows PCD07 Frame It PCD01 Step Card Cutting Die PCD139 Skinny Rectangle 11pcs PCD138 Hexagon 17pcs PCD137 Rectangle with Notched Corners 16pcs PCD136 Square with Notched Corners 20pcs PCD135 Merry Christmas PCD134 Happy Christmas PCD133 Rectangle Dies 16pcs (PCD49) PCD132 Square Dies 23pcs PCD131 Oval Dies 19pcs PCD130 Circle Dies 24pcs (PCD46) PCD129 Card Dies (4pcs) PCD128 Tree Set (6pcs) PCD105 Owl (5pcs) PCD104 Gingerbreadman (3pcs) PCD103 Snowman (5pcs) PCD102 Deerhead (3pcs) PCD101 Cutting & Stitching Die - Heart (7pcs) PCD100 Cutting & Stitching Die - Oval (9pcs) PCD99 Cutting & Stitching Die - Round (9pcs) PCD98 Cutting & Stitching Die - Rectangle (8pcs) PCD91 Smaller Book (10pcs) PCD90 A4 Book (10pcs) PCD89 Stitching Die - Square (10pcs) PCD88 Big Heart Scalloped Edge (15pcs) PCD87 Big Oval Scalloped Edge (20pcs) PCD86 Big Rectangle Scalloped Edge (14pcs) PCD85 Big Circle Scalloped Edge (16pcs) PCD84 Big Square Scalloped Edge (15pcs) PCD97 Stork and Baby PCD96 Baby Hands, Feet and Bottle set PCD95 Our Wedding PCD94 Congratulation #2 PCD83 Tree Swing Cutting Die (11pcs) PCD82 Star Swing Cutting Die (10pcs) PCD81 Smaller Scalloped Heart Nesting Dies (13pcs) PCD80 Smaller Scalloped Rectangle Nesting Dies (11pcs) PCD79 Smaller Scalloped Oval Nesting Dies (15pcs) PCD78 Smaller Scalloped Round Nesting Dies (13pcs) PCD77 Smaller Scalloped Square Nesting Dies (12pcs) PCD76 Smaller Heart Nesting Dies (14pcs) PCD75 Smaller Rectangle Nesting Dies (16pcs) PCD73 Smaller Round Nesting Dies (18pcs) PCD72 Smaller Square Nesting Dies (18pcs) PCD64 Step Card #6 PCD63 Cross PCD55 On Your Retirement PCD71 Oval Dies (5pcs) PCD39 Square Frame (3pcs) PCD38 Baby Pram (2pcs) PCD37 Baby Bottle etc (4pcs) PCD36 Boy/Girl (5pcs) PCD34 Rectangle Frame #2 (3pcs) PCD31 Woodland Scene (3pcs) PCD50 Oval Nesting Dies (17 pcs) PCD48 Heart Nesting Dies (11 pcs) PCDEB Embellishment bundle PCD45 Dotties PCD44 Flowers PCD43 Butterflies PCD30 Happy Birthday #4 PCD21 Heart Swirl PCD17 3 Fold Die PCD16 Scalloped Semi Circle Die PCD14 Bride & Groom PCD13 Train PCD12 Merry Christmas #2 PCD11 Happy Birthday #3 PCD10 Flower #2 PCD09 Flower #1 Any 3 Priced at £2.50 for £6.50 PCD127 Happy Anniversary PCD126 Happy Anniversary (2pcs) PCD125 Its a Baby Girl Boy (4pcs) PCD124 Happy Christmas PCD123 Happy Christmas (2pcs) PCD122 Seasons Greetings PCD121 Seasons Greetings (2pcs) PCD120 Congratulations PCD119 Congratulations PCD118 Happy Mothers Fathers Day PCD117 Happy Mothers Fathers Day (4pcs) PCD116 Thinking of You PCD115 Thinking of You (3pcs) PCD114 Best Wishes PCD113 Best Wishes (2pcs) PCD112 With Sympathy PCD111 With Sympathy (2pcs) PCD110 Merry Christmas PCD109 Merry Christmas (2pcs) PCD108 Happy Birthday PCD107 Happy Birthday (2pcs) Words PCD62 Good Luck PCD61 Welcome PCD60 New PCD59 Home PCD58 Great PCD57 Christening PCD56 Thanks PCD54 Congratulation PCD53 Mr & Mrs PCD51 Grandson PCD29 With Sympathy PCD28 Girl PCD27 Boy PCD26 its a Baby PCD25 Keep Calm PCD24 Best Wishes PCD23 Dad PCD22 Mum PCD20 Happy Anniversary PCD19 Hugs and Kisses PCD18 With Love Crealies Crealies Create A-Box CCAB08 Crealies Create A Box no. 8 CCAB02 Crealies Create A Box no. 2 CCAB03 Crealies Create A Box no. 3 CCAB04 Crealies Create A Box no. 4 Crealies Create A-Card CCAC17 Crealies Create A-Card No.17 CCAC02 Crealies Create A-Card Die No.2 CCAC11 Crealies Create A-Card No.11 CCAC14 Crealies Create A-Card No.14 CCAC04 Crealies Create A-Card Die No.4 CCAC01 Crealies Create A-Card Die No.1 Cottage Cutz Elites CCE-138 Swans (Elites) CCE-136 Bride (Elites) CCE-134 Elegant Crown (Elites) CCE-133 Elegant Doves (Elites) CCE-130 Elegant Gown (Elites) CCE-129 Wedding Bouquet (Elites) CCE-127 Formal Gown (Elites) CCE-126 Bridal Bouquet Small (Elites) CCE-114 Garden Gazebo CCE-112 Garden Floral Frame CCE-098 Sweet Love Frame CCE-042 Winter Frost Border CCE-077 Harvest Owl (Elites) CCE-054 Winterland Village (Elites) CCE-052 Winterland Holly (Elites) CCE-051 Winter Wonderland Sleigh (Elites) CCE-047 Winter Snowflake Wreath (Elites) CCE-046 Winter Poinsettia Bouquet (Elites) CCE-038 Flourish Christmas Tree (Elites) CCE-036 Elegant Poinsettia Spray (Elites) CCE-035 Elegant Holly Corner (Elites) CCE-014 Elites Bella Floral Border CCE-010 Elites Butterfly Spring Floral CCE-007 Elites Bella Spring Wreath CCE-004 Elites Bella Spring Corner CCE-002 Elites Bella Floral Frame CCE-210 Bunny Trio Border CCE-346D Merry Christmas Filigree (Elites) CCE-343 Deer w/ Pine Tree (Elites) CCE-338 Snowman w/ Tree (Elites) CCE-335D Santas List (Elites) CCE-332 Santa on Chimney (Elites) CCE-317 Winter Trees (Elites) CCE-227 Treehouse (Elites) CCE-330 O Holy Night Scene CCE-329 Holiday Candles CCE-326 Filigree Deer CCE-320 Bethlehem Border CCE-318 Wintery Forest Scene CCE-316D Winter Sleigh Ride Scene CCE-313 Santa Reindeer Border CCE-307 Merry Christmas Reindeer CCE-302 Holiday House CCE-301 Gingerbread Village CCE-300 Frosty & Friends Scene CCE-296 Christmas Greetings CCE-232D Window with Cat CCE-228 Spring Willow Scene CCE-221 Spring Fairy Scene CCE-198 Angel Tag (Elites) CCE-197 Winter Cottage Scene (Elites) CCE-195 Walking Santa Scene (Elites) CCE-192 Snowman (Elites) CCE-185D Ornament, Nativity (Elites) CCE-184D Ornament, Dove (Elites) CCE-179 Merry Christmas (Elites) CCE-178 Kids Snow Scene (Elites) CCE-176 Holiday Village (Elites) CCE-174 Holiday Floral Spray (Elites) CCE-158 Happy Birthday Cake (Elites) CCE-157 Fancy Present (Elites) Miscellaneous CC-002 Formal Neckline CC-050 Mama Goose CC-BR07-013 Shabby Chic Border CC-065 Whimsical Deer w/ Bird CC-057 Poinsettia & Mistletoe CC-024 Angel with Harp 3x3, 4x6, 4x8 & 5x5 CC3x3-105 Ride on Pony (3x3) CC3x3-104 Fancy Mary Jane Shoes (3x3) CC3x3-100 Boutonniere (3x3) CC4x6-141 Elegant Christmas Bell CC5x5-006 Heart Rose Wreath CC4x6-076D Wedding Chapel CC4x6-075 Trellis with Vines CC4x6-074 Tiered Celebration Cake CC4x6-073 Special Occasion CC4x6-042 Love Shack CC4x6-010 Layered Flower with Leaves CC4x8-006 Cafe Latte CC4x8-004 Cookie Cafe CC3x3-063 Layered Flower 3 CC3x3-062 Layered Flower Two CC3x3-058 Daisy CC4x6-043 Love Tags CC4x6-025 Nativity Set CC4x6-026 Santas Clothesline CC4x6-124 Vintage Vanity & Stool CC4x6-123 Vintage Love Seat & Chair CC4x6-121 Shabby Chic Powder Room CC4x6-119 Parasol, Fan & Boot CC4x6-118 Fancy Perfume Bottles CC4x6-116 Elegant Hat Box CC4x6-114 Cosmetic Set CC4x6-027 Santas Truck with Tree CC4x6-067 Baby Cradle Expressions CCX-055 Expressions Die - Save the Date CCX-053 Expressions Die - Just Married CCX-051 Expressions Die - Honeymoon CCX-050 Expressions Die - His & Hers CCX-048 Expressions Die - Engagement CCX-047 Expressions Die - Bride & Groom Petites CCP-062D Village (Petites) CCP-050 Deer (Petites) CCP-049 Candle (Petites) CCP-047 Angel (Petites) 4x4 CC4x4-579 Sleeping on Moon (4x4) CC4x4-578 Ring & Ring Box (4x4) CC4x4-577 Wedding Kids (4x4) CC4x4-575 Groom Attire (4x4) CC4x4-573 Elegant Veil & Top Hat (4x4) CC4x4-572 Wedding Birds (4x4) CC4x4-566 Spring Hedgehogs CC4x4-564 Miss Garden Kitty CC4x4-563 Sweetheart Lovebirds CC4x4-550 Christmas Angel CC4x4-499 High Chair CC4x4-498 Flying Stork CC4x4-495 Baby Frame CC4x4-493 Baby Buggy CC4x4-471 Filigree Cross CC4x4-468 Sweetheart Puppy CC4x4-463 Kitty in Chair CC4x4-461 Filigree Love Birds CC4x4-431 Santa Peeker CC4x4-427 Dog with Sled CC4x4-393 Starburst Flower CC4x4-392 Scalloped Doily CC4x4-391 Plumeria and Leaves CC4x4-350 Ornate Spring Wreath CC4x4-337 Ornate Dragonfly CC4x4-336 Ornate Butterfly CC4x4-321 Parlour Table and Chairs CC4x4-319 Lacy Heart Doily CC4x4-285 Elegant Sleigh CC4x4-282 Christmas Doily CC4x4-248-D Hippie Surfer Van CC4x4-231 Stylized Owl CC4x4-223 Blossom Branch CC4x4-189 Garden Bench CC4x4-170 Cross with Lily CC4x4-155 Heart Doily Shape CC4x4-154 Butterflies CC4x4-151-D Bakery CC4x4-143 Fishing Set CC4x4-016 Bird and Birdhouse CC4x4-011 Window with Flowerpot CC-MLS-4x4-005 Ornate Circle Frame CC-MLS-4x4-004 Orchid Flower CC-MLS-4x4-002 Cameo and Oval Frame CC4x4-031 Window with Canopy CC4x4-359 Happy Birthday Phrase CC4x4-502 Doves with Ribbon CC4x4-598 Miss Daisy Spring Bunny CC4x4-596 Gracie Bunny Giving Thanks CC4x4-595 Bunny Stuck In Flower Pot CC4x4-594 Beehives CC4x4-503 Wedding Bouquet CC4x4-422 Nativity Silhouette CC4x4-227 Hummingbird CC4x4-537 Vintage Telephone CC4x4-536 Vintage Pitcher & Basin CC4x4-535 Vintage Lamps CC4x4-534 Vintage Dress Form CC4x4-533 Vintage Clock CC4x4-532 Old Fashioned Phone CC4x4-531 Hand Mirror with Cameo CC4x4-284 Elegant Reindeer CC4x4-219 Birdcage Mini CC-MINI-135 Mini Ducky CC-MINI-132 Mini Buttons CC-MINI-131 Mini Baby Bottle CC-MINI-118 Mini Dragonfly CC-MINI-051 Mini Picket Fence CC-MINI-049 Mini Flower Shape CC-MINI-025 Mini Holly Berry CC-MINI-138 Dress Form Mini CC-MINI-137 Clutch Mini Tutti Designs TUTTI-356 - Framed Angel TUTTI-375 - Angelic Window TUTTI-266 Spring Tree TUTTI-262 Easter Gate TUTTI-259 Scrolly Bunny TUTTI-254 Tulip Corner TUTTI-224 Swirly Hugs TUTTI-200 Dove Love Heart TUTTI-191 Lily Of The Valley Panel TUTTI-176 Pop Out Flower Corner TUTTI-251 Floral Tulip Egg TUTTI-190 Tulip Panel TUTTI-278 Crane TUTTI-271 Lotus Blossom TUTTI-250 Floral Daisy Egg TUTTI-270 Kimono TUTTI-168 Kitty in Window TUTTI-167 Bird Branch Chorus TUTTI-164 Bird Tapestry TUTTI-161 Scrolly Bird Tree TUTTI-158 Fluterring Butterfly Corner TUTTI-155 Rose Duo Frame TUTTI-154 Afternoon Chat TUTTI-151 Fall Leaves Branch TUTTI-150 Elegant Pumpkins TUTTI-148 Pinecone Branch TUTTI-140 Bright Candles TUTTI-137 Jolly Snowman TUTTI-134 Santa In Mitten TUTTI-126D Holiday Bench TUTTI-122 Ornaments Panel TUTTI-116 Poppy TUTTI-115 Tree Of Life TUTTI-114 Teapot Panel TUTTI-113 Dianthus Bunch TUTTI-112 Butterfly Arch TUTTI-111 Poppy Edge TUTTI-110 Stacked Butterfly Cups TUTTI-109 Spring Time TUTTI-105 Rose Edge TUTTI-104 Butterfly Strip TUTTI-103 Butterfly Scroll TUTTI-100 Dove Circle Dixi Craft DCMD0020 Christmas Tree Spiral DCMD0125 Christmas Baubles DCMD0124 Hanging Snow Crystal DCMD0123 Santas Little Helper DCMD0122 Stars DCMD0121 Pinecones DCMD0120 Santa on the Roof DCMD0119 Reindeers DCMD0118 Deer Family DCMD0112 Wedding Border DCMD0111 Wedding Cake DCMD0110 Proposal DCMD0109 Wedding Couple DCMD0108 Female Handball Player DCMD0107 Female Football Player DCMD0106 Female Golf Player DCMD0104 Gear Frame DCMD0102 Spirit Level DCMD0101 Ruler DCMD0100 Bricks Inside Cut DCMD0099 Bricks Corner DCMD0098 Wire Corner Inside Cut DCMD0097 Wire Corner DCMD0096 Butterflies DCMD0095 Leaves DCMD0094 Leaves DCMD0093 Leaves DCMD0092 Leaves DCMD0091 Butterflies DCMD0090 Flower DCMD0089 Flower DCMD0088 Congratulations DCMD0080 Handball DCMD0079 Tennis DCMD0078 Ice Hockey DCMD0075 Weightlifting DCMD0068 Joystick DCMD0067 Oval frame with grid (3 pcs) DCMD0065D Sports (4 pcs) DCMD0064 Boy and Girl (2 pcs) DCMD0063 Sportswear (2 pcs) DCMD0062 Peek A Boo - Circle ( 5 pcs) DCMD0061 Peek A Boo - Hexagon ( 5 pcs) DCMD0060 Flower (4 pcs) DCMD0059 Heart Frame (4 dies) DCMD0057 Tree and Snowflakes Line DCMD0056 Elegant Deer DCMD0055 Sitting Reindeer DCMD0054 Winter House (2 dies) DCMD0053 Reindeer W/Christmas Bells (3 dies) DCMD0052 Santa Claus & Reindeer (2 dies) DCMD0051 Alphabet DCMD0050 Winter Play DCMD0049 Spiral Christmas Tree (2 dies) DCMD0048 Christmas Sleigh DCMD0047 Christmas Bell (2 dies) DCMD0046D Stitched Christmas Bell (3 dies) DCMD0030 Leaves Frame DCMD0044 Rifle DCMD0043 3D Gears DCMD0039 Pregnant Women DCMD0038 ABC Bricks DCMD0037 Hands DCMD0035 Cutting Die - Little Bike DCMD0034 Pacifier Border DCMD0029 Boy & Girl DCMD0028D Electronics DCMD0026 Mini Puzzle DCMD0025 Football DCMD0013 Tag True Love DCMD0012 Tag Wedding DCMD0009D Flower Border DCMD0006D Round Arch DCMD0004 Circle Window New Clarity Fresh Cut Dies Wild Seed Heads Aperture Die Clarity ii Book: Fresh Cut - Die Cutting Botanical Apertures Honesty Aperture Die Wild Privet Aperture Die Queen Annes Lace Aperture Die Poppy Seed Heads Aperture Die Mountain Ash Aperture Die Chinese Lanterns Aperture Die Casablanca Lilies Aperture Die Hobby Art Stamps CS187D Janies Collection - Flingo The Flamingo Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels SB10285 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels 3D Pushout - Believe in Pink SB10284 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels 3D Pushout - Blue Dreams SB10283 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels 3D Pushout - Lilac Mist SB10282 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels 3D Pushout - True Blue PM10137 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels Cutting Dies - Single Flower PM10136 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels Cutting Dies - Floral Corner PM10135 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels Cutting Dies - Reverse Flower PM10134 Precious Marieke Flowers in Pastels Cutting Dies - Floral Frame CDEFL002 Card Deco Essentials - Mini Paper Flowers - Purple CDEFL001 Card Deco Essentials - Mini Paper Flowers - Pink Nellie Snellen July TXCS011 Texture Clear Stamps - Spatters TXCS010 Texture Clear Stamps - Raindrops TXCS009 Texture Clear Stamps - Bursts TXCS008 Texture Clear Stamps - Writing CSMT009 Clear Stamps Men Things - Backpack and Shoes CSMT008 Clear Stamps Men Things - Sailingboat CSMT007 Clear Stamps Men Things - Oldtimer IFS010 Clear Stamp Dyllic Floral Winter Scene-2 IFS009 Clear Stamp Dyllic Floral Winter Scene-1 FTCS015 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Fairies-13 FTCS014 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Fairies-12 FTCS013 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Fairies-11 FTCS012 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Fairies-10 FTCS011 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Winter Castle FTCS010 Fairy Tale Clear Stamps - Summer Castle AS SEEN ON TV JULY 4/5th Show Izink Pigment 5 x 5 cm PRE ORDER (16/7) CT21139 Crafts Too set of 3 Clear Stamping Blocks Medium & Large PRE ORDER (16/7) CT21138 Crafts Too set of 4 Clear Stamping Blocks Small and Medium JNDM0027 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Holly Quilt JNDM0026 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Falling Snow JNDM0025 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Snowflakes JND0024 John Next Door Clear Stamp - Deck the Halls JND0023 John Next Door Clear Stamp - Snowflakes JND0022 John Next Door Clear Stamp - While Shepherds JND0021 John Next Door Clear Stamp - Christmas Music JLMP008 John Next Door Media Plate - Rectangle Frame JLMP007 John Next Door Media Plate - Oval Frame JLMP006 John Next Door Media Plate - Circle Frame JLMP005 John Next Door Media Plate - Square Frame JNDMM006 John Next Door Media Dies - Media Plate Rectangle Frame (9pcs) JNDMM005 John Next Door Media Dies - Media Plate Square Frame (9pcs) JNDCD002 John Next Door Card Base Dies – Rectangle Round Corner JNDCD004 John Next Door Large Scallop Card Base JNDCD007 John Next Door Small Scallop Card Base JNDCD001 John Next Door Card Blank Dies - Square Round Corner JNDCD006 John Next Door Card Blank Dies - Large Teardrop JNDCD003 John Next Door Card Blank Dies - Teardrop Square JNDWB5 John Next Door Tool - Brayer 2" inch JNDWB10 John Next Door Tool - Brayer 3.8" inch CT21975 Sponge Dauber Case JNDM0016 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Elegant Snowflakes JNDM0014 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Bauble Swirls JNDM0013 John Next Door Mask Stencil - Quatro Snow JLGP008 John Next Door Media Plate - Bauble Marianne Design June and July LR0543 Creatable - Beach Bag LR0542 Creatable - Suitcase LR0541 Creatable - Palm Trees LR0540 Creatable - Petras Botanical Star LR0539 Creatable - Petras Amaryllis LR0538 Creatable - Anjas Corner LR0537 Creatable - Anjas Long Border DF3450 Design Folder - Pine DF3449 Design Folder - Tropical Leaves CR1443 Craftable - Lampion set COL1457 Collectable - Elines Toucan COL1456 Collectable - Elines Flamingo COL1455 Collectable - Elines Lion/Tiger MM1624 Clear Stamps - Doodle Stripes MM1623 Clear Stamps - Doodle Circles MM1622 Clear Stamps - Henriëttes Elements MM1621 Clear Stamps - Henriëttes Art LR0536 Creatable - Sea Horse LR0535 Creatable - Wooden Signpost LR0534 Creatable - Compass LR0533 Creatable - Hurricane Lamp LR0532 Creatable - Nautical set DF3448 Design Folder - Sea Shells CR1442 Craftable - Wave CR1441 Craftable - Dune Fence CR1440 Craftable - Sea Shells COL1454 Collectable - Elines Kitten COL1453 Collectable - Ladys Suit COL1452 Collectable - Dress Woodware Christmas JGS617 Three Ships JGS616 Turkey JGS615 Swirly Tree JGS614 Stylish Reindeer JGS613 Silhouette Forest JGS612 Poinsettia Lace JGS611 Mini Trees JGS610 Lino Cut Wren JGS609 Lino Cut Christmas Tree JGS608 Fun Christmas Tree JGS607 Framed Trees JGS606 Foliage Corner JGS605 Dotty Wreath JGS604 Dotty Tree JGS603 Dotty Presents JGS602 Deck the Halls JGS601 Chunky the Snowman JGS600 Christmas Owl JGS599 Christmas Greenery JGS598 Big Christmas Words FRS715 Christmas Wordery FRS713 Merry Cactus FRS714 Twiggy Tree FRS712 Sticky Bear FRS710 Robin Stack FRS709 Cosy Stocking FRS707 Sharing Christmas FRS706 The Nativity Story FRS705 Big Bauble FRS704 Framed Poinsettia FRS703 Three Candles FRS702 Frosty Robin FRS066 Swirly Bauble FRS065 Going Down FRS064 Beary Christmas FRS063 Everything Christmas FRS062 Across The Miles FRS374 Santas Beard FRS373 Starry Reindeers FRS372 Mousy Christmas Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments SB10281 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments 3D Push Out - Blue Birds SB10280 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments 3D Push Out - Blue Ornaments SB10279 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments 3D Push Out - Green Ornaments SB10278 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments 3D Push Out - Snowy Landscapes JAPP10006 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Paperpack JAD10049 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Christmas Branches JAD10048 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Frosty Wreath JAD10047 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Happy Family JAD10045 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Text Merry Christmas JAD10043 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Christmas Baubles JAD10042 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Rectangle Ornament JAD10041 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Cutting Die - Frosty Frame JACS10019 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Text Clear Stamp JACS10017 Jeanines Art Frosty Ornaments Clear Stamp Paper Cuts Collection CEDPC1040 Paper Cuts Collection Wild Rose Edger Craft Die CEDPC1039 Paper Cuts Collection Lily of the Valley Edger Craft Die CEDPC1038 Paper Cuts Collection Thistle Patch Craft Die CEDPC1037 Paper Cuts Collection Wildflower Meadow Craft Die CEDPC1036 Paper Cuts Collection Dragonfly Dreams Craft Die CEDPC1035 Paper Cuts Collection Honey Bee Circle Craft Die CEDPC1034 Paper Cuts Collection Butterfly Garden Craft Die Groovi Plates June Groovi Plate - Tinas Henna Dreamcatcher A4 Square Groovi Plate - Tinas Henna Droplets A4 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Wild Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Star Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Rectangle Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Oval Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Morning Glory Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Hexagon Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Heart Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Forget Me Not Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Diamond Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Daisy Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Aster Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate - Tinas Allium Flowers Parchlet A6 Square Sue Wilson Festive Collection UMS848 Stamps To Die For - Carols Festive Bells UMS847 Stamps To Die For - Carols Festive Gifts UMS846 Stamps To Die For - Eves Holly Ribbon Frame UMS845 Stamps To Die For - Eves Holly Ring UMS844 Stamps To Die For - Nataliess Holly Scroll UMS843 Stamps To Die For - Nataliess Christmas Robin UMS842 Stamps To Die For - Angelinas Christmas Stocking UMS841 Stamps To Die For - Angelinas Christmas Eve Scene CEDME022 Festive Collection - Let It Snow CEDME021 Festive Collection - Jingle Bells CEDME020 Festive Collection - Ho Ho Ho CEDME019 Festive Collection - Tis The Season CEDME018 Festive Collection - Warmest Wishes CEDME017 Festive Collection - Me To You CEDME016 Festive Collection - Our House To Yours CEDME015 Festive Collection Stacked - Happy Christmas CEDME014 Festive Collection - Stacked Merry Christmas CED3156 Festive Collection - Holly Jolly Christmas CED3155 Festive Collection - Swirled Silent Night CED3154 Festive Collection - Seasons Greetings CED3153 Festive Collection - Mary CED3152 Festive Collection - Carol CED3151 Festive Collection - Eve CED3150 Festive Collection - Faith CED3149 Festive Collection - Natalie CED3148 Festive Collection - Angelina CED3147 Festive Collection - Overlay and Ornament CED3146 Festive Collection - Snowball CED3145 Festive Collection - Twas The Night CED3144 Festive Collection - Believe in the Magic CED3143 Festive Collection - Starburst CED3142 Festive Collection - Build A Snowman CED3141 Festive Collection - Bold Holly Leaves CED3140 Festive Collection - Mosaic Bauble Background CED3139 Festive Collection - Triptych Window CED3138 Festive Collection - Star Wreath CED3137 Festive Collection - Netted Star Background CED3136 Festive Collection - Snow Fall Background CED3135 Festive Collection - Lattice Poinsettia Background CED3134 Festive Collection - Poinsettia Garland CED3133 Festive Collection - Frosty Snowflake Corner CED3132 Festive Collection - Frosty Snowflake Border CED3131 Festive Collection - Christmas Bell CED3130 Festive Collection - Christmas Floral Stem CED3129 Festive Collection - Christmas Robin CED3128 Festive Collection - Christmas Angel Jeanines Art Beach Fun Collection SB10273 Jeanines Art Beach Fun 3D Push Out - Seashells SB10272 Jeanines Art Beach Fun 3D Push Out - Relax SB10271 Jeanines Art Beach Fun 3D Push Out - Seagulls SB10270 Jeanines Art Beach Fun 3D Push Out - Playing in the Sun JAD10040 Jeanines Art Beach Fun Cutting Die - Beach Houses JAD10039 Jeanines Art Beach Fun Cutting Die - Lighthouse Border JAD10038 Jeanines Art Beach Fun Cutting Die - Beach Frame CDEWS001 Card Deco Essentials - Wooden Shapes Beach CDEST001 Card Deco Essentials - Mixed Media Stencil Beach Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas SB10269 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas 3D Push Out - Bouquets in Purple SB10268 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas 3D Push Out - Candles in Red SB10267 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas 3D Push Out - Poinsettia in Red SB10266 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas 3D Push Out - Amaryllis in Purple PMPP10020 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Paper Pack 12" x 12" PMPP10019 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Paper Pack 6" x 6" PMCS10035 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Clear Stamp PMCS10033 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Clear Stamp - Wreath PMCS10032 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Clear Stamp - Candle PMCS10031 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Clear Stamp - Christmas House PM10132 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Florals PM10131 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Forest PM10130 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Bird Corner PM10129 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Poinsettia Border PM10128 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Christmas Garland PM10127 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Poinsettia Ornament PM10126 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Poinsettia Oval PM10125 Precious Marieke Merry and Bright Christmas Cutting Die - Lantern Frame Spellbinders Cut and Emboss Folders King Cole Cottonsoft Candy DK King Cole Comfort Kids DK Woodware Clear Magic Singles Stamps JGB003 Rushes & Grasses JGB004 Sunflower Sketch JGS582 Birthday Balloons JGS583 Elephant Love JGS584 Decorative Dog JGS585 Four Hats JGS586 Birthday Grid JGS587 Fan Flowers JGS588 Scandinavian Spray JGS589 Pomegranate JGS590 Magnolia Spray JGS591 Bold Blooms Amanda JGS592 Fresh Cuts JGS593 Stitched Flowers JGS594 Bold Blooms Ginny JGS595 Bold Blooms Fiona JGS596 Bold Blooms Beatrice JGS597 Some People FRS058 Sailboat FRS059 Whale Hello FRS371 Rain or Shine FRS697 Beside The Seaside FRS696 Nautical Sayings FRS695 Compass FRS694 Seashells FRS691 Nautical Collage FRS692 Message in a Bottle FRS693 Ship Ahoy FRS700 Panda Birthday FRS701 Small Daisy Jar FRS699 Midnight Owl FRS698 Flowers in a Jar FRS061 Loving Frogs Cricut Accessories 2004506 Cricut Extra-Fine Point, Bohemian Pen Set 2004505 Cricut Extra Fine Point Basics Set 2004504 Cricut Extra-Fine Point, Brights Pen Set 2003980 Cricut Washable Fabric Pen 2003916 Cricut Bonded Fabric Point Blade Aladine Izink Fabric Spray Textile 80ml Izink Pigment Textile Stamp Pad Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers SB10261 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers 3D Push Outs - Lillies SB10260 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers 3D Push Outs - Garden SB10259 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers 3D Push Outs - Violets SB10258 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers 3D Push Outs - Roses SB10257 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers 3D Push Outs - Bouquets PMPP10018 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Clear Paper Pack PMCS10029 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Clear Stamp Text PMCS10027 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Clear Stamp PM10124 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Frame Layered PM10123 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Clematis Trio PM10122 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Dahlia Trio PM10121 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Dahlia Corner PM10120 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Clematis Border PM10119 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Clematis Oval PM10118 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Buttercup Frame PM10117 Precious Marieke Timeless Flowers Cutting Die - Clematis Frame John Next Door Brayers Creative Expressions Lisa Horton Stamps Leane Creatief March 2018 4490 Decorations 10 - Symmetrical Designs 4483 Decorations 9 - Paisley Designs 4728 Poppy 3D Flower 4711 Orchid 3D Flower 4049 Party 4032 Love 4704 Multi Die - Flower 013 4698 Flower 012 3943 Party 3936 Love 3882 Men Shoes & Hat 3875 Church Window 3868 Dress & Suit 3851 Border - Marriage 3844 Border - Gentlemen 3820 Background - Gentlemen 4773 Flower Foam Paper Wrapped Wire Dark Green 4766 Flower Foam Paper Wrapped Wire Light Green 4759 Flower Foam Paper Wrapped Wire White Fairy Dust Collection 4501639 - Magic Wishes 4501634 - Pixie Prance 4501633 - Moonlit Blooms 4501638 - Tiny Toadstools 4501637 - Daisy Chain 4501636 - Violet Vale 4501632 - Fairie Dust 4501635 - Dreamland GoPress Cest La Vie Collection CO725922 Cest La Vie Collection Foil - Me 5 Pack CO725775 Cest La Vie Collection Stamp & Emboss Set - Extravagant Days CO725774 Cest La Vie Collection Stamp & Emboss Set - Butterflies and Roses CO725773 Cest La Vie Collection Stencil - Intertwined CO725772 Cest La Vie Collection Stencil - Cest La Vie Background CO725771 Cest La Vie Collection Stencil - Rosy Background CO725770 Cest La Vie Collection Stencil - Intricate Frame CO725769 Cest La Vie Collection Embossing Folder - Tied Lines CO725768 Cest La Vie Collection Embossing Folder - Intricate Background CO725767 Cest La Vie Collection Embossing Folder - Ferns CO725766 Cest La Vie Collection Embossing Folder - Swiss Dots CO725765 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Geraniums Layered Set (7pc) CO725764 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Collection of Ferns (2pc) CO725761 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Rosy Frame and Tag Set (5pc) CO725760 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Framed Cest La Vie Set (4pc) CO725759 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Bird Cage (1pc) CO725758 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Nouveau Gate (1pc) CO725757 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Rosy Corner (1pc) CO725756 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Rosy Bouquet (1pc) CO725755 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Flourished Corner (1pc) CO725754 Cest La Vie Collection Cutting Die - Flowers and Frame Set (6pcs) CO725742 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Cest La Vie (1pc) CO725741 Cest La Vie Collection Decoupage Sheet - Light Rose A4 (10pc) CO725740 Cest La Vie Collection Decoupage Sheet - Deep Rose A4 (12pc) CO725739 Cest La Vie Collection Die Cut - Ephemera Set CO725738 Cest La Vie Collection 6x6 Paper Pad (24pc) CO725737 Cest La Vie Collection 12x12 Paper Pad (24pc) CO725753 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Swiss Dots Background (1pc) CO725752 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Intricate Border (1pc) CO725751 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Cameo Border (1pc) CO725750 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Vintage Border (1pc) CO725749 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Basket of Flowers (1pc) CO725748 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Acanthus Corner (1pc) CO725747 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Thin Fern Stalks (1pc) CO725746 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Wide Fern (1pc) CO725745 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Rosey Bouquet (1pc) CO725744 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Gazebo (1pc) CO725743 Cest La Vie Collection Hotfoil Stamp - Intricate Corner (1pc) Cosmic Shimmer Crystal Tints Distress Oxide Ink Pad TDO56263 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Tattered Rose TDO56249 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Squeezed Lemonade TDO56218 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Shaded Lilac TDO56058 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Mermaid Lagoon TDO56027 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Hickory Smoke TDO56003 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Gathered Twigs TDO55976 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Forest Moss TDO55938 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Evergreen Bough TDO55877 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Carved Pumpkin TDO55853 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Bundled Sage TDO55822 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Blueprint Sketch TDO55785 Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Aged Mahogany GoPress and Foil ULT158120 Hotfoil Stamp - With Sympathy ULT158119 Hotfoil Stamp - Get Well Soon ULT158118 Hotfoil Stamp - Get Well Wishes ULT158117 Hotfoil Stamp - Thank You ULT158114 Hotfoil Stamp - Birthday Wishes ULT158113 Hotfoil Stamp - Lovely Birthday ULT158110 Hotfoil Stamp - Congratulations ULT158109 Hotfoil Stamp - Happy Anniversary ULT158107 Hotfoil Stamp - Special Mum ULT158104 Hotfoil Stamp - Grandads Birthday ULT158096 Hotfoil Stamp - Happy Birthday ULT158095 Hotfoil Stamp - Sweet Birthday Wishes ULT158092 Hotfoil Stamp - Celebrate your Birthday ULT158089 Hotfoil Stamp - Invitation Flourish ULT158386 Bohemian Bouquet - 5 Pack of Heat Activated Foils ULT157874 Hotfoil Stamp The Ritz - Diamond Flourish ULT157873 Hotfoil Stamp The Ritz - Classy Fan ULT157872 Hotfoil Stamp The Ritz - Thin Waves ULT157869 Hotfoil Stamp The Ritz - Geometric Frame ULT157868 Hotfoil Stamp The Ritz - Framed Columns CO725573 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Reindeer CO725297 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Classic Frame CO725296 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Curling Motif CO725295 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Curling Frame CO725294 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Thorny Branches CO725293 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Classic Rose CO725292 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Best Wishes CO725291 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Get Well CO725290 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Thank You CO725289 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - With Love CO725288 Hotfoil Stamp Anna Griffin - Happy Birthday CO725390 Foil - Deep Red (Mirror Finish) - Heat activated CO725389 Foil - Red Orange (Iridescent Finish) - Heat activated CO725388 Foil - Clear (Iridescent Finish) - Heat activated CO725384 Foil - Gold (Iridescent Finish) - Heat activated CO725360 Foil - Red (Mirror Finish) - Heat activated CO725359 Foil - Pink (Mirror Finish) - Heat activated CO725355 Foil - Gold (Vintage Matte Finish) - Heat activated CO725352 Foil - Silver (Iridescent Finish) - Heat activated CO725351 Foil - Silver (Matte Finish) - Heat activated CO725350 Foil - Silver (Mirror Finish) - Heat activated CO725032 Go Press & Foil Machine Gemini Junior Glitterbitz Glitterbitz Apple Red Glitterbitz Midnight Sparkle Glitterbitz Sahara Gold Glitterbitz Hunter Green Glitterbitz Ocean Spray Glitterbitz Rose Copper Glitterbitz Lavender Glitterbitz Frosty Sparkle Glitterbitz Silver Chrome Glitterbitz Sea Green Glitterbitz Periwinkle Glitterbitz Blue Gunmetal Glitterbitz Vintage Violet Glitterbitz Black Onyx Glitterbitz Golden Sand Glitterbitz Turquoise Crafts Too Accessories CT21152 - Craft Magnets CT21347-5 Sponge Daubers 5pcs CT28012 Paper Blossom Tool Kit 5pcs PRTOIMMAT Press to Impress Foam Replacement Mats CT9002 Trimmer Blades (2pcs) CT9003 Paper Trimmer Cutting Width 31cm CT9001 Corner Punch CT21775BLUE Crafts Too Die Cutting Machine Storage Bag in Blue Knitting & Crochet Knitting Patterns Baby Blankets, Shawls & Sleeping Bags 3982 Snuggly 3 Ply & DK Shawls Pattern 3851 Snuggly 2 Ply Shawls Pattern 3421 Snuggly 3 Ply Shawl, Coat, Bonnet & Bootees Pattern 1710 Snuggly DK Blanket & Shawl Pattern 1665 Snuggly DK, 4 Ply & 3 Ply Shawls Pattern 4896 Baby Chunky Sleeping Bag Pattern 4877 Snuggly DK Sleeping Bag & Hat Pattern 5101 DK Blanket Pattern 3015 Robin Super Chunky Crocodile Cocoon Pattern 3014 Robin Super Chunky Shrimp Bag Pattern 9479 Wondersoft DK Jacket, Blanket, Hat & Mitts Pattern 8913 DK Baby Blankets Pattern 4840 Baby Blossom DK Blankets Pattern 9392 3 Ply Shawls Pattern 4759 Snuggly Snowflake DK Blankets Pattern 3506 Blankets DK Pattern 4528 Snuggly DK Blanket Pattern 4684 Baby Chunky Blanket Pattern 1662 Snuggly 4 Ply Coat, Bonnet, Mittens, Bootees & Blanket Pattern 4635 Snuggly Baby Crofter DK Blankets Pattern 9270 Wondersoft DK Jacket, Hat & Blanket Pattern 1600 Snuggly DK Blanket & Shawl Pattern 1369D Snuggly 4 Ply Blankets Pattern 1452 Snuggly 2 Ply & 3 Ply Shawls Pattern 3908 Snuggly Pearls DK Blanket, Coat, Beret, Mittens & Bootees Pattern 1286 Snowflake Chunky & Snuggly DK Blankets Pattern 4137 Cotton Aran Blanket Pattern 4564 Snuggly Spots DK Blankets Pattern 1903 Snuggly Kisses DK Blankets Pattern 1771 Snuggly Snowflake Chunky Blankets Pattern 3983 Snuggly 3 Ply, 4 Ply & DK Shawls Pattern 3806 Snuggly DK Blanket & Pillowcase Pattern 3266 Snuggly DK, 4 Ply & 3 Ply Blankets & Shawl Pattern 3028 Snuggly 3 Ply & 4 Ply Blankets Pattern 4507 Snuggly 4 Ply Coat, Helmet, Bootees & Blanket Pattern 4508 Snuggly 4 Ply Coat, Bonnet, Bootees & Blanket Pattern 4541 Snowflake DK & Snuggly DK Blankets Pattern Ladies & Girls Cottonsoft DK 5126 Cottonsoft DK Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 5124 Cottonsoft DK Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 5121 Cottonsoft DK Sweaters Pattern 5120 Cottonsoft DK Cardigans Pattern 5119 Cottonsoft DK Jackets Pattern 5118 Cottonsoft DK Tops Pattern Sundance DK 8144 Sundance DK Tops Pattern 8142 Sundance DK Cardigan Pattern 8143 Sundance DK Tops Pattern 8141 Sundance DK Tops Pattern 8140 Sundance DK Cardigan Pattern 8139 Sundance DK Jacket & Waistcoat Pattern Mystique 9383 Mystique Cardigans Pattern 9384 Mystique Jacket & Coat Pattern 9382 Mystique Sweaters Pattern 9381 Mystique Tops Pattern 9380 Mystique Tops Pattern 9379 Mystique Tops Pattern Toscana DK 8117 Toscana DK Top & Cardigan Pattern 8116 Toscana DK Tops Pattern 7972 Toscana DK Top Pattern 7973 Toscana DK Top Pattern 7974 Toscana DK Tops Pattern 7975 Toscana DK Cardigan & Top Pattern 7976 Toscana DK Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 7977 Toscana DK Tops Pattern Wild 7970 Wild Cardigans Pattern 7969 Wild Sweater Pattern Corona Chunky 4664 KC Corona Chunky Cape & Tabard Pattern 4663 KC Corona Chunky Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4661 KC Corona Chunky Cardigans Pattern 4660 KC Corona Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4659 KC Corona Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4994 KC Corona Chunky Cardigans Pattern Embrace DK 4594 King Cole Embrace DK Sweaters Pattern 4588 King Cole Embrace DK Cardigans Pattern 4585 King Cole Embrace DK Wrap Ponchos Pattern Plushtweed 7876 Plushtweed Jacket Pattern 7875 Plushtweed Capes Pattern 7873 Plushtweed Jacket & Waistcoat Pattern 7872 Plushtweed Sweaters Pattern Harrap Tweed Chunky 7853 Harrap Tweed Chunky Jackets Pattern 7848 Harrap Tweed Chunky Sweaters Pattern 7849 Harrap Tweed Chunky Waistcoat Pattern 7850 Harrap Tweed Chunky Ponchos Pattern 7851 Harrap Tweed Chunky Cardigans Pattern Illusion DK 7855 Illusion DK Poncho Pattern 7856 Illusion DK & Touch Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 7858 Illusion DK Sweaters Pattern 7857 Illusion DK Jacket Pattern 7859 Illusion DK Sweaters Pattern Batik DK 9407 Batik DK Poncho & Top Pattern 9405 Batik DK Sweater & Caridgan Pattern 9406 Batik DK Sweaters Pattern 9408 Batik DK Cardigan & Coat Pattern 9292 Batik DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 9291 Batik DK Sweater & Waistcoat Pattern 9290 Batik DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 9289 Batik DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern Cabaret DK 9302 Stylecraft Cabaret DK Knitting Pattern 9184 Cabaret DK Cardigans Pattern 9185 Cabaret DK Shawls & Scarf Pattern 9186 Cabaret DK Snood, Hats & Mittens Pattern 9181 Cabaret DK Sweaters Pattern 9183 Cabaret DK Cardigans Pattern 9182 Cabaret DK Sweaters Pattern Sprite DK 4567 King Cole Sprite DK Sweater Pattern 4568 King Cole Sprite DK Slipover & Top Pattern 4569 King Cole Sprite DK Sweater Pattern 4570 King Cole Sprite DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4571 King Cole Sprite DK Sweater & Slipover Pattern 4572 King Cole Sprite DK Jackets Pattern 4573 King Cole Sprite DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4574 King Cole Sprite DK Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern Vogue DK 5099 Vogue DK Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 4458 Vogue DK Top & Vest Pattern 4460 Vogue DK Cardigans Pattern 4457 Vogue DK Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 4456 Vogue DK Cardigans Pattern 4454 Vogue DK Waistcoats Pattern Sundae DK 9367 Sundae DK Jumper & Sweater Pattern 9366 Sundae DK Jumper & Cardigan Pattern 9364 Sundae DK Twinset Pattern 9242 Sundae DK Waistcoats Pattern 9243 Sundae DK Sweaters Pattern 9244 Sundae DK Ponchos Pattern 9241 Sundae DK Cardigan & Vest Pattern 9240 Sundae DK Sweaters Pattern 9245 Sundae DK Sweater & Top Pattern Opium 3882 Opium Cardigans Pattern 3748 Opium Cardigans Pattern 4467 Opium Sweater & Top Pattern 4476 Opium Sweaters Pattern 3682 Opium Cardigans Pattern 3684 Opium Boleros Pattern 3685 Opium Poncho, Snood, Scarf & Wrap Pattern 3687 Opium Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 3688 Opium Tops Pattern 3689 Opium Cardigan & Vest Pattern 3883 Opium Tops Pattern Soukie DK 7092D Soukie DK Pattern 7087 Soukie DK Pattern Ophelia 7316 Ophelia Bolero Pattern 7315D Ophelia Scarves Pattern 7314 Ophelia Gilet Pattern 7313 Ophelia Sweater Pattern 7266D Ophelia & Freya Cape Pattern 7265D Ophelia & Freya Sweater Pattern 7262 Ophelia Cardigan Pattern King Cole Magnum Chunky 4281 Magnum Chunky Sweaters & Hat Pattern 4280 Magnum Chunky Cardigan Pattern 4278 Magnum Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4277 Magnum Chunky Waistcoat & Sweater Pattern 4276 Magnum Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4275 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4274 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 3868D Magnum Chunky Hoodie & Sweater Pattern 3867 Magnum Chunky Coatigan & Sweater Pattern 3866 Magnum Chunky Coat & Sweater Pattern 3865 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Tunic Pattern 3495 Magnum Chunky Tunic & Jacket Pattern 3494 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Sweater Pattern 3432 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Coat Pattern 3431 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Top Pattern 3294D Magnum Chunky Sweater & Jacket Pattern 3292 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Top Pattern 3203 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Top Pattern 3073 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Sweater Pattern 2986 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Sweater Pattern 3595 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Sweater Pattern 3594 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Waistcoat Pattern 3593 Magnum Chunky Jacket & Sweater Pattern 3592 Magnum Chunky Tunic & Waistcoat Pattern 3142 Magnum Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 3141 Magnum Chunky Cardigans Pattern King Cole Authentic Chunky 4510 King Cole Chunky Sweaters & Cowl Pattern 4509 King Cole Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4508 King Cole Chunky Top & Cardigan Pattern 4507 King Cole Chunky Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4506 King Cole Chunky Tunic & Sweater Pattern 4505 King Cole Chunky Jacket & Gilet Pattern Super Chunky 9875D Kiko Super Chunky Pattern 9465 Super Chunky Cardigan and Jumper Pattern 9470 Super Chunky Cardigans Pattern 9446 Super Chunky Jackets Pattern 4614 King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Twist Sweater, Pullover, Hat & Scarf Pattern 4613 King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Twist Coatigan & Cardigan Pattern 4612 King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Twist Coatigan, Cardigan & Gilet Pattern 7056D Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool Pattern 7027D Faroe Super Chunky Jacket Pattern 7024D Faroe Super Chunky Sweater Pattern JB383 Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky Sweater Dress Pattern 9872D Kiko Super Chunky Pattern 9873D Kiko Super Chunky Pattern King Cole Drifter DK 4958 Drifter DK Sweaters Pattern 4957 Drifter DK Sweaters Pattern 4956 Drifter DK Sweaters Pattern 4955 Drifter DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4259 King Cole Drifter DK Waistcoat & Cardigan Pattern 4258 King Cole Drifter DK Cardigan & Top Pattern 4257 King Cole Drifter DK Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 4256D King Cole Drifter DK Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 4255 King Cole Drifter DK Slipover & Waistcoat Pattern 4254 King Cole Drifter DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4253 King Cole Drifter DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4252 King Cole Drifter DK Sweater & Slipover Pattern 4251 King Cole Drifter DK Jackets Pattern 4250 King Cole Drifter DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern Double Knit 5043 DK Tops Pattern 5045 DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern JB094 Marble DK Jacket Pattern 9435 DK Jackets Pattern 9434 DK Sweaters Pattern 9431 DK Sweaters Pattern 4521 King Cole DK Lace Tops Pattern 4530 King Cole DK Top & Sweater Pattern 4524 King Cole DK Waistcoat Pattern JB389 Twinkle DK Hooded Sweaters & Cardigan Pattern JB391 Marble DK Jackets Pattern 4486 King Cole DK Sweater & Top Pattern 4018 Smoothie DK Summer Lace Knits 3890 Classic Cardigans Crew & Vee Pattern 8697 Eskimo DK Cardigans & Waistcoats Pattern 3018 King Cole DK Pattern BA4673 4343 Bamboo Cotton DK Cardigans Pattern 7258 Hayfield DK With Wool Pattern 9408D Calico DK Pattern 9784D Ella DK Cardigan Pattern 9782D Ella DK Sweater Pattern 9779D Ella DK Waistcoat Pattern 5040 Pure Merino DK Waistcoat Pattern 5041 Pure Merino DK Cardigan Pattern 5039 Pure Merino DK Jacket Pattern 5038 Pure Merino DK Sweater Pattern Hayfield Fiesta DK 7290 Fiesta DK Pattern 7288 Fiesta DK Pattern 7291 Fiesta DK Pattern 7286 Fiesta DK Pattern Country Tweed DK 3828D Country Tweed DK Pattern 3827D Country Tweed DK Pattern 3825D Country Tweed DK Pattern Hayfield Bonus Aran 9692 Hayfield Bonus Aran Sweaters Pattern 7709 Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 7378 Hayfield Bonus Aran Coat Pattern 9219 Hayfield Bonus Aran Sweaters Pattern 7729 Hayfield Bonus Aran Sweaters Pattern 7731 Hayfield Bonus Aran Family Cardigans Pattern 7732 Hayfield Bonus Aran Cardigan Pattern 9696 Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed Cardigans Pattern 9571 Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed Jackets Pattern Cotton DK 7915 Cotton DK Kimonos Pattern 8124 Cotton DK Sweaters Pattern 9376 Cotton DK Cardigan & Vest Pattern 9377 Cotton DK Cardigan & Tee Pattern 7772 Cotton Prints & Cotton DK Tops Pattern 7501 Cotton DK Sweaters Pattern 7352 Cotton DK Cardigan Pattern 7085 Cotton DK Cardigans Pattern 4015 Nautical Knits Crew & Vee Pattern 7214D Cotton DK Butterfly Sweater Pattern 7213 Cotton DK Dress & Jacket Pattern 7084 Cotton DK Cardigans Pattern 7083 Cotton DK Boat Neck Top Pattern 7081 Cotton DK Tops Pattern 7080 Cotton DK Tops Pattern 7079 Cotton DK Tops Pattern Cotton 4 Ply 7911 Cotton 4 Ply Cardigans Pattern 4503 King Cole 4 Ply Cardigan & Top Pattern 4502 King Cole 4 Ply Cardigan & Top Pattern 4501 King Cole 4 Ply Cardigan & Top Pattern 4500 King Cole 4 Ply Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4499 King Cole 4 Ply Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 4498 King Cole 4 Ply Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 4497 King Cole 4 Ply Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4504 King Cole 4 Ply Boleros Pattern 7744 Cotton 4 Ply Top Pattern 7743 Cotton 4 Ply Top Pattern 7742 Cotton 4 Ply Cardigan Pattern 7741 Cotton 4 Ply Jacket Pattern 7362 Cotton 4 Ply Jacket Pattern 7309 Cotton 4 Ply Sweater Pattern 7310 Cotton 4 Ply Top & Gloves Pattern 7308 Cotton 4 Ply Cardigan Pattern 7307 Cotton 4 Ply Top & Cardigan Pattern 7311 Cotton 4 Ply Cardigan Pattern 7312 Cotton 4 Ply Cardigan Pattern Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky JB331 Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky Pattern JB332 Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky Pattern JB333 Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky Pattern JB334 Flutterby Animal Prints Super Chunky Pattern Harrap Tweed DK 7399 Harrap Tweed DK Family Cardigans Pattern 7397 Harrap Tweed DK Sweater Pattern 7396 Harrap Tweed DK Family Sweaters Pattern 7831 Harrap Tweed DK Family Cardigans Pattern Click Chunky 9862D Click Chunky Pattern 9861D Click Chunky Pattern 9860D Click Chunky Pattern 7350D Click Chunky Cape Pattern Chunky 3437 Big Value Chunky Cardigan & Sweater Pattern 9445 Chunky Sweaters Pattern 9444 Chunky Jackets Pattern JB426 Chunky Sweater Pattern JB425 Chunky Hooded Cardigan Pattern JB424 Chunky Sweater Pattern JB370 Marble Chunky Sweater Pattern JB349 Chunky Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern JB348 Chunky Jacket Pattern 7493 Hayfield Chunky Tweed Sweaters Pattern 7381 Hayfield Chunky with Wool Cardigans Pattern 4861 Chunky Ponchos Pattern 4025 Big Value Multi Chunky Cardigans Pattern 7811 Hayfield Chunky Tweed Waistcoats Pattern 7812 Hayfield Chunky Tweed Poncho Pattern 3371 Chunky Jacket & Gilet Pattern 9639 Chunky Sweater Pattern 9637 Chunky Sweater Pattern Aran 4551 Aran Sweaters & Cardigan Pattern 4841 Aran Tabbard & Snood Pattern 7052 Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed Cardigans Pattern 7254 Hayfield Bonus Aran Sweaters Pattern 7801 Hayfield Bonus Aran Sweaters Pattern 4142 Aran Jacket Pattern 7277 Aran Cardigan & Waistcoat Pattern 3023 Aran Sweater, Cardigan & Hoodie Pattern 3293 Aran Jacket & Waistcoat Pattern JB043 Aran Jacket Pattern Amalfi DK 7779 Amalfi DK Top Pattern 7778 Amalfi DK Top Pattern 7777 Amalfi DK Cardigan & Vest Pattern 7776 Amalfi DK Top Pattern 7775 Amalfi DK Tops Pattern 7774 Amalfi DK Cardigans Pattern 7773 Amalfi DK Cardigans Pattern 7780 Amalfi DK Cardigans Pattern Sirdar No1 8128 No.1 DK Tops Pattern 8043 No1 DK Cardigans Pattern 8051 No1 DK Sweaters Pattern Imagination Chunky 8061 Imagination Chunky Waistcoats Pattern 8055 Imagination Chunky Cardigans Pattern 8054 Imagination Chunky Sweaters Pattern Dapple DK 8068 Dapple DK Waistcoat Pattern 8067 Dapple DK Sweaters Pattern 8063 Dapple DK Cardigan Pattern Colourwheel DK 8083 Colourwheel DK Scarf & Wrap Pattern 8031 Colourwheel DK Accessories Pattern 8032 Colourwheel DK Accessories Pattern 8033 Colourwheel DK Accessories Pattern 8034 Colourwheel DK Accessories Pattern 4 Ply 4786 4 Ply Tops Pattern 4785 4 Ply Cardigans Pattern 3419 4 Ply Cardigan & Sweater Pattern Mens & Boys Harrap Tweed Chunky 7847 Harrap Tweed Chunky Sweaters Pattern Kiko Super Chunky 9874D Kiko Super Chunky Pattern Hayfield Bonus Aran 7368D Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed Sweaters Pattern King Cole Drifter DK 4261 King Cole Drifter DK Sweaters Pattern 4260 King Cole Drifter DK Slipover & Waistcoat Pattern Double Knitting 3831D Country Tweed DK Pattern 3830D Country Tweed DK Pattern 4747 DK Sweater Pattern 4925 DK Sweater & Jacket Pattern 9338 Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 9339 Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed DK Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 4461 Vogue DK Sweaters Pattern Chunky 4283 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Slipover Pattern 4282 Magnum Chunky Sweater & Slipover Pattern 4088 Big Value Chunky Pattern AB0520 4087 Big Value Chunky Pattern AB0519 Aran 9341 Stylecraft Aran Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 9342 Stylecraft Aran Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 3603 Aran Sweater & Gilet Pattern 4144 Cotton Aran Pattern Sirdar No1 8126 No.1 DK Sweater & Tank Top Pattern 8044 No1 DK Sweaters Pattern Dapple DK 8069 Dapple DK Sweaters Pattern 4 Ply 3420 4 Ply Sweater & Cardigan Pattern 3421 4 Ply Slipover & Waistcoat Pattern Children Cottonsoft DK 5123 Cottonsoft DK Cardigans Pattern 5122 Cottonsoft DK Tops Pattern Phoenix Chunky 3009 Robin Phoenix Chunky Parka Jacket Pattern 3008 Robin Phoenix Chunky Hats, Scarves & Mittens Pattern 3007 Robin Phoneix Chunky Sweater Pattern 3006 Robin Phoenix Chunky Hooded Cape Pattern 3005 Robin Phoenix Chunky Hooded Top Pattern 3004 Robin Phoenix Chunky Sweaters Pattern 3003 Robin Phoenix Chunky Cardigans Pattern